Blackmoor MMRPG Season 4

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Re: Blackmoor MMRPG Season 4

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Discussion of the Blackmoor MMRPG D&D 4E episodes is split into a separate thread here.


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Re: Blackmoor MMRPG Season 4

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Finally we reached the end of the 4th and last season of MMRPG. I have to say that this season had a higher average quotient of epic, it reconnected quite a lot of lose ends and we saw the end of some of the most awesome story arcs (the Redwood scar saga and the Hadeen saga above all), but we didn't get closure for everything, unfortunately.
As it could be expected, not all adventures are at the same (very high) level and not all of them are perfectly interconnected with each other, but overall it is fantastic material for running a campaign in Blackmoor, expanding the previously known adventures wth a good degree of respect and leaving the GMs some more lee way to expand further, with pretty wide freedom.
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