[Living Death][MotRD] Anyone play Living Death?

"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all." — Edgar Allan Poe
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[Living Death][MotRD] Anyone play Living Death?

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Apotheot mentioned Living Death, over in the [Living City] Anybody play Living City? topic.

I looked it up and Wikipedia's Living Campaigns article says that it ran from 1997-2007. That's a pretty good run.

Mistipedia has a Living Death Category that has 195 articles in it. So it looks like the campaign covered quite a lot of stuff. How many adventures were there? What sort of support documents were made?

Living Death was apparently a Masque of the Red Death campaign (rather than a mainstream Ravenloft campaign). How did that work? Was there a specific year of the Gothic Earth that was chosen for Living Death? Was it limited to a certain area (or areas) of the Gothic Earth?
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Re: [Living Death][MotRD] Anyone play Living Death?

Post by apotheot »

Big Mac wrote:How many adventures were there?
Including the interactives (larps) there were 180 official ones. It is possible some may now be lost to the ages.
Big Mac wrote: What sort of support documents were made?
A few different documents were available. More during the changeover from 2nd to 3e. A few of these can still be found if you scour the net.
Big Mac wrote: Living Death was apparently a Masque of the Red Death campaign (rather than a mainstream Ravenloft campaign). How did that work?
I never had a chance to play personally, but from what I understand it worked rather well. Characters were low powered compared to virtually any other setting, with one comment I read that it rivaled the Living Jungle for lack of available magical items.
Big Mac wrote: Was there a specific year of the Gothic Earth that was chosen for Living Death?
The campaign was always intended to be a 10 year game. It started in 1996 set in the year 1890, and ended in 2007 with the year 1899 and the eventual defeat of and banishing of The Red Death. So about 1 year passed in game per real year.
Big Mac wrote: Was it limited to a certain area (or areas) of the Gothic Earth?
Adventures could be set anywhere on Gothic Earth. Some rather interesting recurring locations include Egypt, China, Southern Africa, and the American West.

The campaign was popular enough to survive even after the reorganization of the RPGA in the early 2000's, so that it could end on its terms. The setting coordinators are still around and willing to talk about it a bit if you look.

An unofficial 'sequel' campaign exists and is still somewhat active called Fellowship of the White Star. The campaign is still going at a few cons every year, and I believe it still uses 3.5 ruleset. This sequel game advances the timeline a few years leaving the Victorian era and entering the Edwardian. It utilizes big events from the Living Death Campaign as background, but handwaves past the players or DM's needing to know more about them. It is scheduled to end right around the onset of The Great War.
Here is a link where you can learn more, and purchase most of the adventures.


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Re: [Living Death][MotRD] Anyone play Living Death?

Post by Alzrius »

There's also been a fan-project to create a Gothic Earth setting that's been advanced to the modern day, called Gothic Earth Eternal. So far there's a setting overview and a netbook of darklords.

Gothic Earth Eternal recognizes the events of Living Death (I don't know if it acknowledges material from Fellowship of the White Star), in that the Red Death was banished, but has it having been summoned once again when a Nazi ritual went wrong during World War II (though this seems to contradict the ending of Living Death, which closed the planar seal behind the Red Death when it was banished specifically so something like this couldn't happen). However, this time the Red Death didn't come alone; now there's a second entity called the Jade Horror, which has gained power over Asia and the surrounding environs. Worse, the two entities seem to be competing somehow, utilizing humanity as pawns as they engage in a sort of cold war against each other.

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Re: [Living Death][MotRD] Anyone play Living Death?

Post by apotheot »

Here is the list of Living Death adventures I promised on a different thread:

Campaign year 1890 (1996)
LD1: Skinners
LD2: Casting Call
LD3: The Judge's House
LD4: London's Foggy Streets
LD5: The Lost Valley (Gencon Living Death Enigma, August 1996)
LD6: Mystery of the Haunted Mine

Campaign year 1890 (1997)
7 LD7: No Rest for the Weary
8 LD8: The Breath of Life
9 LD9: The Wayward Wind
10 LD10: A Bad Root
11 Light in Venice
12 The Goodliest Soile
13 Hard Medicine
14 LD11: Blood on the Bayou (The Voodoo Saga #1)
15 Starry Night
16 LD12: Medicine Man (Spirit Warriors #1)
17 To Make the Dead Walk (The Voodoo Saga #1a)
18 LD13: Just Want to Have Fun
19 Messengers
20 Holiday in Europe (Hidden Treasures #1)

Campaign year 1891 (1998)
21 Holiday in America
22 A Tale of Two Tomes
23 Terror on the Orient Express
24 Murder in the Ozarks
25 Roman Holiday
26 The Terror on Beacon Street
27 Au Bonheur des Dames
28 Strange Occurrences (Gencon Living Death Feature, August 1998)
29 Intrigue in Egypt (Gencon Living Death Interactive, August 1998)
30 Holiday in Rio
31 Return to the Bayou (The Voodoo Saga #2)
32 Glory! Glory!
33 Red Sky in the Morning
34 Schalken the Painter
35 Southern Pines

Campaign year 1892 (1999)
36 Revenge in Egypt
37 Holiday in Hong Kong (Jade Lotus #1)
38 Trails in the Sand
39 Darkness Within
40 Doll's House
41 White Man's Burden
42 The House
43 Jorvik
44 And Summer Gardens (Hidden Treasures #2)
45 Wild West
46 A Night in the Low Country (The Voodoo Saga #3)
47 A Change of Heart (Jade Lotus #2) (Gencon Living Death Feature, August 1999)
48 On the Trail (Jade Lotus #3) (Gencon Living Death Enigma, August 1999)
49 Mission to China (Jade Lotus #4) (Gencon Living Death Special, August 1999)
50 The Archeological Society Annual Dinner (Gencon Living Death LARP, August 1999)
51 The Trouble
52 Dirty Laundry
53 Medicine Bag (Spirit Warriors #2)
54 The Fire of Innocence
55 On Hallowed Ground
56 The Gamble in the Alps

Campaign year 1893 (2000)
57 Trouble in Paradise
58 Royal Spirits (Jade Lotus #5)
59 Silken Scream
60 Midnight by Moonlight
61 Artifact Quest
62 The White City
63 The Mine
64 The Gentleman's Return (The Voodoo Saga #4)
65 Ring Around
66 All is Fair
67 It Happened at the Fair
68 Another Trouble
69 The Road of Bones
70 Dog Days
71 With Just a Touch
72 Mystic of Mercy (Inner Circle #1)

Campaign year 1894 (2001)
73 Heritage (Jade Lotus #6)
74 White Wedding
75 White Lightning
76 Winter's Hunger
77 Carnegie's Music Hall
78 The End
79 Memory Alone
80 The Mission
81 Strange Brew
82 Urgent Affair
83 When Blood Runs Cold (The Voodoo Saga #5)
84 Insomnia
85 American Gothic Earth
86 Distant Thunder (Jade Lotus #7)

Campaign year 1895 (2002)
87 Bottled Terror
88 Great White
89 Gossip on the Nile (LARP)
90 Weighing of the Heart
91 Flowers in the Sand
92 As Ottawa Sleeps
93 Unspeakable
94 Rose City
95 The Message
96 The Qabalist
97 Bohemian Misery
98 Bitter Harvest
99 Lure of Silver
100 Train of Terror (LARP)
101 The Mindless Ones
102 Medicine Doll (Spirit Warriors #3)
103 Fallen Angel
104 A Road Less Traveled
105 White Christmas
106 Yuletide Spirits

Campaign year 1896 (2003)
107 A Troubled Heart
108 Good Intentions
109 The Lady's Song
110 Cycle of the Hunter
111 Set in Stone
112 The M
113 Keeper's Auction
114 Between the Hedges
115 A Matter of Faith
116 Ghosts of the Empire
117 A Summer of Evil
118 Requiem
119 Medicine Bones (Spirit Warriors #4)
120 Upon a Cross of Gold (The Voodoo Saga #6)
121 Eyes Without a Face

Campaign year 1897 (2004)
122 Final Words
123 Holiday in Ireland
124 There is One Born Every Minute
125 A Bite Before Dying
126 White Lies
127 Death of a Librarian
128 Reign of Terror
129 Through the Looking Glass (Hidden Treasures #3)
130 Adding a Menace (Hidden Treasures #4)
131 Broken
132 Restoration
133 Retribution
134 Nowhere
135 Blessed
136 Triangle
137 Sisters by Blood
138 Medicine Quest (Spirit Warriors #5)

Campaign year 1898 (2005)
139 Sisters in Spirit
140 Black Gold
141 Caliban Dreams (Hidden Treasures #5)
142 The Library
143 House of Sand
144 Heaven Doesn't Want Him
145 Unbound
146 The Masque (LARP)
147 Fire of Revenge
148 Leverage (The Voodoo Saga #7)
149 Medicine Claw (Spirit Warriors #6)
150 Sand Trap
151 A Quick Stab to the Heart
152 Old Debts
153 Evil Intentions
154 The Scouring of Cornwall
155 House of Vengeance

Campaign year 1899 (2006)
156 Warrior's Rest
157 Restitution
158 Return of the Queen
159 Garden of Bones
160 Sisters in Law
161 Holiday in the Congo
162 Ancient Footprints
163 Return to Lost Valley
164 Signs and Portents
165 Into the Maelstrom battle interactive
166 Requiem
167 Sisterhood
168 When the Soul Runs Cold
169 Into the Stygian Depths
170 The Lord is my Shepherd
171 Darkness Like a Dream
172 Equinox (The Voodoo Saga #8)
173 Ex Altum Mare
174 Night in Shanghai (Jade Lotus #8)
175 Tomb of Jade (Jade Lotus #9)
176 Celestial Dreams (Jade Lotus #10)
177 Cat's Paw
178 Sands of Time

Campaign finale (2007)
179 A Call to Arms (LARP)
180 Defiance

There are also a few non-Living Death RPGA adventures for MotRD. I will not attempt to list those, as information is sketchy and contradictory.

I should also point out that the thematic sequel series "Fellowship of the White Star" finished its 10 year campaign as well entitled "Legacy of the Rose" using 3.5 rules, and there is currently a kickstarter for next sequel in the series using an original ruleset.


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Re: [Living Death][MotRD] Anyone play Living Death?

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Pretty cool. Thanks a bunch.

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