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Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:50 pm
by Boddynock
I make a fantasy village as a nod to the game Braunstein

Obviously, the true Braunstein is set in the Napoleonic era, so with this mind, I whipped up Bronstein, a fantasy town known for baking, gambrel roofs, and at least one spy ring operating between major cities. The original idea was to set in Blackmoor, but because of the different eras that take place in Blackmoor, I decided to go a little more generic in the post.

Setting this in Blackmoor, I would put it on the Duchy of Ten region north of Starmorgan, that wide space before getting to Port Dacoit and Oktagern. There are probably several little details in the post I'd change, but the main factors I would keep in are:

-Bronstein is famous for bakers and baked goods. Their products are in high demand throughout the Duchy and adventurers/intrepid Thonian noblemen are willing to cross sea or swamp to get a taste of Bronstein pie.

-The township is used as a stopover for smugglers or spies who travel between Starmorgan, Port Dacoit, or Hanford.

-Probably works best pre-invasion Duchy. It's hard to bake pies when your city is a smoking ruin and occupied by dangerous zealots.

To further add, I invite anyone who wants to take a look and post any suggestions of how you would like to make Bronstein more Blackmoor-esque.

Re: Bronstein!

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:45 pm
by Big Mac
Thanks for sharing this Boddynock.

My Blackmoor-fu is pretty weak, so I'm not sure I can help you make this more Blackmoor-esque, but it is an interesting location that I'd like to see you expand on.

I don't know the Dutch of Ten region too well. Have you placed Bronstein on a map yet?

I'm betting that some ideas for inspiration are going to come from the geography. It sounds like the "growth of grain and fruits" and the "verdant grass" you mention imply that Bronstein is surrounded by fields and farmlands, with your roads (that the Roadwarden Service ride along) spreading out from Bronstein towards Starmorgan, Port Dacoit, Hanford or anywhere else nearby.

I saw a pretty useful tutorial about how to design a town map on Fantastic Maps. The example town (on the tutorial) was build on a peninsular of land pointing out to sea and one of the features on that town map was a set of docks where fishermen would be bringing in fish to sell in the market.

I don't think that any of that is going to be going on around Bronstein, as it sounds like a land-locked location.

But if Burchard Gemholder has chosen Bronstein as a meeting point for spies in nearby cities, would that mean that Bronstein should be on a major road junction with roads to Starmorgan, Port Dacoit and Hanford?

Are there any navigable rivers passing through Bronstein?

Hanford sounds like it would be a place where a river is forded (the River Han perhaps). And Port Dacoit is obviously a place where there is a port. Would there be a navigable river passing from Hanford through Bronstein to Port Dacoit (or a delta close to Port Dacoit)? You have a smuggler on your encounter table. If there were boats in the area, perhaps your smuggler could be hiding things in barges that bring baking ingredients into the town or baked goods to the nearby cities.

"Smugglers pies" (with gems and jewellery hidden inside pies that are marked with symbols the agents of the smugglers can spot) and mixed in with ordinary pies that are sold in the cities might be a fun way to build on this. It could provide a motivation for some smuggled items to come through the area. :)

You mention grain in your description and grain needs milling. So I would think you would need a windmill or watermill to do this. Are you going to put a watermill in Bronstein itself or are you going to put watermills or windmills in the area around Bronstein?

Watermills and windmills that grind the grain that comes into Bronstein could be a way to increase local trade in and out of the village (and maybe increase the number of adventure hooks that might get the PCs travelling along the major and minor roads in the area). You could have carts of threshed grain being transported to mills, and sacks of milled grain being transported to Bronstein. Farmers and millers could buy tools at Bronstein and Bronstein could import tools from Starmorgan, Port Dacoit and Hanford.

Re: Bronstein!

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:37 am
by Boddynock
This one's a tough one Mac because, for Blackmoor, Bronstein has to have some noticeable difference from what is written in the post (which was made to be more generic so it's very possible that a river could run through Bronstein town).

For instance, there is a major river that passes through Hanford and up to Port Dacoit, but looking at the map (my map comes out of d20 Blackmoor from Zeitgeist/Goodman Games) the only appreciable woods that are mentioned in the plot are around the bend, south of Starmorgan. To make it fit better, I'd probably make the following changes.

-I'd drop the spy stuff. That was more of a tribute to the Napoleonic game Braunstein. Burchard could still exist, but his spy ring probably would not hang around the area I'm about to propose.

-I'd move Bronstein down the road south of Starmorgan. This puts a major forest north of it where the Mistress of Eight Legs and bandits can hide in. There is no appreciable river on the map, so milling would be done either by wind or by some unseen streams that flow into the River Misauga that flows up past Hanford and Port Dacoit.

-Bronstein's plot (or plot idea) goes from spy rings to more dealing with horrors in the woods (The Spider Witch) or banditry (Red Sparrow). Bronstein is still a baker's town that is famous for its food, but less likely to have an active spy ring as the only closest city is Starmorgan, which would be to the north.

-Factions that remain include the Road Wardens, the Baker's Guild, Church of the Triad (which in Blackmoor would be devoted to an alliance of Sollus, Baldin, and Fronaus. These divines are that of Agriculture, Song, and Law-Giver respectively).

Hopefully that helps!