Podcast interview with one of the Kara-tur designers

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Podcast interview with one of the Kara-tur designers

Post by Teramis »

I was recently interviewed about my game design and world building work by the Roll For Initiative podcast. In it I talk about the world building that went into my work on the Kara-Tur setting (I designed Kozakura and Malatra), and several other things as well.

You can give it a listen here: http://rfipodcast.com/show/2013/12/01/v ... -kara-tur/. The Kara-tur stuff starts at the 27:14 mark.
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Re: Podcast interview with one of the Kara-tur designers

Post by Big Mac »

Wow! That is a 1 hour 45 minute podcast there. :shock: I've downloaded this, but will actually have to listen to this in a few small chunks (as I can't really cope with podcasts that long). :oops: :lol:

Thanks for taking the time to talk about your old design work. I'm looking forward to learning a bit more about Kozakura and Malatra, and whatever else you spoke about on the show.
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