Pre-3e What Dragon & Dungeun Mag's?

Athas and the sorcerer-kings.
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Pre-3e What Dragon & Dungeun Mag's?

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What magazines contained DS material? any one know off hand? I am attempting to complete the DS campaign material I own, and would like to, at best fullfil even the Mag's that ref DS too. :?

any links to or info would be great.

Thanks Inadvance :geek:

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Re: Pre-3e What Dragon & Dungeun Mag's?

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Perhaps this index of Dragon articles might be of a little help.
- Selman

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Re: Pre-3e What Dragon & Dungeun Mag's?

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thanks for the responce, however I think this is a more complete list, that I recieved over at WOTC forum.

and here it is for those who care to know.

Dark Sun in Print

Dragon Magazine

173: September 1991
Article "The Monstrous Side of the Dark Sun world" (Timothy B. Brown and William W. Connors) - Monstrous Compendium entries for the PC races and monsters from the other MCs.
Article "A Letter from the Wanderer" (Troy Denning) - A letter from the Wanderer to his niece about becoming a necromancer. Includes details about Athasian Undead.
Article "Random Magic for Organized Minds" (Timothy B. Brown and William W. Connors) - Random spells for Athas
Fiction "A Little Knowledge"

185: September 1992
Article "The Arena Master's Arsenal" (Timothy B. Brown, Artwork by Brom) - New weapons for the Dark Sun setting.
Article "Mastered, Yet Untamed" (Timothy B. Brown, Artwork by Brom) - Deadly beasts of burden for Dark Sun campaigns.
Fiction "Water and Ashes" (Allen Varney)
Sage Advice Answers.

194: June 1993
Article "Campaign Journal - Slave Hunters and Silt Sailors" (L. Richard Baker III) - Character kits in a Dark Sun campaign.

197: September 1993
Article "Beyond the Dark Horizon" (Gregory W. Detwiler, Artwork by Tom Baxa) - New spells and magical items
Fiction "Ashes to Ashes" (Lisa Smedman)

201: January 1994
Sage Advice Answers

202: February 1994
Article "The Preserver's Choice" (L. Richard Baker III) - To defile or not to defile? Rules to help(?) your preserver PCs to walk the fine line between preserving and defiling.

203: March 1994
Sage Advice answers

205: May 1994
Sage Advice

206: June 1994
Sage Advice

209: September 1994
Article "1,001 Faces of Undeath" (Theron Martin) - Give your Dark Sun undead these special powers. Make your undead truly unique with these undead abilities.

210: October 1994
Article "Campaign Journal: Adventure seeds for Athas" (Gregory W. Detwilier)

212: December 1994
Sage Advice

220: August 1995
Article: "A New Age Dawns for the Dark Sun Campaign" (Bill Slavicsek) - Details changes and features found in the 2nd edition Dark Sun Boxed set.
Fiction "Hunt's End" (Rudy Thauberger)

221: September 1995
Aricle: "The Ecology of the Crystal Spider" (Rudy Thauberger)

222: October 1995
Article "Adding substance to Psionic Combat" (Bill Slavicsek)

226: February 1996
Sage Advice

231: July 1996
Article "Defilers and Preservers" - New Athasian Wizard kits for PCs.

233: September 1996
Sage Advice

234: October 1996
Article "Artifacts of Athas" (Kevin Melka) - Powerful relics for the Dark Sun setting

236: December 1996
Article "Elemental Summoning Gone Wild" (Ed Bonny) - Rules and tables for elemental malfunctions in spell casting

237: January 1997
Article "On a Waterless Sea" (Todd Stigliano) - Building and piloting the silt skimmers of Athas are the topics of this article.

"Bazaar of the Bizarre" by Kevin Melka (former Dark Sun product leader and author of the Psionic Artifacts of Athas) gives us the Dwarven Artifact "Book of the Kemalok Kings"

"AD&D Aliens: The Fraal" by David Eckelberry is an article about a new Psionic race that could be fit into Athas. Some may disagree.

The issue's theme is psionics and the entire issue deserves a good look by DS DMs. Two articles stand out for Athas in particular )
"Psi-Kits" by Owen K.C. Stephens & Lloyd Brown III presents new psionic character kits. While not specifically made for DS there are several that fit perfectly into Athas
"Bazaar of the Bizarre" by Christopher Schwartz gives us new "Life Shapes of Athas" in the same vein as those found in the "Wind Riders of the Jagged Cliffs" accessory

Wizard Societies by Lloyd Brown III gives a column's worth of info on the Veiled Alliance chapter in Silver Springs.

The Right Tool for the Job by Andy Collins. This issue contains stats for the Chatkcha and Gythka, and many other new exotic weapons.

Annual #1: 1996
Article "Heros of Athas" (Ed Bonny) - Players Option: Skills & Powers rules for your Dark Sun heroes.

Annual #2: 1997
"Mindscapes of Athas and Beyond" gives us official psionic fixes and a few other psionic rules, including character points for Skills & Powers.

Dungeon Magazine
"The Year of Priests Defiance" - An adventure with a water temple and a defiler...

"Raiders of the Canth" - Adventure on an island in the Esturary of the Forked Tongue north of Grak's Pool.

"Grave Circumstances" - About the last troll. Note that the troll here is based off the standard AD&D trolls, not the version presented in RaFoaDK.

Polyhedron Magazine
Article "A New World to Conquer" Jim Ward
Monster: "Psi-Shadow "

Article "Bookwyrms -- The Prism Pentad" Timothy B. Brown

Monster: "Geran" Dick Smalley

Article "Thri-kreen (Language of the Mantis Warriors)" Timothy B. Brown

Article "Take A Byte" Dark Sun computer game Erlene Mooney

Adventure "Guarded Wagon" Tom Prusa
Monsters "Dark Sun World Monsters" Ed Peterson, Milton McGorrill, Katherine York and James B. Alan

Article "Bartering Made Easy" Bill Slavicsek

Article "New Gladiator Weapons" Gregory Detwiler
Article "Coin Collecting Under Athas's Hot Sun" Carlo Anziano and Tina Brown
Article "Templars of the Tyr Region" Tina Brown and Carlo Anziano
Adventure "Enemy of My Enemy" Tom Prusa

Adventure "Kre'ketrac" Bill Slavicsek

Article "Intrigue in Raam" Devin Schiller

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Re: Pre-3e What Dragon & Dungeun Mag's?

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To find all Dark Sun monsters (original and converted) from TSR, WotC, The Burnt World of Athas and other sources see Echohawk's Complete D&D Monster Index (September 2008). Echohawk has been compiling a complete set of D&D monsters for the Creature Catalog team and his index lets you know where each Dark Sun (or non-DS) monster can be found.
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