DA2 Temple of the Frog

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DA2 Temple of the Frog

Post by Havard »

DA2 Temple of the Frog is a revision and expansion of the Temple of the Frog adventure that appeared in Supplement II: Blackmoor, arguably the first published D&D adventure. It all goes back to a day in the 1970s when Dave Arneson took a huge ceramic frog from his mother's garden and placed it on the gaming table. I have written several article about the Temple on my blog.

What are your experiences with this adventure or the Temple of the Frog in general? How would you use it in your campaign?


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Re: DA2 Temple of the Frog

Post by Sturm »

When I ran DA1, I did not have nor I could find DA2 and DA3, due to the rarity of many TSR english modules in Italy... So I ran only DA1 and DA4.
Now I have all four but never had the chance to run DA2. Maybe one day :)
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Re: DA2 Temple of the Frog

Post by RobJN »

My D&D group back in the day wasn't high enough level, and I didn't have the module, then, either :(

Of course, I may do another Thorn's World That Was play by post, set a bit further back in time than the present one, after it runs its course.... ;)
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