[Game Stories] Torg Eternity: Dragon Squad

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[Game Stories] Torg Eternity: Dragon Squad

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This is a thread for posting recaps of our new Torg Eternity campaign "Dragon Squad".



The Storm Knights


Billy Blue Jeans
Pan-Pacifica (Transformed)
A rockabilly biker gang member from Japan who survived the destruction of his gang by the Obsidian Dragons syndicate.
Campaign Goal: Avenge the destruction of his bosozoku gang
Motivation: Prove his worth
Arc Goal: Learn about the Obsidian Syndicate


Black Falcon
Nile Empire (Transformed)
An enigmatic masked avenger from the Nile Empire investigating the secret cult of Apep and its ties to a larger conspiracy.
Campaign Goal: Destroy Cult of Apep
Motivation: Avenge his father and other victims of a bombing meant to kill him
Arc Goal: Learn who is behind the ouroboros symbol he has discovered


Johnny Tso
Core Earth
A police inspector from the Kowloon district of Hong Kong tracking the mysterious corporate patron of Asian gangs.
Campaign Goal: Uphold the Law
Motivation: Live up to his mentor Wu
Arc Goal: Prove Wei Honghui is corrupt


An elf thief from Aysle who has strong ties to nature and wants to restore part of the English countryside.
Campaign Goal: Restore countryside destroyed in the War.
Motivation: Protecting the natural world.
Arc Goal:


Core Earth
An international art thief looking into his sister’s involvement with mysterious conspiracy, at British museum to steal something for a contact.
Campaign Goal: Reconcile with his sister
Motivation: To make up for his past
Arc Goal: Figure out what’s going on


Living Land (Transformed)
A dropout self-defense instructor from the Living Land who was raising her little brother when the War began. She converted to follow Lanala and is now on a vision quest to find her family.
Campaign Goal: Reunite with her family.
Motivation: Live up to the example set by her parents.
Arc Goal: Why did Lanala choose her?

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Chapter Four: Finland, Finland, Finland

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Baltic Sea

on way to Helsinki, Aysle

Tori explains that she had a dream which showed her the eye of Louhi
Falcon is dubious about trusting strangers with their quest, but then Vikings approach in a longboat
The vikings fling spears at the boat, drawing closer
Falcon disconnects for a moment, Reality Surge to mixed zone
Billy uses psychokinesis to set the ship on the fire
Loreli calls in a birdswarm to assail the chieftain
Tori curses the Vikings
Johnny shoots a berserker on the other boat with a shotgun and then a pistol
Falcon intimidates chieftain into ordering a retreat ashore
Get body of dead berserker - Darkness Glasses for Johnny (magic sunglasses!), Heavy Crossbow of Wounding for Loreli


Reach Helsinki, meet customs/coast guard, Black Falcon announces their quest against cult of Apep

Get a map
Haggle for sword
Talk with local at Renn Faire about Louhi
She mentions people starting to worship old myths
Billy casually insults the locals, others object to him
Heirs of Tapiola, trying to convince others to follow the old ways

Talk about viking situation, war against them guerilla style,

Falcon asks Loreli about what to expect in Finland/Aysle zone

Loreli happens to know a traveling female wizard, Solander of the Unyielding Flame, who is in town
Johnny notes that there’s a lot of melodramatic people around
Tori doesn’t like metaphors

Loreli approaches Solander, who is eager to help them locate the Eye

Solander has a cart and is planning to leave at dawn - she is very melodramatic

Todd runs over to Falcon, says there’s a lot of vikings in Tampere, says they use it as a marketplace - also do religious rites

Finnish Village

Come across vikings attacking a village, move to assist the people against the raiders
Falcon summons a viking’s fears
Billy sets a guy on fire
Loreli calls on birdswarm
Falcon shoots at some after maneuver, shields protect them, fear does limited effect to them

2 Trolls appear from out of the woods, drawn to the sound of the combat

Billy’s ears bleed as he focuses psychic power on a cluster of vikings, incinerating them

Johnny shoots a troll point blank with the shotgun, wounding it, Tori leaps up onto its upper body using knee as leverage and hooks her clawed knuckles into its eyes, finishing it off in a gory display

Loreli sends the birdswarm after some of the last vikings and cuts one down with her new heavy crossbow of wounding

The two vikings remaining break away and flee

The troll is slain by some new arrivals in fancy looking armor who come out of the woods….
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Interlude One

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To help keep your perspective, you've come to rely on your old precinct commander, Wu Yongrui. You aren't in the same division anymore, and when the corporate cops take over he's probably going to be out of a job – but that doesn't keep him from checking in on you and trying to stop you from blowing up too many buildings in your dogged pursuit of justice. Lucky for you, Helsinki's cellular service works better than it probably should, and you're able to reach Yongrui's number.

Yongrui listens patiently as you explain the situation, telling him about the attempted heist in London and the crazy bunch of Stormers you ended up meeting. He sounds amused by the descriptions of these unlikely partners in your investigation, but you sense he's holding onto something for when you're finished. You wrap up with a quick review of the Renn Faire scene in Finland and let him spill.

It takes a second, but he finally does. “Fang Mei Hei's been seen in Europe,” he says. You suck in a breath between your teeth. “Got word from Interpol that she was in Brussels a few days ago, back when you were in London. Not long after, surveillance cameras picked her up heading to some ferry line they run out to Ireland.”

You think for a little bit, picturing your ex-partner's face the last time you saw her, back when she left you to deal with an alleyway full of zombies. The look of what might be guilt – maybe pity. “Was she alone?”

“No,” he replies. “Looks like she's with some businessmen she's escorting over there.”


“They're listed as employees of 'Boruzai Construction', which is a subsidiary of Komco-”

“Which is another subsidiary of Kanawa.”

“Guess that answers that question.” Wu's tone changes, like he's changed posture. You can picture him leaning back, coming over all paternal. “Listen, Tso, I know your instinct is to run over there and try shaking answers out of her – about what she did, why she did it....but you should stay on this Eye business.”

You consider how to respond to this news.


The dream is what you hold onto.

A dream of fire and blood and an eye watching it all, reflecting it back, impassive but alert and all-encompassing.

The flame scorches the ground, sweeping away the tall grass and the vines, leaving behind blackened husks of trees. The lives of the plants and the insects who fed on them are snuffed out in an instant, and Lanala winces. Then the fire reaches the warriors behind the rows of wooden walls, black shadow puppets against orange light, then ashen skeletons. Lanala cries out in anguish. The fire stops and the dead thing lands amid the embers swirling in the cold night air, its bone-wings beating impossibly to slow its descent. The bone claws stomp across the charred earth and broken wood structures, each step a blasphemy against the Goddess of Life.

Your brother stands facing the long-snout of the skull face, looking into the empty sockets where eyes should be but where only shadow answers. He looks so small. He is not a warrior. He must be protected -

Then the Eye blinks and you wake up, calling out his name in warning.

What is your brother's name? And where was/is/will he be when the skeletal dragon finds him in your dream?

Cal (full name Calvin Rodriguez) is Tori's little brother, and he's always been a booksmart kid who's managed to get a full ride to UMass Boston before the invasion. He's a beanpole.

He's at an unusual looking ruin that is likely one of the lost worlds that have popped up in the Living Land. Tall buildings with unusual architecture and lots of otherworldly energy from the area around them.


You are one of the world's premier acquisitions specialists, and as you well know, times of war provide many chances to acquire objects of all kinds. With the start of the Possibility Wars three months ago, so many items have been lost (and found) by nations, organizations, and individuals of many realities. In Finland alone the great treasures of the official and unofficial art collectors have been divvied up between raiding viking hordes, creatures rising up from the Land Between, and opportunistic Core Earthers.

As it happened, you were one of the latter.

When the Maelstrom Bridges descended upon the land of Norden, in the chaos you happened across an item of import and took it for your own. It is not magical, as far as you can tell, but it is historical and seemingly quite rare. It bears the mark of an ouroboros, the emblem of a snake devouring its own tail.

What is this item? What history does it have, or is it unknown to you? Are there any others who want to get their hands on it, and how have you kept hold of it?

The item is a bronze age clasp/buckle, forged in the shape of the said serpent. Its origins are not known, but at one point it belonged to Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigurd_Wettenhovi-Aspa), and ended up in the collections of the National Museum in Helsinki after his death. Even though by its looks and workmanship the clasp is clearly of Nordic origin, it has also small engravings that look like Egyptian hieroglyphs. This made Wettenhovi-Aspa to believe that the item offers solid proof to his theory about the Egyptian origins of the Finnish people
(Wettenhovi-Aspa was also a freemason, btw.)


Akari is not happy.

She followed you to the UK after the death of her beloved partner (your best friend and fellow Rock 'n' Roller), and she hoped to help get some revenge on the people who killed him. She wasn't there to bash in the skulls of any Obsidian Dragons, and she doesn't get how those weird Cultists of Apep have anything to do with what happened to your gang.

She's also having to deal with the loss of her right eye; she took some time on the boat ride over to Finland to try target practice with a handgun and some old tin cans, but its still a struggle.

You realize you need to find something to help lift her spirits, a gift of some kind, something thoughtful to show that you care. You had some time in London and in Helsinki to pick up an item – nothing too expensive or hard to steal, but still something you believe she'll like.

What was the item and what meaning do you hope it means for her?

In London Billy found time to scour a pawn shop for a gift. An American evacuee had pawned a pair of vintage 1950s cateye glasses. Cool and able to (partially) conceal Akari's patch Billy was glad that the shop owner didn't realise what he had and was willing to part with it in exchange for a jade tiger brooch that Billy had. It would be a small token of his admiration but he hoped it would return the steely, unflappable Akari who could kill a man with one, long stare.


When you crossed over to Core Earth from Aysle, you reacquainted yourself with your dryad mentor. Aleandra had moved (or been moved) to a place you and your fellow elves now call Elfhame, an island of emerald hills and fae power that the Core Earthers called Ireland. It was in this place that the mining baron Vermillion set up his gold mine, working with locals and dwarves to uncover new mineral deposits in the transformed earth.

Ever since the mine started, the plants and animals who call the dryad's grove home have started to die off – or, worse, to be transformed to Dark reflections of their past selves. One of the animals to be transformed in this way had been a favorite of yours, a friend in this wild and strange new world. But now they have become afflicted by marks of Darkness and no longer come to the grove in friendship.

What sort of animal was it that you befriended? What did you name them? What have they been transformed into by the pollution from the mine?

My character befriended a Wolf, 'Vangre" I imagine something like a living oil enveloping them, something similar to what we see princess monoke.

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Chapter Five: Sausage Fest

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Finnish Village

Fires being put out by villagers, approached by local heroes, Tori says she wishes she could have taken down the last troll. Local adventurers were on their way to Tampere also.

Kimmo Pohjolainen - leader of local heroes
Petteri Valkama
Nelli Kohvakka
Heirs of Tapiola

Black Falcon tells them they are looking for Eye of Louhi, go inside log building for privacy to talk more; introduce themselves to the Heirs, tell them about Obsidian Dragons and Cult of Apep, mention Jade Star

They ask if we’d heard of Annika Hyväläinen
She leads a Faction of the Heirs of Tapiola called Daughters of Louhi, she’s apparently up to something in Tampere

Vikings have a religious observance coming up
BF asks what they’d do with the Eye of Louhi; they say they’d keep it from Daughters of Louhi, who want to awaken Louhi - they claim that the myths are misinterpretations of the reality

Agree to team up with the Heirs of Tapiola
Heirs will send Petteri and Nelli to help direct villagers to safe places
Kimmo says the Knights should disguise themselves - Billy says he looks like one of their knights, Kimmo says they don’t really have any in Finland
SK put on clothes

Depart before viking reinforcements show up

Reach Tampere


Busy place with locals and vikings
Preparing for some sort of party; rapids that run through the city
Johnny asks a townsperson about the festival - blackened sausages everywhere, celebration next midnight, warn about slavery and worse, band playing at festival
Kimmo goes to contact his inside agent

Look around marketplace
Trinkets stall, semi-precious stone, chat with the seller about the source of it (museums?) and offers lighter of his in exchange for info
Investigate place - warehouse that vikings ransacked
Lot of interesting debris; labels indicate they were stowed away from the local museum, display pieces that were hidden
Find box Eye of Louhi was in before vikings took it
Letter fragments - Chinese and English (Chinese letter has a JadeStar logo)
Instructions for task force (“Team B to Tampere to pick up item at warehouse - take stuff to St. Petersburg, but Eye of Louhi to go to UK to meet Team A”)

BF suggests Tori may be able to follow tracks of vikings and find a new fight

Johnny too focused on letter and connection to Wei Honghui - follows fragment as wind blows it toward the door - encounters a half dozen Asian guys with black dragon tattoos, shows badge, they respond in Japanese

Tori says “We found our fight”

Tori blocks katana blows, Billy cuts a guy and elbows him in his face knocking him out, Johnny spins a guy hits another punches spinning guy when he stops, Black Falcon summons fear in one of them and he drops his sword and flees, Loreli summons crows to swarm them
OD maneuvers Johnny who ducks and other OD hits others sword, OD maneuvers Tori V. Vuln and other hits with katana cutting her for a Wound and shock

Tori punches hole in face of OD, Johnny hits OD, Billy goes after last of three on left near Tori shallow cut for shock, Loreli uses Distract on OD, Birdswarm hits ODs knocking out one and nearly knocking another out, BF scares an OD a little

ODs begin fleeing shoot at Johnny shock damage to him, shoot at Tori miss, fled fight

Tori picks up OD and go away from warehouse, stop in marketplace area alley to question him. Johnny shows badge and smiles. BF interrogates him, he is dismissive and says Finnish broad was talking to their contact, then vikings showed up and took boss and contact, said smelled like pig’s blood (SAUSAGE), Falcon tosses him to Tori who KOs him

Johnny notes they’re more afraid of their bosses than anyone else. Head back to marketplace

Kimmo looking for the party
Kimmo indicates the contact told him about meeting of Annika with an asian guy who were taken by Vikings; Annika slipped away, possibly with the Eye of Louhi
Kimmo’s contact followed where captives were taken, well guarded, going to use them as sacrifice. They will be tossed into the Tampere Rapids

Loreli finds a raft the team can use in case they need to get on water
Solander can make a distraction with fire
Kimmo can give a signal, says the contact is in the band who can play something as a signal

Falcon, Tori, and Billy on land to intervene, Kimmo on a tower
Loreli and Johnny on the raft

Tori heals with Loreli help
Loreli spots a really big fish in the rapids, Johnny asks her about it; Loreli remembers a story about a Finnish hero catching a gigantic pike.
Loreli shoots note on arrow to the others, they read it, Billy can telepathically communicate with them

Band member signals with gas-powered flame jet from his ass
Solander responds with fire distraction

Tori, Falcon, and Billy approach, Tori intimidates and punches vikings, Johnny steers raft closer to center of lake, Billy attacks vikings, Black Falcon uses Fear and Intimidate to stymie and one viking raider leaps off of the bridge into the lake, Loreli summons Birdswarm onto the vikings on other side of hostages

Pike eats the fleeing viking, vikings attack Billy and hit his armor, a viking overwhelmed by birds ends up on the stage, vikings assail Tori, go again with Flurry, hit Billy’s armor with swords again, attack Tori but miss this time

Loreli Monologues about vikings perverted the will of Nature and we are setting right what they put wrong, birdswarm attacks but scatter when a band member throws the snake at them, Tori attacks two vikings and takes them down with claw punches to gut and second one she uppercuts when he attacks and he goes over railing into water, Johnny shoots berserker but he takes the hit without any shock, Billy cuts tendon of viking and pushes him over railing, Black Falcon intimidates one and then shoots him in the head killing him

More vikings appear, Billy sees OD team lead among hostages tells raft to get over to transport them away, Falcon tries taunting the vikings about Valhalla and fails, Billy uses pyrokinesis and a strange growling voice to burn up four of the vikings?, Loreli tries to use Hold Animal on the Big Pike - locking it in place, Tori frees three prisoners, OD pushes one toward the raft with him, other sacrifices run across the band’s stage, Vikings hammer away at Tori but she holds them off and takes light shock damage, berserker attacks Black Falcon, he uses a possibility to evade the axe blow and he hits a bridge railing instead

Johnny steers the raft into current and away from vikings and the Pike, OD Team B leader complains about not having walkie talkie to call in helicopter to rescue him, Tori bashes way through vikings in way of escaping prisoners forearm shot to head of one backwards elbow/claw gutpunch second third backhanded flies into crowd, Billy uses telepathy to link the OD Team B Leader, helicopter hovers and drops the rope ladder so Storm Knights can get away while crowd cheers show finale and pike thrashing in the water

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Chapter Six: The Eye of Louhi

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Outside Tampere, Finland

The Realm Runner pilot lands the helicopter a safe distance outside the city, giving the team time to regroup and talk. They learn from the people they rescued from the Viking sacrifice that the Daughters of Louhi current location is at Mätäsvaara, an abandoned mine located in Eastern Finland. Kirsi, a curator at the minerals museum, had spoken with the leader of the Daughters, Annika, who is now in possession of the Eye of Louhi. She says that Annika claimed to be trying to safeguard Finland from the invaders from Aysle. Ma Feng, the Chinese agent who was in charge of “Team B” from JadeStar Shipping, is taken into custody by Johnny as a potential witness to the crimes of Wei Honghui. The others who were rescued scatter to return to their homes elsewhere around the countryside.

Kimmo comes to take Kirsi (the curator) to a safehouse belonging to the Heirs of Tapiola. Ma Feng is forced to come with the team on the helicopter despite his protests. Akari glares at Ma Feng, and Billy threatens the crooked businessman by saying he’d like to see the light go out of his eyes. A Viking raiding party is seen approaching from a distance. Before he leaves, Kimmo draws the symbol of the Heirs of Tapiola (a marker used to indicate safe places) and asks the heroes to not hurt the Followers of Louhi; they are friends of his and may simply be misguided.

The helicopter takes off and flies for around one and a half hours to reach Mätäsvaara:
https://www.google.fi/maps/place/81850+ ... d29.581089

During the trip:
Billy tells Akari that he’s worried about burning people left and right and losing control of his powers. She offers to help him test out his abilities, and he lights a cigarette for her.
Johnny warns Ma Feng that he’s under his protection and he’s the sole “good cop” of the group.
Black Falcon examines the Amulet of Louhi, which was said to have power over dragons. He sees an Ouroboros symbol and puts it over his wrist.


Land in clearing around 2km from the town, west of the place

Black Falcon sees a Nile Empire hydroplane covered with camo netting on the lake near town, around 4km from landing spot

See some flickering lights in area
Funny feeling from the bracelet Falcon is wearing but he doesn’t tell the others

Take Ma Feng with us and go to high ground of cliffs overlooking area, try to avoid campfires
The Realm Runner pilot says he’s only in it for the cash, says he’s going to bolt if there’s trouble
Tori says he’s a coward but he says better coward than dead, she remains critical of his hiding in flying shell
Johnny has his magic night sight glasses on and pistol drawn leading the way
Akari has sunglasses on and is has trouble seeing her path
Falcon says she can take them off but she glares back
Akari says he’s too old/uncool

Look from on hilltop, logs placed as if for fortification/construction, unoccupied
Lights ringing the mine, many more campfires inside the mine area, looks like there’s a ritual dance of some kind taking place; around 20-30 people dancing around
A person on a platform extending out into water performing a rite

Sneak closer to the mine, staying on hill/cliff top, Johnny leads the group through the dark past some patrols. Feels that the team is being watched. Johnny notices archaic dressed people with torches and weapons, hears someone speaking Egyptian in a low voice - and a face on a tree that fades. He stops and points his gun at the tree. Black Falcon taps gunbutt on the tree. Billy makes a “bark is worse than its bite” joke, Akari warns him about his puns with a paper fan. Tori says something about having to burn the forest if they want to burn the face, and senses a shiver.

Black Falcon sees a familiar looking person heading toward the mine; suggests the group pick up the pace and get closer. Ma Feng is nervous and wants a weapon, Falcon gives him a throwing knife.

Move closer to camp around the mine, everybody sees what seems like glimpsed faces and features on the trees. Ma Feng is freaking out. Tori tries talking to a tree to calm the forest? There’s a rustle of leaves in response to her questions. Something drops on Billy’s head, its sticky, smells like resin. Falcon senses something behind him, sees a vague hint of a presence, like a small creature. It speaks Finnish, then tries broken English saying “Respect, Help, not Harm with fire”. Tori communicates with it, arranges some pine needles around the little rock spirit. She senses it is in agreement as long as the party does no harm to the forest, the protector of the place will aid them.

Black Falcon asks the spirit what’s in the mine, sees glowing eyes and feels heat from the amulet. The ritual below is nearing its end, Falcon puts on his mask and lights the torch, runs over to the cliff’s edge. Billy telepathically connects the team.

Faya calls out to Falcon as he runs over, he stops and sees her pointing gun and sword. She says he should change his mind, he says she should since the path of Apep leads only to destruction, she says “so be it” and cocks her revolver to shoot, wounding the Falcon.

Cultists maneuver into fighting range while Daughters of Louhi continue ritual below. The cultists are a bit clumsy.
Falcon tries using Fear power saying he is the agent of Horus’ vengeance, but they are unimpressed.
Tori grabs a cultists and goes over the ledge into the water below, drawing attention of Daughters of Louhi
Johnny grabs a hook and slides down a cable and shoots two cultists of Apep, dangling over the lake near the mine
Billy and Akari maneuver two Apepites toward ledge, stymie/vulnerable
They Regroup!
Faya asks for the last words of Falcon, he says he wants to hear her admit she’s afraid, she asks of what, he says “that she made the wrong choice”. She is going to shoot him again, but slips and falls over the ledge to the water, he calls her name as she falls, cultists attack Billy/Akari/Falcon miss, Tori struggles with the one she jumped with
Johnny tries taunting the Cultist in the water with Tori saying “Justice is coming for you!” His taunt is drowned out
Tori punching cultist in the water in the gut, disconnects
Falcon tries taunting a cultist and fails
Billy and Akari taunt a cultist
Tori reconnects
Archers from Daughters of Louhi start targeting heroes/Apepites
That Old Chestnut?
Faya swimming toward Daughters of Louhi leader who has Eye of Louhi
Billy hit but cultists knives, 1 shock
Falcon hit by cultists knives, 2 shock
Tori hit by cultist in water, 1 shock?
DoL archers firing arrows at intruders, one’s bowstring breaks, but a Apepite is killed
Surge, none disconnect
Falcon tries tricking cultists, fails
Billy and Akari fight cultists and take out 3 in melee, feinting for each other, decapitate the last
Johnny tries to maneuver to grab the Eye of Louhi from Annika, nabs it with Player’s Call, rolls into fighting stance, “Sorry, game’s over lady!”, strikes to feint her, back up and holds up gem saying “You gotta be better than that!”
Annika screams something in Finnish, ritual stops, Johnny feels extremely strong emanation from the Eye of Louhi
Tori swims toward the platform and claws the cultist in the water as she gets out, shouts at Johnny “Keep that away from everyone!”
Tori feels birthmark on her upper back resonating with Eye of Louhi
Johnny snaps out of confused reverie due to vision
Fumes coming from mines, feel/sense growling of hungry beast
Stand Back!
Tori says “Just as Lanala I oppose those of strife and chaos!” Targets Faya with Curse, -2 penalty to all results for 3 rounds
Johnny runs with Eye of Louhi and maneuvers past some DoL
Black Falcon shoots the last two Apep cultists up on the cliff and toward some cover in the trees
As they get over the lair of the dragon the group senses indecipherable voice in their head
Billy and Akari move after Falcon, shoot the DoL Archer nearby
Falcon notes that they were trying to not kill the DoL, but Billy says its “to make an example”
Archer shoots at Johnny hits him for 2 shock
Cultists of Apep pursue Johnny also, but a rock falls and knocks one down
Faya swims up out of the water and shoots at Johnny, Tori shouts a warning and the bullet barely misses
Falcon tosses the Amulet to Tori down below; the Amulet resonates strongly with her birthmark, painfully
Tori runs after Johnny and the many goons, and knocks down two DoL non-lethally
Johnny catches the amulet and feels it being pulled toward the Eye of Louhi - he can hear telepathic voices
Black Falcon realizes that if the amulet and the Eye go together, then Johnny can communicate with the slumbering dragon
The Storm Knights are brought together in a psychic flash of light - end up in a dreamscape
A Dragon communicates and says it was being asked to attack the Vikings
The Knights say to Protect rather than destroy - Falcon says to help Order, Johnny changes that to Justice, Dragon doesn’t comprehend mortal notion of Justice, but it considers Protection more appropriate
They decide to send them toward Helsinki to protect that city, as a dragon of Finland it prefers that place
The dragon senses that Tori is a “Pact Bearer”, she thinks he means her vow to Lanala, it says its in her blood and lineage - it recalls speaking with those of her house long ago. In ancient times the pact was formed and the dragon asks if she was called by her ancestors to this - Tori knows she was called on this quest. It was a pact between Serpents and Mankind, wyrms and those who would speak with them.
Tori asks what sort of messages her ancestors gave, the dragon says they were used for communication, negotiation, pact edicts -
The dragon says there is a vision to give them:
It shows a dragon egg in a cavern somewhere, it is trying to reach out and speak to one with an item of the pact
Out of the dreamscape, see the dragon flying up out of the mine in a burst of wind and beating wings, it flies off into the night sky

Daughters of Louhi come out to look after the dragon
Faya and her surviving cult thugs flee from the area
DoL ask who the Storm Knights are - Tori says they were brought there by destiny
Johnny says they are to protect people
Tori thinks the pact is the way they could speak with it
Annika and DoL say they might be able to work with the heroes, and that the pact is somewhat known to them - they could not do what the Knights did
Falcon says they thought the DoL were planning to use the Eye of Louhi for darkness, but they were only trying to help their country
Billy says they can forgive the aggression against them and the DoL their transgressions
The groups agree to help each other

XP: 5 (Total 10 XP)

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Chapter Seven: The Destruction of Belfast

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North Sea


Team is on Ace's boat (The Rusty Crab) on way to Ireland, and as they sleep in their quarters they are all having the same nightmare....

First vision of looking over a vast body of water then passing over a coastline from the air. A flock of dragons of all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors are sprawling over the coast, with fighting going on in the nearby city of Belfast. A church bell rings, as the dragons attack the city...

A second image in a modern looking city, with people leading cattle to a nearby cave and speaking into the cave as a metallic claw grabs one of the cattle and causes the civilians to scatter.

A third image of flying over North American jungle, chasing after a pterodactyl-looking dinosaur before chomping down on it. A view of the city of Boston in the background as the chomping continues.

A fourth image of sandstone walls, people dressed as Apep cultists are explaining something to you as a sudden force claws at the cultist, causing the survivors to panic.

A fifth image of an Indian city, flying over to hunt down some prey. The focus is on a single family of Indians, terrified as they are torn apart by the dragon.

A sixth image of 8 monitors, 7 of them unclear but the 8th is of Wei Hongwei talking to you directly and it is heard that he’s also being told to go to Belfast

A seventh image of the insides of a fluid tank, strapped to a device to keep you alive but only barely. The Russian scientists keeping you barely alive tell you not to wake, which angers you, as they continue to draw items

The vision of the egg looks similar, but now its located inside a vault with a coat of arms over the egg before everyone wakes up. The coat of arms has a dragon and a dog

They discuss their dreams and agree to help one another get to the egg.

Todd tells the team that Black Falcon hasn’t woken up yet, find that he’s locked in some sort of sleep paralysis nightmare, Billy uses telepathy to see that he keeps seeing the dream vision of Apep and his cult, can’t wake him up

Ace calls team up onto the deck, points out burning city of Belfast on horizon, shadows of many dragons
Rowboats with refugees approach, asking for help, Tori helps get them lines and life preservers as they are pulled aboard, Tori heals a refugee (wounded soldier)
See the finned back of a massive Draconis Aquatica in the sea near a shipwreck
Drakes fly toward the boat from a long way away

Ace gets boat near shipwreck but something gets tangled in the boat engine; he works on fixing it
Boat attacked by sharkmen (Charcharias) while knights try to rescue people from a shipwreck.

Johnny keeps eye on distant drakes and sea serpent while manning the boat’s machinegun, accidentally unlinks ammo belt when turning to confront sharkmen. Loreli is dragged into the water by a sharkman but leaps out to run up to high point and snipes the only Charcharias who gets onto the deck, a shaman; one of the wounded soldiers they pulled aboard uses a Miracle to zap the shaman with lightning, sharkmen scared off, boat engine fixed and they pull to safe distance from dragon attack

Take the refugees with them to port of Dublin


Knights go to Dublin, moor at the docks, go into city to ask around about the situation
Ace gives them a list for supplies the boat will need, Akari says she can steal some, but the party gets some of Ace’s last cash (a mix of currency from around Europe totaling around $1000 value) and Akari goes to buy what she can find
Learn that Armies of Light and Dark both had to abandon Belfast when Asheengara, a Great Metal Dragon from Aysle, struck the city with many drake and dragon followers
City is ruled by twin High Elves
Asking about Coat of Arms they are told that it belongs to the Talbot Malahide lineage, which has a castle an hour or so outside of the city; dog in the coat of arms refers to a king calling an ancestor his “loyal dogge”
The Baron is rumored to have slain a dragon earlier in the week and has an upcoming feast celebrating the feat

Johnny meets up with a local information broker, pays him for info
Johnny asks questions about Fang Mei Hei and is told she was seen with Boruzai Construction suits; broker pretty sure she was the “muscle”
The Boruzai guys gave the broker a card when shopping for black market gear; Johnny confirms it is a subsidiary of Kanawa Corporation
Broker gave Johnny a copy of handbill, Free Man of Ireland, newspaper run by the Fianna, a local band of rebels

Go to hotel near Dublin Spire where Fang was staying, locate some burnt parchment they reconstruct and see its a drawing of a local noblewoman
find out about noblewoman, Countess Verdon, she has a lot of real estate in Dublin

Hear stories about Death of Ophiss, a dragon who had been troubling the area north of Dublin
Baron Talbot Malahide is supposed to have killed the dragon

Outside of the city, they were being watched by a merchant-looking person, but they got away before they could get a better look

On the road to the castle….

See a funeral for a farmer’s wife who was run down in the road by a High Elf noblewoman; some local ruffians see Loreli and try to start trouble but are intimidated into backing down
See an old stone circle with an altar on a hillside
See a tower where there’s a dead Dread Covenant wyvern, dead rider, and some Army of Light soldiers who took the beast down
Team lured off the road by what appeared to be a child with her foot in a bear trap, actually a Powrie trap, he stole Johnny’s phone but the team surrounded him and got it back
Team passes a druid’s grove on the way to Baron Malahide’s castle, where the druid and Loreli talk. The druid gave Loreli a small boon (a twig figure that will give a +1 luck bonus next session) during the talk.

Malahide Castle

Team stopped by the Baron’s guards outside Malahide Castle; Loreli led the team in talking their way into the celebration of killing the dragon. The presence of a Wood Elf helps convince them to let the party into the feast hall where the guests are gathering.

As the party walks inside, they do not see Fang Mei Hei is watching over the group, disguised as a servant….

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Chapter Eight: Castle Heist

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Malahide Castle

Team takes seats a the feast
Billy talks with a Dwarven Dragon Warrior, befriends him, name Halobrim?
Johnny uneasy and keeps an eye on things
Tori eats food
Loreli hears guards muttering unpleasantly about elves
Major Hathaway
Roshia, High Elf noblewoman
Countess Verdon

Theodore Vermillion is a guest at the party, she indicates him as the man who is responsible for damaging nature
Tori approaches the Baron to tell him about the visions she had and her ability to talk to dragons, and he is offended when she brings up being associated with the Living Land goddess Lanala and lizard people; he calls these creatures “half-beasts”, and he orders his guards to throw her out
Billy goes over to talk the guards down, but the Baron insists that they (politely) escort her out

Loreli and Pavel sneak out during the distraction
They find the Baron’s chambers and search it, find plans from a dwarf engineer for a vault and magical traps in the cellar, the likely location of the egg they say in their vision
Major Hathaway from Delphi Council meets with Tori and Johnny
Leave Castle
Loreli leaves to go investigate Vermillion

Local Tavern

Talk with Hathaway at tavern in village
He offers unofficial help, lost a lot of soldiers while trying to do recon on dragon activity near Belfast when Asheengara attacked
Trade contact info with him, he leaves, party plots heist of castle

Malahide Castle

At night, sneak in through a servants’ entrance, move through kitchen, hear that Countess Verdon has not responded to knocks on her door
Get to stairs down to cellar, sneaking past guards, cellar appears to be in disrepair but Pavel knows its a cover for the complex security and the hidden vault
Pavel points out locations of magic eyes in the ceiling and trap trigger plates in the floor, team avoids them
Reality flux costs some possibilities
Get to big vault door
Hear commotion upstairs, Johnny puts some clues together and deduces that Countess Verdon has been assassinated by his ex-partner, who was disguised at the feast as a servant - doesn’t seem related
Tori forces the door open and the party enters a large vault with only a few random bits of junk and an unlocked chest
Tori sees through the illusion and opens the chest to display a portal to the real vault
Tori hops into the chest, others follow

In the vault they see they are in Land Between cave where Baron’s men have placed the hoard of Ophiss, including the large metallic scaled dragon egg. Pavel grabs a valuable looking statuette of Aylish deity with rubies and platinum, Tori gets the egg. Tori senses the dragon inside communicating that another of its kin is drawing near, and it is not its (dead) mother Ophiss

Pavel stays behind to search some more through the items in the hoard while the others find an exit in a glowing pool of green light.

Are confronted in the false vault by Wei Honghui and a dozen Obsidian Dragons led by Kazuo
Johnny tells Wei Honghui he’s under arrest, Wei Honghui removes his glasses and displays reptilian eyes, then transforms into a yellowish dragon. Johnny’s mind is blown by the revelation that the man he had been hoping to arrest after all these weeks has been a secret dragon the whole time.

Fight among the pillars in the vault
Wei Honghui intimidates the team, breathes fire at Tori and demands the egg, says he will devour it to gain its power
Tori takes down a group of Obsidian Dragons with her claws
Billy and Kazuo face off, and Obsidian Dragons almost knock out Billy with gun fire
Johnny’s gun jams when he tries to shoot Kazuo, he takes cover
Four of the OD transform to Aysle when attacking Johnny

Pavel finds a Scroll of Hailstorm in the real hoard cave and then goes through the portal, ending up in the middle of the battle
He tricks the transformed OD into changing their grips on the bows they are now holding since their assault rifles transformed, they get hit in the face by broken bowstrings
Johnny unjams his gun and evades shortswords wielded by transformed gang members
Billy and Tori finish off most of the other OD, Kazuo gets into line of fire due to Tori’s set-up intimidation, Billy burns him with pyrokinesis, wounding him
Tori rushes Wei Honghui the Dragon and lands a blow on his cheek that cuts him, doing 1 shock but angering the transformed boss
Wei Honghui unleashes a big fire blast that causes a cave-in….

When the heroes wake up, they are alive in the rubble, and Wei Honghui is flying away as Baron’s archers fire after him
Tori has saved the egg by leaping onto it and covering it with her body
Kazuo is unconscious and Johnny gets to him first, putting handcuffs on him. Billy demands to be allowed to kill him but Johnny refuses.

XP 5 (Total: 15 XP)
End of Arc One

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