[Shou Lung] Great Library of Perpustakaan

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[Shou Lung] Great Library of Perpustakaan

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Has anyone ever used the Great Library of Perpustakaan in their games?

The Forgotten Realms Wiki article for Great Library of Perpustakaan, it was an ancient library in Shou Lung that was so isolated that almost everyone outside the Shao Mountains forgot it was there. So it probably does not have too much influence on Shou Lung and the greater Kara-Tur area.

How does the library compare to other big libraries, like Candlekeep, in Forgotten Realms, the Great Library of Palanthas, in Dragonlance?

Have you got any ideas for what a well stocked library might be able to help a PC do, that they can't do without one?

The Forgotten Realms Wiki article for the Great Library of Perpustakaan suggests there are bespoke sections for literature, astrology, geography, ancient history, military history, philosophy, biography, mathematics, arcane lore, and one section for each member of the Nine Immortals.

How up to date do you think this isolated library might be? Would you suggest that PCs researching at the library would get better results for subjects like ancient history than subjects like geography?
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