Mr Welch's Video on DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor

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Mr Welch's Video on DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor

Post by Havard » Mon Nov 26, 2018 7:03 pm ... iurb4-2kkE

Worth a watch. Gives a nice overview of the module itself. He also briefly mentions some of the stories about Dave Arneson's involvement with TSR and the DA modules. There is some mention about the module's connection to Mystara.

I disagree where he says the rights to Blackmoor have been muddled over the years. As I see it, it is pretty simple. Blackmoor is owned by WotC. If they want Blackmoor to return, they can. However, they do not own the rights to the FFC and the ZGG books so they would likely not be allowed to reprint those. That's not really something that would get in their way of making a 5E Blackmoor Hardback should WotC desire to do so however.

This is part of a series Mr Welch / Glen Welch has been making called Welcome to Mystara where he looks at all the Mystara products. This is the first video to tackle a Blackmoor related item however AFAIK.


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