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Question on Ylaruam

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:04 am
by oleck
Does Abbashan was constructed on top the old Nithian capital Nithus? I found this map on nithian empire but its not clear to me if its near or on top of Abbashan city ... olours.png.

Whats your opinion??

Re: Question on Ylaruam

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:41 am
by Morfie
Nothing I can find in canon, at least in GAZ2 and HWR2.
The map was by a fan, his notes have "Nithia, centred on the city of Nithus (East of Abbashan)." James Mishler is also on the Piazza.

Would be a great idea though, a dungeon city underneath...

Re: Question on Ylaruam

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:13 am
by Sturm
Robin also did ancient Nithia in 8mph which is much more detailed:
According on her map Nithus ruins would not be under Abbashan but about 16 miles to the south west, if you measure the hexes, outside the oasis.
The location could be known to locals as a cursed place, or maybe buried under the sand, waiting for adventurers :)

I do not think this was in canon anyway, I think Robin just placed the city based on Cthulhudrew's map you linked above. They could tell us however, as they are both active in the forum.

Another important ruins you could find in Ylaruam (beside Cynidecea of the notorious canon module) is also the ancient capital of Mogreth (2300 BC setting) imagined by Chimpman and Seer of Yhog: which however would be now under the sea about 40 miles south east of Surra-man-raa.
You can have fun searching for the current locations of ancient Mogreth and Nithia ruins based on the above maps :)

Re: Question on Ylaruam

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:19 pm
by agathokles
As the others have mentioned, there is no canon location for the ancient Nithian capital, except that it must have been along the course of the Nithia river, which is now underground. Near Abbashan is as good a location as any other.


Re: Question on Ylaruam

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:34 pm
by hyrieus
It's obviously on top of Nithus, because that would be more fun.

Re: Question on Ylaruam

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:10 am
by oleck
Well then Nithius is East of Abbashan and underground. Thats what i need jeje. thx

Re: Question on Ylaruam

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:55 am
by Cthulhudrew
Sturm wrote:I do not think this was in canon anyway, I think Robin just placed the city based on Cthulhudrew's map you linked above. They could tell us however, as they are both active in the forum.
As Morfie points out, this is actually one of James Mishler's maps from the MML days (he just used a series of MS paint hex map symbols that I had made up back in the day when I was doing some mapping of my own). He is on the forums, though very infrequently, so may or may not be available to weigh in. I'd say it is very much non-canon, though, as to the best of my recollection there really isn't much of anything about where Nithia itself was located. I'd probably have assumed it was located somewhere in the present-day Emirate of Nithia, myself. It seems kind of odd that the capital city would be located somewhere else, but then again, maybe what is present-day Nithia was a much larger holding at the time of the Empire's greatness.

Re: Question on Ylaruam

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:52 pm
by Robin
and here I am.
Though very busy in RL and for threshold, I can give a reaction on this.
I created my map baased primarily on the canon map of Ylaruam, perfectly redrawn by Thorfinn Tait. Then I imposed James Mishler's map over this one, taking into account hex shifting (I remember I;ve chosen to keep the 24 miles hexes into seven 8 mile hexes where the central hex is the hex bearing the non natural information (like cities, and using the dominant number of hexes as the natural information (trees, grass, hills, etc.
Then I used the natural geological movements of the river calculating backwards from 1000AC, keeping the current existing hills into account, and adding erosion, and depositing. This way I got a very slithering river. If I have had access to the Mogreth Map of John those days, I would makes some, but not great changes. overall the same would be applied.
I also used the information from the AD&D2 PC game Stone Prophet within the map, to fill in the blank areas.

As to the location of Nithus (and not Nithius), I indeed would come to the same location aswhat Sturm said;
If you look at the single hill outcropping in the Ylaruam map you can draw a strait line of ten 8 mile hexes southwest from the hex south of this outcropping, to reach Abbashan.
if you would do the same on my Nithian map, you would reach on the Nithian map the grassy location Northeast of the Obelisk north of Nithus.
calculating this back on the Ylaruam map, (And yess...I would placed a whole ruined city their underground burried by blown sand, erosion and magic causing locations to sink) the Obelisk could be found southwest of Abbashan (possibly broken and toppled, but with its secret chambers as per PC game Stone Prophet still underneath) and then Nithus would be south of that...just outside the oasis of abbashan.

as to the sunken ruins of Mogreth I would continue this outcropping as a handy reference. (on the mogreth map this is where the trail becomes a road west of Isshum). There will be ruins of a tower 6 hexes southwest of this outcropping, thus 4 hexes northeast of Abbashan. The ruins of Nithian Rahak would be 2 hexes west with another Obelisk NW of that. Isshum of Mogreth era would be found on the same horizontal line as Rahak, and the top of these line of hexes would go just underneath the outcropping, ...counting the exes underneath this line going east, Isshum would be (4 hexes under the line) east, revealing hidden, sunken ruins must exist in Nithian era in the last swamp hex of the line east of Rahak.
In ylaruam this would indeed be underwater...(2 hexes south of surra-man-raa and then 3 southeast)...i would imaging some lizard like Kna still live in the ruins...where else would they get their magical items...;) hint.

Oh yes...the statue NE of the outcropping in the nithian map can still be found in the middle of the town Surra-man-raa

I might do a 1 mile Hex map of Ylaruam in the was already on my planing list, but i first have to finish other works...I can't keep creating andf not finishing.

Hope this is info enough..if not...just ask or PM.
Have fun...I now go to bed,..seeyall later

Re: Question on Ylaruam

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:05 am
by JamesMishler
As far as my original map of Nithia went, the intent, indeed, was to have the old capital of Nithia buried under Abbashan as a huge dungeon.

The map was pieced together with an old, cranky computer and Paint, so accuracy was not exact...

It also tied into my campaign that the mummies of Old Nithia were secretly the dark patrons of a sub-faction within the Kin faction of the Eternal Truth.

That the capital of Nithia was not in the modern Emirate of Nithia is due to the memory wipe after the fall of Nithia. Some peasants in modern Nithia remembered the name (missed by the Immortals), and used it for their own lands...

As always, make things work however you want in your own campaign.

Perhaps the ruined city is under Abbashan, the necropolis of the capital is 16 miles south...