FROA1 Ninja Wars in DMs Guild sale on Print on Demand

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FROA1 Ninja Wars in DMs Guild sale on Print on Demand

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FROA1 Ninja Wars (2e) is on sale on Dungeon Masters Guild in both Print on Demand format and PDF!
Dungeon Masters Guild wrote:Image

Behold The Shining Temple of Bishamon!

Located above the city of Aru on the island nation of Wa, this shrine is the focus of a great pilgrimage. Every year, thousands of people travel here to celebrate the Ceremony of the Three Thousand Steps. For townsfolk and travelers alike, it is a time of great celebrations and revelry.

For Benju Matsutomo, Daimyo of Aru, it is a time of worry and concern. Something is wrong this year. A political rival has hired a clan of ninja to disrupt the pilgrimage and disgrace Matsutomo. But the daimyo has his own ninja, and just to be safe, he decides to hire a party of adventurers to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Of course, it doesn't?
The Softcover, Standard Color Book is down from $9.99 to $8.49, the PDF is down from $4.99 to $4.24 and the combo bundle is down from $14.98 to $10.19.

And if you want to buy PDFs, there are 9 Kara-Tur PDFs on sale.
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