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Night Below in Dhosone?

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:43 pm
by gallowglacht
Just say you hypothetically wanted to run the Night Below in the Birthright Setting, from next Monday say, would Dhosone make a good place to put it.
Haranshire is pretty poor and undeveloped, with goblins nearby and at least one important Druid NPC. Dhosone seems a good match economically, is close to Thurazor for goblins and the Rjurik for Druids.

Has anyone else ran Night Below in Cerilia? Any advice? [I have never played or ran either Birthright or Night Below, and haven't ran 2nd edition in ages]

Re: Night Below in Dhosone?

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:37 pm
by agathokles
Night Below mostly deals with (its own take on) the Underdark. As a result, it has some pretty variant takes on several monsters and races (e.g., Rockseer Elves). Its surface-bound part is important, but not terribly characterised, so if you are willing to bend things a bit it will fit in almost any borderlands area.

Some things you might want to consider:
  • What are the Rockseer Elves, considering the nature of Elves in Cerilia.
  • What are the Svirfneblin, considering there are no gnomes in Cerilia, as far as I can remember
  • What are the Derro, and what is their relation to Cerilian Dwarves.
  • You'll likely replace Orcs with Goblins, unless you really want to trash your PCs, or only Orogs are in the area.
  • Dragons are quite different in Cerilia, and rather rare. What are you going to do with Inzeldrin the Green?
Haranshire itself is around 70 miles across, IIRC, with about 500 inhabitants. So, the ideal setting would be a group of 3-4 0-level provinces (but you could probably stick with just one or two as well, since Cerilia is more densely populated). Dhosone or part of it can fit in a pinch, but I'd also consider the Giantdowns, which are in the same general area, and have only 0-level or level 1 provinces.

Note that Night Below provides conversions for Mystara, Forgotten Realms, and Greyhawk, but not for Birthright, so you'll have to make some decisions on, e.g., which patron gods are associated to the clerics.
  • Oleanne: Druids follow Erik in Birthright, so that's easy. Being near to Rjurik is not that much of a plus, since there is only one druid and no one knows where she came from, which would be unusual if there were tons of druids just across the borders. This makes me wonder whether Dhoesone (or any country bordering Rjurik) is actually a good choice, though.
  • Lafayer (an itinerant 7th level LG cleric; maybe Torm/Pelor/Ixion): this one could be of any religion, and is a wanderer who travels Haranshire but comes from some other province: most likely a follower of Haelyn, unless you're setting the adventure outside Anuire.
  • Semheis (the curate of Milborne, a follower of Torm or Tyr/St. Cuthbert/Halav or Vanya): once more, could be a follower of Haelyn or CuiraĆ©cen
  • Parlfray's chaplain (priest of Tyr/St. Cuthbert/Vanya): probably a priest of CuiraĆ©cen
  • A death cult in the Hardlow Woods and Ranchefus, Shilek and Imrin (Myrkul-Cyric/Nerull/Thanatos): Cold Rider, maybe. Otherwise, you can also use Kriesha
  • The orcish cults of Gruumsh and Luthic: probably replaced by Torazan if you're using orogs, or Kartathok if you're going for goblins.
This assumes you're setting the adventure in Anuire, of course. However, only Brechtur makes a reasonable alternative, IMO, and even there you don't have many options, since most lands are quite developed. Perhaps Wolfgaard could work.
Perhaps other neutral Awnshegh realms could work too.


Re: Night Below in Dhosone?

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:37 am
by gallowglacht
My answer to a lot of those questions is probably going to be "shadow world". Placing Haranshire in Cerilia proper, but the underdark, from the Orcs downwards in the Shadow World.

Rockseer elves, are the remains of an older Shadow World elven population. I assume the Sidhelien would be happy to adopt them if they are rescued from the Underdark. They have no problem treating half-elves as elves.
Svirfneblin, the same, only for Gnomes. I think there are Cerilian gnomes, but they aren't a PC race due to rarity.
Derro, same again. Shadow World Dwarves.
Orcs, might just be little Orogs. Or I might just add Orcs (Cerilia not having Orcs but having Orogs has always seemed a little, odd). Goblins act as a catchall for Goblins-Hobgoblins-Bugbears, I could follow that lead. A more interesting but drastic change might be to go with a background for Orcs that Tolkien considered. They are Elves twisted by a Dark Power. Going back to the old Saxon roots of the word Orc suggests a corpse like monster. Perhaps they began as Elf Corpses animated by a dark or demonic power and "reproduced" by gathering more victims, including humans over time. Which is where half-Orcs come from, and why you don't get half-orc, half-elves. An Elf-Orc is just an Orc.
For the Dragon I was thinking of substituting a Dark Dragon (if the dungeon is in Cerilia proper, but in the shadow world, I can justify a non-Cerilian dragon) or maybe substitute something else. A Wyvern? Not sure.

As for location, I wanted Anuire, the setting is new to everyone and Anuire acts as a simple default. I wanted a human realm rather than a monster one, as I don't want to just do Night Below, but hop between Night Below and more conventional Birthright Stuff. I figure if the entrance to the Underdark is in the Shadow World, it might only be accessible, intermittently, when the conditions are right. Dharilein is a level one province, bordering other level 1 and 0 provinces in Dhosone, Stjordvic and the Giantdowns. So I might compromise and have it partially in Dhosone, and partially in the other realms. The rest of Anuire seems even more developed.

For the NPC's I like your suggestions. For Oleanne, maybe I can add back the "no-one knows where she came from mystery" if she just isn't Rjurik and isn't associated with the Rjurik druids?

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate the pointers.

Re: Night Below in Dhosone?

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:25 pm
by Big Mac
How well is the Underdark documented in Birthright?

Is there any Birthright Underdark stuff that you would have to tie a Night Below campaign into?

Re: Night Below in Dhosone?

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 1:09 pm
by gallowglacht
I didn't notice much, bar there are hordes of Orogs under there somewhere that the Dwarfs are doing everyone a solid by holding back.