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[5e] Races of Athas: Half-Giants and Thri-Kreen

Posted: Sat May 20, 2017 1:29 pm
by zontoxira
Hey there fellas, this is my attempt at reconstructing the two arguably most unbalanced races of Athas, the half-giant and the thri-kreen. While overall it didn't take me long to design a 5e re-imagining, it did go through a lot of thought and designing process. I've consulted two of my friends for 5e mechanics advice, since I've known them to be good at this. I hereby present you with the 5e reconstructed half-giant and thri-kreen of Athas. I would much appreciate any comments, feedback, flaming, stoning, or random post. Please, do check my reddit post for the whole designing process behind the two races.
The half-giant and the thri-kreen are part of my Races of Athas project that I'm working at the moment. As soon as I'm finished, I shall inform you accordingly.

Re: [5e] Races of Athas: Half-Giants and Thri-Kreen

Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 2:55 pm
by Corsair14
I don't think the half giant is big enough. It goes against the grain for 5th but he should be large and his strength should be +4 and +2 con. I would also drop the wisdom and int of them by -2, again going against the grain but there is a reason they haven't done Dark Sun for 5th yet(if ever). It will be very tough to do 2E compliant.

Thri-kreen looks good.

Re: [5e] Races of Athas: Half-Giants and Thri-Kreen

Posted: Sat May 27, 2017 2:18 pm
by zontoxira
Corsair14 wrote:It will be very tough to do 2E compliant.
I agree with this statement, and probably the main issue is that it's almost impossible for a total conversion of 2e material to 5e. Like I said in another post, 2e and 5e approach D&D gaming differently, and this translates into difficulty re-imagining races and classes.
Maybe we won't see any plans for 5e Dark Sun, but we got 4e instead, and in there, half-giants were actually reflavoured goliaths. I do not concur with such a take (goliaths were already a separate race in 3e), but the general idea was to diminish it's somewhat overwhelming abilities. How to address the half-giant's iconic size and massive build in 5e terms, to me that looks like an ordeal. I could try and fit it in 5e conventions (like I did) and get mediocre results, or go extreme and create something unconventional and, possibly, unbalanced. I'm sure there's a golden mean somewhere in between, but I've yet to find it.
Quite paradoxically, the thri-kreen, which was far more complex, was easier to convert (and much more fun).

EDIT: I had a chance to take a peek at the Expanded Psionics Handbook, which includes the half-giants as a playable race. To my surprise, they are listed as Medium-sized creatures, even though they get Powerful Build and various other traits, to match their otherwise massive builds.