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[X5] The Malakaz ... of Blackmoor Origins?

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 1:46 pm
by Havard
I actually started thinking about this because of another creature, the Soul Eaters, which AFAIK only appear in X5 and DA4. So this is the first connection I find between X5 - The Temple of Death and Blackmoor. The Malakaz is a nightmarish creature found in a swamp somewhere near the Sind Desert. It is a creature lacking material form and can only be contacted through ESP, Commune or Contact Outer Plane. It can only be defeated by a Dispel Evil spell. The Malakaz serves the Desert Master or perhaps they both serve the same Immortal (Thanatos or Loki, depending on your version).

One idea I have: Could this creature have become fused with the land during the Great Rain of Fire? If so, what sort of form did The Malakaz have before the Great Rain of Fire? Is it something we know under a different name? I know Cab once suggested the Master himself was a creature similar to the Egg of Coot and Kartoeba (from B10), but I am not sure I am sold on that theory. I am fascinated with the Malakaz though. If one creature like this exists, then surely there must be more of them?


Re: [X5] The Malakaz ... of Blackmoor Origins?

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:01 pm
by RobJN
This sounds like Blackmoor University Aetheric-entity research gone very, very wrong....

Re: [X4] The Malakaz ... of Blackmoor Origins?

Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 10:56 pm
by ripvanwormer
X4 says "In the ooze under the house lives an evil influence. It is not a monster, but an evil force. The hut was once the home of a particularly evil female wizard. When she died, the hut and the area around it became filled with the essence of all her evil."

Since there's no indication in X4 of how old the Malakaz is, it might well have been created during the Great Rain of Fire. The module indicates that it was once an evil female wizard.

Ursula Zov, the High Spellwise of War in the Wizard's Cabal, is associated with swamps ("Ursula’s family had made a living finding rare herbs and minerals within the deadly swamps of Blackmoor... her father thought that arcane knowledge could strengthen the holdings of the house while at the same time protecting them from the hidden monstrosities of the northern swamps"), so maybe the Malakaz was her. Or maybe Ursula is the Unknown Benefactor who can gift the PCs with the spells they need to escape the Malakaz in X4.

Another possibility might be Loriana Fen, the daughter of Merrick Fen of the Ordo Elementarum, if only because her last name is "Fen" and that suggests swamps. Merrick had "learned to appreciate nature in ways that most other mages did not." It seems somewhat plausible that the daughter of the founder of the Ordo Elementarum might become an evil swamp elemental. Perhaps Loriana and Ursula became rivals in life and continued to be rivals millennia later, when they had both lost their original mortal forms.

On the other hand, while we know the Malakaz was created from the evil of a female wizard, nothing says that wizard was humanoid in form. Perhaps it was an alien or extraplanar thing like the Kartoeba, or the malferas from X5.

The Malakaz reminds me of Nakimas from I7 Baltron's Beacon. "Nakimas, the great spirit of the marsh. Baltron theorized that Nakimas is not an individual entity, but rather a composite life force of all the myriad living creatures of the swamp."