The town of Threshold

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Re: The town of Threshold

Post by stebehil » Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:07 pm


I think people fall into three basic categories: Rulers, citizens and enemies.
For Rulers, we have the baron and his niece, and the law enforcement, administration and jurisdiction, and probably priests as well.
Citizens would include anyone living inside or nearby and not belonging to another group, like farmers, merchants etc., like the Armorer from the basic set. Some folks cross the boundaries between categories, like Sergeant Arthol. Rulers and citizens are mainly part of the backdrop and should help the DM to create a believable, living environment in town. For the most part, the distinction is of no importance, but can serve as a guideline how people react if the PCs behave in any way that can be seen as hostile.

The idea that armored people mean trouble (unless members of the town guard) might play out that if the PCs insist on wearing their armor in town, ordinary folks will gather their kids playing outside into their houses, close doors etc., while merchants will eye the PCs suspiciously, and an "upstanding citizen" might go get a guard patrol. (BTW, I´d also offer an opportunity to lock away armor in the town hall, alongside illegal weapons. PCs tend to have valuable gear and are often reluctant to part with that, especially in not-well-secured inn rooms.) If PCs actually talk or act hostile, or (heavens forbid!) even cast a spell (without being recognized as a cleric and not having an obvious reason to do so), ordinary folks will slam the doors on them, merchants are reluctant to deal with them, and somebody will fetch the town guard as fast as possible. Even if adventurers are a common sight in Threshold, there are laws and rules to be kept, and law-abiding citizens are not to be pushed around without consequences.

The rulers react differently to trouble makers, as described: carrying illegal weapons will get them in legal trouble and possibly arrested, wearing armor will get them questioned, and probably being followed while inside town. Spellcasting will get them arrested. As the guard roughly knows what adventurers might be capable of, they see that clerics help them whily trying to arrest PCs, either with hold person or silence spells, or with healing if need be. This implies that "lesser" clerics might serve some guard duty, which I would see as common sense, given the possibilities of magic.
If the crimes are severe enough, the PCs might be forced to be subject to a "Zone of Truth" while in court.
Of course, if the PCs are of high enough level, the town guard might be overwhelmed if the want to start trouble. But then, if a party of PCs at, say, 10th level wants to start trouble in a small town, something very odd is going on anyway...

Enemies includes any being presenting a potential challenge for the PCs to overcome. This can include criminals from Fogor Isle, from pickpockets to Iron Ring slavers, but also non-humans, starting with the vermin in the Old Mill, and including lycanthropes (wererats), and even undead like Key-Hamintep. (Yeah, not quite "people"...) Their actions and reactions depend on their situation, their goals and what the DM has in mind.

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