[Ravenloft, Fiction] End of the Golden Age

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[Ravenloft, Fiction] End of the Golden Age

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I am finishing up my glacier project for Anchorome and have decided to start working on the next which I’ve decided will be the Ravenloft crossover.

I’ve always felt that the story of the murder of princess Aaliyah of Ulatos by the son of the Revered Counselor of Tulom-Itzi named Tacal would make the perfect Ravenloft background story and eventual dark lord and domain. I’ll call it Dark Payit and I want to begin with a bit of fiction which accounts for the events the day the mists came. No title yet, and since this is historically accepted as the End of the Golden Age of Payit, that’ll be my working title.


The feather weaving was over a century old and woven by the hands of his great, great great grandfather, but there it lay in tatters. It had been the second victim of Tacal’s fury since hearing the news.

On the eve of his trip to distant Ulatos, where he planned to offer his hand to the legendarily beautiful princess Aaliyah, he had been told that she was newly betrothed to her fop of a half-brother Xetl.

“These backward fools and their ancient ways!” Tacal screamed to no one in particular.

The young prince’s entourage stood near him, but just far enough to keep out of reach of his rage. Inadvertently, they had formed nearly a perfect circle surrounding the prince. Duty and self preservation conflicted to establish a consistent distance.

Xochitl, the one who brought the bad news, lay bloody and unconscious on the stone floor. Blood from his shattered nose formed a small pool which Tacal stepped in repeatedly, leaving bloody sandal prints throughout the chamber.

His entourage genuinely cared for Tacal and most had been lifelong friends, but they prayed to gentle Kiltzi that their friend’s rage would end before they all looked like Xochitl or worse.

As if in answer to their murmured prayers, Tacal suddenly calmed. Confused, his friends tentatively stepped closer thinking Tacal’s mind had shattered like his mother’s. The rage had all too quickly shifted to a smile.

Chocoya was the first to dare speak. “What is it great prince, has the Plumed Dragon given you vision and direction?”

Tacal responsed, “Oh yes, I have been given direction and I know what I must do, but you can be certain it was not Qotal that has shown me the way.”

Chocoya’s face grew pale with understanding.

Interweaving feathers into the hair was a style choice used most often by the older generations and it had fallen out with younger folk.

Yet Tacal and many others did so today with the bright red and orange feather of the corollax bird. The corollax was a creature of great beauty, but it could emit a powerful spray of color to escape predators who sought to make it a meal.

Tacal’s royal family kept nearly a whole flock of such creatures in their central gardens and have become the first to find some success in their domestication.

Tacal’s father Ixazaluoh was proud that his son wore the outdated style, thinking he had done so to honor the familial symbol.

Ixazaluoh had even brought half a dozen of his newly domesticated corollax as a gift for the princess Aaliyah and Xetl, her betrothed.

All of Tacal’s closest friends wore the feathers in fact and Ixazaluoh counted fourteen among the Far Payit entourage. Every one of them was a known friend of his son.

“Good boy.” He thought.

The Revered Counselor of Tulom-Itzi had no way to know that Tacal had only wanted to more easily spot those who knew his intentions.

“Tacal will make an excellent Revered Counselor one day, do you not think so?”

Ixazaluoh looked to his wife of forty years, who went by the name Colel though that was not the name she was born with.

Colel believed herself possessed by a spirit or goddess of bees and her mind sickness was well known among the people of Tulom-Itzi. A decade ago she simply started to make the claim, but her behavior had not diverged terribly much from her old self, so Ixazaluoh did not give her heart as a gift to the true gods.

“Our boy has the heart not unlike the Bringer of War. You should have cut it out of him when he was born. Tacal will bring us nothing but sorrow.”

Ixazaluoh grimaced at his wife’s words. How could one despise their own child so vehemently? Certainly Tacal was violent and hotheaded, but he was also brilliant and brave. He would be an excellent ruler when his time had come.

“You have always confused power with wisdom husband. Even before the goddess took me as her own, I knew this.”

Ixazaluoh said nothing in response and only smiled at the music of flutes, whistles and drums. The entertainment had begun, signaling the start of the wedding ceremony.

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Re: [Ravenloft, Fiction] End of the Golden Age

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Possessed by the goddess of bees! I know crazy people. That description is so accurate. I want to know more about her.
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