Wand of Archeal (1999)

Published 1989.
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Wand of Archeal (1999)

Post by Havard »

5 RPGA adventures were released for AD&D 2nd Edition:
RPGA Adventures
  • The Star of Kolhapur (1997)
  • Moonlight Madness (February 1998)
  • The Lost Shrine of Bundushatur (1998)
  • Ravenloft (25th Anniversary) (August 1999)
  • Wand of Archeal (1999)
What was Wand of Archeal?
RPGGeek offers the following:
An AD&D adventure for character levels 6-8 exclusively for RPGA Network Guild-level members.

From the back cover:

"It's war! The long-standing dispute between the Celestial Order Wizards and the Mages of the Red Cabal erupts into open warfare as the two rival factions try to retrieve pieces of an artifact before it's too late. At last it happens - one of the Celestial Order's highest-ranking mages is slain in a surprise attack by the Cabal. Or is he? It's up to you to penetrate the enemy's hidden base, find Archael and his famous wand, and bring them back to safety."
Anyone have this module? Is it set in the Forgotten realms? What was the Wand itself?


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Re: Wand of Archeal (1999)

Post by ripvanwormer »

It's set on the "remote island continent of Grayisle."

The Wand of Archeal is actually a rod of rulership that the wizard Archeal has magic jarred himself into.

The plot is this: there's a vicious war between two wizardly orders: the Celestial Order and the Red Cabal. Neither is good or evil—both Archeal and his archenemy are lawful neutral—but the PCs are arbitrarily on the side of the Celestial Order and they've been tasked with finding the Wand of Archeal so that Archeal can be restored.

The interesting part is that while the PCs are trying to rescue him, Archeal is jumping around from body to body trying to rescue himself, and he may possess one of the PCs. The player whose character hosts Archeal's mind gets Archeal's character sheet and plays Archeal for a while.

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Re: Wand of Archeal (1999)

Post by zontoxira »

Caught a glimpse of it the other day, at a friend's collection. I can't help but feel that the Celestial Order and the Red Cabal allude to the US and USSR during the cold war era.
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