[Tortle Package] Relocating Fort Ahoyhoy to the Savage Coast

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[Tortle Package] Relocating Fort Ahoyhoy to the Savage Coast

Post by Havard »

With all this talk about Tortles lately, I've been thinking about Fort Ahoyhoy.

Ahoyhoy is a Tortle Settlement located on the Snout of Omgar in Chult fro the Forgotten Realms. You can read some details about it here. Sice it is a home for Tortles, I would think it would fit right at home on Mystara and more specifically on the Savage Coast.

Where would you place it? Would you make some changes to it or maybe expand it a little?


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Re: [Tortle Package] Relocating Fort Ahoyhoy to the Savage Coast

Post by paleologos »

From X9: The Savage Coast

If the characters sail around Safe Harbor peninsula, they can spot the egg-laying grounds of the tortles on the small peninsula closing off Safe Harbor.
Interestingly, this is the "snout" on Orc's Head peninsula!

TotPS part 1 (pg 46) states that "Module X9 mistakenly locates a tortle egg-laying ground on the tip of this peninsula. It is more likely a fortified snapper egglaying ground" but later (pg 60) states "Tortles usually live 40-50 years, mating and producing children only near the ends of their lives, and laying their eggs in family egg-laying grounds near their homes. Once every hundred years, however, all mature tortles make a religious pilgrimage to their ancestral egglaying grounds on the Dry Flats" so these egg-laying grounds probably represent "family" egg-laying grounds, rather than a fortified snapper egglaying ground.
Solitary sand dunes, the dried carcasses of creatures which have crawled here to die, utter silence, and rocks shaped only by windblown sand alert the senses to hidden dangers. Scattered among the rocks at the base of nearby hills are roofless compounds with six-foot-high walls built of piled rock. The solitary entrances to the compounds are blocked with weatherworn logs.
What creatures have crawled here to die? What happened to all the tortles?
The 16 fortresses protect the tortles' egglaying grounds. Females lay 10-40 eggs in the sand at a time. The white eggs hatch three months later. Armorers can fashion light weight plate mail (AC 1) from 25 fresh eggshells. Twenty-two eggs lie unguarded in the sand.
I couldn't find the value for encumbrance of tortleshell armor. Maybe 100cn?

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