Korobokuru (Samurai Dwarf) minis from Forlorn Hope Games

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Korobokuru (Samurai Dwarf) minis from Forlorn Hope Games

Post by Big Mac »

I was looking for information about the Korobokuru (for my Korobokuru topic) and stumbled onto two Kickstarters from Forlorn Hope Games to create minis for this race:
  • Samurai Dwarves (Korobokuru) - The aim of this project is to extend our existing Samurai Dwarf range from 6 to 9. The new sculpts will be done by Bob Olley. (79 backers pledged £2,650 to help bring this project to life.)
  • Samurai Dwarves mounted on Ki-Rin sculpted by Bob Olley - Following the success and fulfilment of our previous Samurai Dwarf project we are adding some cavalry to the mix. (66 backers pledged £2,366 to help bring this project to life.)
I've had a look around the Forlorn Hope Games website, but they do all their sales via the Forlorn Hope Games eBay store, so I had a bit of trouble finding an easy to search list of the Korobokuru/Samurai Dwarf figures there. (They sell 225 minis.)

There is a website called Collecting Miniatures with a list of Forlorn Hope Games minis. That page has a section for Samurai Dwarfs.

If you look there, they have 19 different products (two of which are sets of three korobokuru). There are also eight miniatures mounted on Ki-Rin.

(I'm not sure if Kara-Tur's korobokuru ride Ki-Rin, but the other miniatures would probably be useful for Kara-Tur fans.)
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Re: Korobokuru (Samurai Dwarf) minis from Forlorn Hope Games

Post by Sturm »

Don't know if I could ever use them, but beautiful :)
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