Specialist Mages

Published 1989.
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Specialist Mages

Post by Havard »

Do you use these in your campaigns? Are they well balanced in your opinion? Which ones are more popular?

Has anyone ever wanted to make an abjurer?


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Re: Specialist Mages

Post by agathokles »

They are not terribly well balanced, actually. While the choice of barred schools generally is a fair compensation, the ability score requirements are difficult to met and not equally useful -- obviously a high Dex or Con score is more useful (at least, combat-wise) than a high Wis or Cha score. In my experience, Illusionists and Conjurers are more common, although I suppose Evokers are also likely. Diviners and Abjurers, and Transmuters to a certain extent, seem less popular. Necromancers are cool from the point of view of background, but not terribly powerful. Elementalists are slightly more balanced, especially if more books are used, giving them a greater range of spells.
That said, the benefits of specialization at low level (1 extra spell per day at first level!) are such that most wizards were specialized in my AD&D campaigns.


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Re: Specialist Mages

Post by thorr-kan »

I've played them (evoker, transmuter) and played with them (necromancer in love with fireball). Never been any problems. Played like any mage.

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