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Fire Elemental Creatures on Blackmoor

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 8:45 pm
by Havard
In a blog article I wrote yesterday, I talk about the many connections between the Elemental Plane of Fire and the world of Blackmoor.

Efreeti and Solluxes are introduced in DA1 as servants of Zugzul and allies of the Afridhi. Then there are Fire Giants. Fire Giants are likely not natives of the Plane of Fire, but it seems likely that they are connected to that element somehow. Fire Giants in Blackmoor go back to the Age of Giants. A descendant of King Jevorin currently resides within the Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor. Another Fire Giant clan lead by Gonut-Vanur is found within the Valley of the Ancients (CotG p33).

In Classic D&D, Fire Salamanders are not intelligent creatures like in later editions. Intelligent Salamanders play a big role in the 3E/4E version of Blackmoor though. Within the Valley of the Ancients there is a region controlled by Lord Jihzaja ("The Dour Lord"), a noble Salamander who has an on and off quarrel with is sometimes lover the Fire Nymph named Lady Acendioris. On the 12th level of the Blackmoor Dungeons, there is also a Fire Salamander named Qu'tangles. He is the leader of a warband called The Burning Spike who are at war with the Hammerfire Clan of Fire Giants. In my campaign The Burning Spike isn't just a war band, but a greater clan of Fire Salamanders back on the Plane of Fire

Other Fire Elemental Creatures
  • Magma Mephit
  • Lava Lizard - These were introduced in AC9, but in Supplement II: Blackmoor (1977) there are similar monsters called Fire Lizards.
  • Pyrohydra
  • Fire Elemental

Maybe I need to make a map similar to the one I made for Mystara's Elemental Plane of Fire for Blackmoor too? :)