Nathan Stewart announces hardcover Eberron book

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Nathan Stewart announces hardcover Eberron book

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Nathan Stewart came on stage at the end of D&D 2019: The Descent and announced that Wizards of the Coast are working on a hardcover book for Eberron.

The announcement was done in the middle of Game of Thrones, and he said that WotC would not put the announcement on Video on Demand, so that GoT fans would miss the announcement.

He didn't give any additional details (although he did say "it's not Spelljammer" again).

EDIT: You can watch Nathan Stewart on Facebook.
Hardcover Eberron. That's happening!
Hardcover Eberron. That's happening!
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Re: Nathan Stewart announces hardcover Eberron book

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A hardcover book for Eberron is going to be awesome!

A print publication makes Eberron 5E even more official in my book.


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