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Reverse DA1

Post by Havard »

From another thread:
Havard wrote:
Big Mac wrote:You know, it might actually be fun to run an adventure where PCs get accidentally sent into the future, find out that something has destroyed the city and then come back and have to work out what they need to do to change time! :twisted:
Yeah! I actually toyed with the idea of writing a "Reverse DA1" module to be published by ZGG a few years ago. In it, Uther gets kidnapped and brought into the future (Mystara's Brokenlands). The PCs are Blackmoorians who must travel to this place in time and rescue Uther and bring him back to his own time.

I think DA1 could be run pretty much as is with the simple modification that Uther is being brought to the future and the heroes come from Blackmoor rather than the heroes coming from the future to rescue the King.

In my original idea, I had removed all specific references to Mystara, leaving only a jagged broken realm, suggesting that Blackmoor had been destroyed and these were the ruins of Blackmoor. Any Mystara fan would ofcourse understand what this was meant to be, which would be fun :)


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Re: Reverse DA1

Post by Chimpman »

Hey, this is a great idea Havard! I'm only surprised the the Known World (and Mystara in general) doesn't have more adventures based around the Comeback Inn and what might appear from it. It seems like a great opportunity to bring some of Mystara's past back to life!
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Re: Reverse DA1

Post by Big Mac »

I don't know enough about this, but it would seem to make a great concept for a netbook.

I don't know what sort of artists you have in the Blackmoor community, but I wonder if someone could take some iconic Blackmoor art and make destroyed versions of the same scene. (For example, take the dragon on the hillside on the 3e DA BM book. You could have the same terrain, change the sky, change the snowline on the mountain, and swap the dragon for a dragon skeleton! It would be good art, but anyone who knew the original stuff would love it.)

I think you could also do the same thing with iconic items. Major magic items might escape a "nuke" and they could be left next to a skeleton of a dead NPC. :twisted:

You could also go the other way and have a Mad Max style cult that are waiting for the return of The Svenny! :P

My guess is that the more nomadic peoples would be far more likely to survive a large explosion. They are far less likely to be in a fixed location (like the City of Blackmoor) and if tribes are dispersed, then some may die, but others may live. Nomads are less dependent on houses, so are far more likely to be prepared to get their stuff together and flee a disaster. They would need to invade someone else's territory, but are probably better at creating relationships with other nomadic people.

I can see city folk wanting to flee to other cities and setting up refugee camps. But tradesmen and seafarers would probably be a good excuse to create survivors.
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