Reinterpreting Outsiders for Maztica

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Reinterpreting Outsiders for Maztica

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As I have mentioned before, I want to move away from the ideas of "Cosmic Alignments" for my interpretation of Maztica. Yet many of the "iconic" types of outsiders in D&D lore are very closely linked to their alignments. Thus, some reinterpretation is required. Here is a first attempt:

"Beware the amocualli tribes of the spirit worlds.

The first tribe are the tlacotlihuia. Their relationships are master-and-slave. The lesser among their numbers seek to bind others to servitude through intimidation and brute force. The greater among them bind others through words, promises, and contracts which at first seem advantageous to the mortal, but will chain them more and more until they have nothing left that is their own. They are repelled by freedom - by mortals escaping chains and servitude. Warlocks can gain their favor by chaining others to themselves or their masters.

The second tribe are the teopohuahuia. Their relationships are hunter-and-prey. They exult in the power they have over those weaker than themselves, taking whatever they want and feeding on the terror they instill and letting their victims know that whether they life or die is not something they can influence. They are repelled by heroism - mortals displaying bravery and succeeding against the odds. Warlocks can gain their favors by demonstrating that they are predators among their fellow mortals.

The third tribe are the izahuacahuia. Their relationships are gain-and-loss. Everything someone else loses - their wealth, their happiness, their families, their very lives - will be gained by someone else in a new form, and thus the izahuacahuia seek to emptly all mortals of all they have and are, so that they can gain all their divinity. They are repelled by hope - by mortals believing that things can become better again. Warlocks can gain their favor by causing loss and emptiness in others."

Your thoughts?
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