[Kozakura] Where are the best Kozakura locations?

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[Kozakura] Where are the best Kozakura locations?

Post by Big Mac »

Kozakura seems to be the most popular nation in the Kara-Tur campaign setting.

Is it the one you would pick to start a Kara-Tur campaign in?

How many of published adventures deal with places in Kozakura?

Where are the best adventuring locations in Kozakura?

How would you expand upon the Kozakura canon?
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Re: [Kozakura] Where are the best Kozakura locations?

Post by Tonnichiwa »

Yes, Kozakura is my first choice for adventuring in Kara-Tur. I really enjoy the idea that it is just about to erupt into utter chaos, with warlords vying for control of the provinces, and no centralized government that will survive the chaos. It is basically a fantasy version of Japan during the Sengoku Jidai period of Japan's history.

As far as I know, only two published adventures deal with Kozakura directly. The first published adventure is called "OA 1 Swords of the Daimyo". The second adventure is called "OA 2 Night of the Seven Swords". In OA 3 Ochimo The Spirit Warrior, you are basically playing characters from Kozakura, but you really aren't adventuring in Kozakura. In OA 4 Blood of the Yakuza, you are basically playing in the country of WA, a country almost identical to Kozakura. It is basically the country of Japan after it was unified by Tokugawa Ieyasu. So you are very much restricted in just about everything you can do and everywhere you can go.

The rest of the published adventures really don't cover Kozakura very much.

What do you mean when you ask the question of what are the best adventuring locations in Kozakura?

There are plenty of really cool places to adventure in Kozakura, depending on what kind of adventuring you wish to do.

If I were to expand upon the Kozakura canon, I would have the country split into 57 different provinces, with different warlords warring over them, trying to unify the whole country again. Some of the warlords would of course own more than one province. I might even have a war started in the spirit world and have it spill over into Kozakura, sort of turning the game into a mystery/Japanese horror style game. I might have different spirits siding with different warlords, or maybe the whole spirit world has turned against all of Kozakura.

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Re: [Kozakura] Where are the best Kozakura locations?

Post by The Dark »

Kozakura is where I wish we had more details on the provinces (IIRC we do have names, but only a couple are detailed), because the Kozakuran Civil War would be a good time to use the Birthright rules for a campaign. Tonnichiwa at Cartographer's Guild has done a nice provincial political map (there's also one in the back of OA1, but it doesn't look as nice in my opinion), so the trick would be to figure out the terrain for each province and set ratings.

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