Dark Sun/Malatra: Living Jungle crossover

Soaring above the jungles of southern Kara-Tur, the Malatran Plateau has been invisible to the natives of Abeir-Toril for thousands of years. Most sages consider the area nothing more than an uninteresting wilderness.

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Dark Sun/Malatra: Living Jungle crossover

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I was talking to Apotheot in the [Malatra] Player race question topic (in the Maltra: Living Jungle) when he casually dropped the following Dark Sun/Malatra: Living Jungle crossover mention:
apotheot wrote:
Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:19 pm
Big Mac wrote:
Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:16 am
Forgotten Realms Wiki says that aarakocra in Faerûn all migrated there from Maztica, so I would guess that Malatra's aarakocra might also have migrated there from Maztica.

The aaracokra are one of the early races, so if the Malatran peninsula existed before the Ancients came to Toril it, perhaps the Malatran aarakocra were there first. :)
My running theory is that the Malatran Aarakocra actually came form Athas, along with possibly the Shu (as there are some possible similarities there). We know that the elemental nobles fled from the sorcerer kings of Athas before getting essentially trapped by the Ancients, and certain defiling devices had made their way from there as well so it might not be too far of a stretch to assume entire species migrations. The Legend of Blue Heron, seems to assume that aarakocra follow the old 2nd ed 'polymorphed humans who started to breed true' route, but that is just a myth or legend. For emigrants from Maztica, I am still liking tabaxi, jaquars, and possibly even lizardmen or the freshwater sahuagin.
I've not noticed this thing about "elemental nobles fleeing from the Sorcerer Kings" before.

How much stuff is written about this and how does it fit into the Dark Sun and Forgotten Realms canon?
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Re: Dark Sun/Malatra: Living Jungle crossover

Post by apotheot »

The Elemental Nobles emigrating is mentioned a few times in various Living Jungle adventures. It is directly stated and expounded upon in the adventure "Dark Suns" where characters from the LJ travel briefly to Athas to see what happens when nature is destroyed (an analogy is drawn between the forces of their extra-planar enemy "Tiger" and the defilers of Athas). Unbeknownst to those heroes, when they return to the heroes of the adventure, a group of thri-kreen who had been following them (likely hunting them) are brought to Malatra as well. To my knowledge, there is no corresponding reference in any Dark Sun product or RPGA adventure.

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