My "Keep on the Shadowfell" adaptation for the Savage Coast

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My "Keep on the Shadowfell" adaptation for the Savage Coast

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Following a sugestion of Havard, I'll try to convey here the minor adaptations I made in the adventure [H1] Keep On The Shadowfell to best fit it in my Savage Coast 4e game.

First of all, I took the line of least resistance, changing the minimum necessary to give the adventure a Savage Coast flavour. I've set the adventure on Terra Leãoça, a territory near Bayou and the Orc's Head Peninsula. Logically, the empire of Nerath became Herath (and Kalarel being an aranea). The Dragonborn hail from the kindoms of Bayou, replacing the lizardmen. Rakasta use the statistics of the Eladrin, and Lupines, half-elves'.

The Nentir Vale became Três Corações, and the cities of Winterheaven, Fallcrest and Hammerfast I renamed Gramado, Figueira da Foz and Porto Ferreira, respectively. Likewise, I've changed every name in the adventure to conform with portuguese and spanish names, with the help of my gaming group. So, Wrafton's Inn was renamed Taverna do Grafitão, Eilian the Old is Elias el Viejo, Valthrun the Prescient is Valter de las Previsiones and Lord Padraig is Lord Patrón.

Whereas kobolds play an important role in the adventure, I've established that they're a new experiment with the lizardmen made by Kalarel and considered a serious threat and a freak of nature by the inhabitants of the dale, one that must be eradicated (by the PCs, of course).
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