Help with knowledge Trident Isles

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Help with knowledge Trident Isles

Postby oleck » Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:23 pm

Im working on the Trident Isles at the orc Peninsula. The only thing i have heard of them is that there is an orc village in one island and the others are unhabited.

Well im changing that jejeje. I couldnt get more information than that. Any one knows more of these islands. Judgin by the size of them the big one is almost the same size of Elegy Island and the other size of smaller islands at minrothad or ierendi islands.

So really im trying to find if there is more info becouse i have been working on it and dont want to mess anybodys work.

What im working is in a new civilization that is inspired on a old culture of my zone (Huastec Culture). The Huastec Culture came from the mayas but established more north in the gulf of mexico and somehow change a lot. After the aztec conquer them but finally they join the Spanish army to make war against the aztecs. So for me it sounds a good place to put it. Texeiran are kind spanish portugese culture and the closes azcan empire was the one in atraughin planes . i know that the oltec culture was the one that move to this zones but in some way i got inspired by that and made a story that could help putting this civilization there. Still it will be dominated or conquered time ago by the azcans it will have some of thier culture (as it happen in real world) and im adopting Quetzalcoatl (Atruaghin) as thier god.

So im trying to make this island kind of an old not so advance culture. But giving a touch of mythical creatures of huastec culture and leyends. I have advance on it but now im worried to mess up there.

So any help on iformation would be nice.
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Re: Help with knowledge Trident Isles

Postby Cthulhudrew » Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:11 pm

To the best of my knowledge, there hasn't been anything said about the Trident Isles at all; I don't even see any mention of them in the "Colony of the Horn" entry on p. 30 of the Savage Baronies accessory. It isn't unreasonable to think there may be orcs there, although they are somewhat distant from the tribelands of the orcs of the peninsula. I could frankly even see Neshezu inhabiting the jungle there (from the Red Steel Monstrous Compendium).

I don't see any reason why you couldn't place a Huastec inspired culture in and around the region, though you might want to address how the history of nearby cultures may have impacted them (notably the Wallara, the Lizard-kin, the Orcs, the Manscorpions and the Herathians/Aranea in particular).

There is also a little known culture mentioned in some Savage Coast/Red Steel materials, the Dravish civilization that has some ancient ties and some pyramid-like buildings that could possibly be related to your Huastec peoples. (As I recall from my Mesoamerican studies, the Huastec were noted for their stonework.) The thread I linked to here is a discussion about the Dravish from LoZompatore. It might provide some inspiration to you, but certainly don't feel constrained by any of that.

(There are also the mysterious monoliths of Zul in the Savage Coast, and there is a long lost "Stonecarver" culture that is mentioned in HWA1 or 2- the Hollow World series- that could be related.)
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Re: Help with knowledge Trident Isles

Postby Carillion » Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:28 am

Hello Oleck,

To my knowledge, the Trident Isles are only really mentioned in the Savage Coast expert module (X9) and in the "Tortles of the Purple Sage" adventure published in Dungeon magazine 6-7. These sources make it clear that one of these islands contains an orc village while the other two are uninhabited (unfortunately, these sources don't confirm which island of the three is actually inhabited, although most people would assume it's the largest one). The orc village also has a resident ogre and a resident troll, so these types of humanoids are most likely present on the island outside of the village as well.

The region near the Trident Isles was once inhabited by the Dravs (as Cthulhudrew notes). Before that, this region was inhabited by various Oltec tribes (from around 5000BC) from whom the "Stonecarver" culture may have been descended from. It is unlikely that this "Stonecarver" culture would still be around today, however, but some of their ruins could certainly lay undisturbed on one of the Trident Isles.

Pirates are known to have operated in this region (Trader Jack, the founder of Richland was one), and so a chest or two of pirate treasure might be buried on the Trident Isles, waiting to be reclaimed.

These Islands are also shown on one of the poster maps that came with the Red Steel AD&D boxed set, although no text description is provided. However, this poster map does show a shipwreck just south of the Western most isle and away from the closest trade route. This is most likely the remains of a pirate ship, as merchant vessels don't usually travel this way. The nearby waters are also shown on this map to be inhabited by Giant Sea Serpents, and so are quite dangerous to be travelling in.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much all that is known about these Islands!
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Re: Help with knowledge Trident Isles

Postby oleck » Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:17 pm

Well that can do the job. I hate the orc village jajaja but ill see how i can deal with that. Thanks for helping. Still ill try to read about the Darvish civilization to see if i can mix up a little.
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Re: Help with knowledge Trident Isles

Postby Havard » Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:26 am

Maybe there are some creatures from the SC Monstrous Compendium that could fit here?


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