[5E] Bard College of Whispers - the Dark Sun Bard

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[5E] Bard College of Whispers - the Dark Sun Bard

Post by Dragonhelm »

So in this video, Mike Mearls is talking about a new bard subclass, the College of Whispers, in Xanathar's Guide to Everything. Early on, Mike Mearls mentions how it's the Dark Sun bard. I assume here that he means that the Dark Sun bard was inspiration.

I thought this was pretty cool.
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Re: Bard College of Whispers - the Dark Sun Bard

Post by Havard »

Great! I had no idea that was where the inspiration for the College of Whispers Bard was. I guess I have a lot to learn about the Dark Sun Bards from earlier editions now!


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Re: [5E] Bard College of Whispers - the Dark Sun Bard

Post by zontoxira »

Funny thing is, I based my bard design (especially one of its subclasses) on the College of Whispers. I had read that it was inspired by the Dark Sun equivalent, and it felt so in some ways.
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