Mounts of the North

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Mounts of the North

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Standard: Horse
Exotic: Wooly Mamoths, Wooly Rhinos

Standard: Dire Wolves
Exotic: Giant Boar

Egg of Coot
Standard: Horse
Exotic: Skeletal Horses, Nightmares

Standard: Horse
Exotic: Raptors

Steppes Charger

Standard: Horse (Blackmoor), Pony (Dwarf)
Exotic: Mechanized Chariots


These huge birds are found mainly in the Superstition Mountains. The Duchy of the Peaks have trainers and riders for these and are willing to hire out trainers with mounts to any neighbouring culture. Blackmoorians and Tenians have been known to use these creatures.

These creatures live beyond the Goblin Kush. Afridhi train and use them as mounts. The Egg of Coot has also been known to breed some of these creatures.

Dragons, Evil
Dragons are higly intelligent, but sometimes make alliances with humans. The Egg of Coot has some dragons in its service. When the Duchy of Ten was run by lord Ran, he was known to provide that country with large numbers of dragons. It is unknown whether the Afridhi now have access to these. The Skandaharians sometimes ally themselves with White Dragons. The Froglin have a few Black Dragons who have joined their cult. The Dragon known as Watchworks lives in the Peaks of Maus. His spawn sometimes work as mounts for the various Orc tribes of the North.

Dragons, Neutral
Many Neutral dragons live in the Dragon Hills. Some have befriended Peshwa who have learned to ride these dragons.

Dragons, Good
There are only a few good dragons left in the North. Some of them have been willing to serve Blackmoor. There are rumours that many other Good dragons are trapped in the mysterious City of Father Dragon.


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