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[WHFRP4E] Starter Set Updated at Drivethru

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:19 pm
by Havard
Starter Set Updated:
Starter Set Update
We have just updated the Warhammer Starter Set PDF on DriveThruRPG, if you have purchased this title previously, you should have received an email update recently.
Details below will allow you to choose which updates to download. This new update also includes a Read First Page.
List of Updates
A Guide to Ubersreik: 16 changes, all minor typographical changes
Adventure book: 23 changes including a significant update to Unions & Reunions (page 43), a minor updates to The Markplatz Riot (page 8), and minor changes to the Advantage example (page 9).
Gamemasters Maps: Duchy map has many minor amendments.
Gatefold Characters Sheets (and single page sheets): 53 changes, including a handful of typographical issues, minor changes to Salundra, and significant changes to Mollrella and Else.
Handouts: 4 changes, all minor typographical changes.
Introduction to the Empire: No changes
Player Maps: No changes
Read This First: Added to the file.
Reference Sheet 1: No changes
Reference Sheet 2: 7 changes, all minor typographical issues except a change to the Advantage example.
Reference Sheet 3: 2 changes, both minor typographical changes.
Anyone here got the Starter Set yet?