[Rokugan] Anyone do anything with Lost Clans?

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[Rokugan] Anyone do anything with Lost Clans?

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Page 23 of Rokugan Campaign Setting mentions a number of clans that no longer exist:
  • Boar - Heichi Family (wiped out 600 years ago)
  • Snake - Chuda Family (corrupted by a spirit before being slaughtered)
Has anyone ever tried to do anything with either of those clans?

Would it be possible to run a game set in the past where they still exist?

Could you create Boar or Snake family members that somehow avoided being destroyed and come up with some sort of revenge plot?
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Re: [Rokugan] Anyone do anything with Lost Clans?

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The Heichi and Chuda families still existed in that time , just not in large enough numbers to be a Clan / Family. The last of the boar did eventually die on the Anvil of Dispair, and the Chuda were all Bloodspeakers as I recall. There are rules for them in some of the 3E / 4E L5R books, but nothing in the OA / Rokugan releases that I remember.

If you did want to run something set while they are still active I know its talked abotu in one of the Imperial Histories releases for L5R 4E

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Re: [Rokugan] Anyone do anything with Lost Clans?

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The Boar, Hare, and Snake are all described in Way of the Minor Clans for L5R.

Secrets of the Shadowlands pages 23-35 has Chuda for D20. Their schools are the Maho-Born Dojo, the Chuda Shugenja school, and the Temple of Venom. The re-formed Hare have a bushi school in Way of the Samurai. As far as I know, the Boar have nothing in the D20 books except for a one paragraph mention of their formation in Secrets of the Crab.

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