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Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 7:45 pm
by Boddynock
7 - Lo'Arvonen
Population: 2,000
Government: Despotic City State
Exports: Enslaved lizardfolk, game, timber
Imports: Iron, weapons, magical items

The Slavers of Lo'Arvonen
Enemies Deadly to Sunspear
Traders With Weasel Gnomes

The King-Priest has very few things to fear, but those few things due worry him. What truly lurks in Couatl's Tear is one, when will the gnomes come is two, and the final fear is will his strength to make war be sapped by the damn slavers! To gnomes Lo'Arvonen is a necessary evil to keep the Sunspear in check, not that it was a young village. Its foundations date back to Slathis but while the original tribe of the Great Snake (named of the large constrictors that live in these swamp lands) were actually quite calm, not always peaceful, but generally didn't raid any places for slaves. After the crushing defeat of the Sunspear Crusade several lizardfolk soldiers, dissatisfied at such a terrible blow, angry at the believe betrayal of Natali turned their prayers to any fel deity to answer and lead them away from the sun serpent, the prayers of Sabonis, a lizardfolk cleric of Natali were instead answered by a different god. Apophis who named Sabonis the title, Suneater.
Lo'Arvonen is the Suneater Tribe's only city. Unlike the Swamp Boars who desire personal freedom, the Suneaters prefer freedom, except for outside lizardfolk whom they enslave and occasionally eat. The lizardfolk constantly make war along the border. Capturing or slaying lizardfolk from other villages that fall outside Lo'Arvonen's borders. For this the city has found a hated ally in House Weasel. From their small hilltop that overlooks the misty great green swamp, the once hated enemies now trade. Suneater offer enslaved lizardfolk to the callous gnomes, along with timbers and game. In exchange the lizards receive superior weapons and metals to wage their one city war against an empire. The city is a mix of lizardfolk and Taltinian construction, hold over building work from the time when the Taltinian people held sway in this area.

Sabonis Suneater: Still alive, though aged. It is hard to say which of the two leaders is the cruelest of kings. To gnomes he is somewhat of a friend, the lizardfolk often releases gnomes (granted he releases them to House Weasel who may or may not get the unlucky gnome a chance to leave the mines of the Red Powder Consortium. To other lizardfolk tribes he is a blasphemer and fiend who would willingly enslave a lizardfolk and not even grand a quick death. Sabonis is found in his capital upon an actual throne of skulls.

Bellweather's Post: Stretching into the swamp is a small House Weasel claimed hill which sits the house of Kris Bellweather, a Darley allied gnome who uses his once disused trading post as a common meeting ground for both lizardfolk and any gnome group who wishes to use their services. It is still somewhat of a dump and Kris is not a pleasant fellow but he is dependable in summoning the lizardfolk.

Temple to Apophis: From this smoky temple is the temple to the sun eater. Practices of sacrifice are common. Whether they be of lizardfolk or animals sacred to the lizards. Snakes are very common here and the lizardfolk tend to pray while holding the snakes in their hands. Should a venomous snake attack and kill a priest he is immediately deemed unworthy and is said to be devoured in the belly of Apophis.

The Pits: A great number of slave pits are operated in the cities common ground. Rival lizardfolk are held here before being transported for sacrifice of sale. Rancid food and water is dumped upon them from above.

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Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:29 am
by Boddynock
8 - The Freehold of Gulan
Population: 1800
Government: Free council overseen by the clergy of Te'naptrus
Exports: Game, Feathers
Imports: Weapons

The Freeholds of Yid'Sel.
Pleasant in Times of Peace.
Dangerous in times of war.

To the west of the Great Green Swamp is the mire of Yid'Sel. A strange name that no gnome can decipher from the original lizardfolk meanings (no one of any civilized background studies the dialects of lizardfolk anyway.) What stands as prime hatching grounds for the Sunspear are the more peaceful, but protective, freeholds of Yid'Sel. Starting first with the city of Gulan.
Founded by Gul'Rasagal Shadehunter, a priestess of the moon serpent Te'naptrus the city of Gulan has stood as a bulwark of what was once an festering land of the undead. It was Gul'Rasagal herself, in the company of her sisters, who is believed to have slain the foul necromancer who and used their powers to drive back the undead. The fact that the necromancer was a fire gnome outcast fuels the prejudice of the Crane Tribe to the little fellows.
Obviously talking about such a city cannot be complete without mentioning that blight upon lizardkind, the Sunspear Empire. During the period of the great crusade the freehold had stood as yet another hold out to be dealt with. Old deals of at least understanding each others borders had lead to bitter clashes. The city itself was never taken but a good many warriors lost their lives defending it.
Despite the dislike towards gnomes the lizardfolk do have contact with foreign networks. Dwarves from the Kronen-Schutz Mountains, a sort of low breed of dwarf appeared with plans of slow colonization of the area and offered weapons for food to the lizardfolk. The city of Gulan has prospered by the influx of better weapons, including the feared crossbow, but the clergy of Te'naptrus stresses being wary of warmblood dealings, the dwarves are no exception.

Shrine to Te'naptrus: Much to the chagrin of the few sects of Te'naptrus followers within the Sunspear Empire the longhouse said to contain the bones of a moon couatl are believed to be kept in one of the lizardfolk's huts. None have leave to see it except for the high priestess and her fellow clerics and certainly no dwarf has seen it. Unlike its counterpart amongst the Sunspear the night serpent has yet to demand any sacrifices at this time.

Kronin Valkenburg: Another member of the Valkenburg dwarf clan, Kronin is a liaison merchant with the Yid'Sel freehold cities Gulan and Granvin (Settlement 13). He is a polite, but somber dwarf who is preoccupied by the failing health of his wife and making sure the colonies of his people are well stocked. He is distant about the agenda his low dwarven people have in mind. Merely that they, as hill dwarves, tire of the dwarves who live in the great mountain halls.

Isma Shadehunter: Gul'Rasagal's daughter and current head priestess to Te'naptrus. She has a bitter dislike to Bria Shadehunter-Sunspear, her youngest sister. One of the few of her people swayed to the words of Talbec Sunspear. Isma is in high esteem with Te'naptrus and one of the most powerful clerics in the realm.

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Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:26 pm
by Boddynock
9 - Ur'Dax
Population: 800
Government: Tyrannically Ruled
Exports: Mercenaries
Imports: Metals, weapons

Village of the Black Moccasin
Partners with an evil horde
The Poisonous Batch of Lizardfolk

The City of St. Algarita and its power base, House Badger, share many woes. They must contend with three other houses, each who would like to possess more of the fertile sun plains and the wheat therein. It is also the target of raids from the Banethorn Horde, from fire gnomes, and from the river waters a band of wild lizardfolk. The Black Moccasin Tribe of Ur'Dax.
Lead by Omnus of Ur'Dax the small mire and village of Ur'Dax are the more reliable allies to Slorn Banethorn. The lizardfolk hate the gnomes for their loss of land on the plains and take delight in slaying fisherman or burning down crops. Their zeal goes to far, sometimes having to be kept in check by minotaur warlord as he needs to grain to feed his own horde or keep some small villages working to pay tribute. The Moccasin do have their uses, their people are excellent swimmers and scouts for the horde and are rewarded by metals that the orcs have mined out.
Like the Suneaters after them the whispers of Apophis the Dread Snake are in the ears of tribal priests who advise the warrior king. Shrines to Apophis are plentiful and the worship of the world serpents; Natali or Te'naptrus is forbidden. The village of Lavagos is also held in contempt for their worship of Sobek the Crocodile King, but Apophis will not challenge the mighty crocodile (preferring to work much like a snake in the grass.) Thus an understanding is held between the two villages.

Omnus of Ur'Dax -
Warrior Chief of the Black Moccasin Tribe, Omnus is burly and cruel to gnomes. He derives especially hatred for Sir Balto Bulbar, the leader of the gnome knights of St. Algarita, this contempt is from Balto slaying his elder son Jin'Do. He has a grudging respect for the Steel Ogre turned Minotaur, Slorn Banethorn and sees the horde as a mechanization for his revenge.

High Priest Skaltha Boughloss -
High Priest of Apophis who through dream spells stirs the minds of the Suneaters to slay the Sunspears. Skaltha is one of the ancients who was born not long after Slathis Sunspear slept eternally. Skaltha is thin and dying but is assured a place at the right hand of his dread patron.

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Posted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:23 pm
by Boddynock
10 and 11 - Muln and Lapgoli
Government: Tribal
Population: 300 (Muln) 200 (Lapgoli)
Exports: Fish
Imports: Timber, Precious Stones, Metals

Muln and Lapgoli, the twin villages of Emerald Lake populated by lizardfolk. This was the main focal point of the invasion by the Sunspear invasion, not that this was by choice of the village of Muln, the original village the lizardfolk inhabited. Lapgoli's origins were more recent, a small druid circle known as Bloomgarten is the bones on which Lapgoli is built on. Founded by an elven druid named Lensi Sharmist the druids shared their secrets with the lizardfolk of Muln. Along with the colony of Rani, the River Dolphin tribe of aquatic gnomes, and the small village of Westmire the entire area had looked forward to an area of peace and stability for the natives and the newcomers from beyond. This was changed during the Sunspear Crusade, the arrival of these savage lizardfolk was quick and terrible. Without true weapons Muln was forced to surrender, Bloomgarten was destroyed (at a time when the Night Druid- Lensi Sharmist was away.) The Sunspears made a bold onslaught on Westmire, though they were hampered by the stalwart defenders of the 26th Bombard, the river dolphin tribe, and the Rani colony of Boggle Down that bought time for the gnomes to evacuate.
The Sunspear long since gone the races now try to recover what they had, lacking any non-lizardfolk druid a small circle had rebuilt and renamed the village to Lapgoli the Lamentation in honor of the fallen.

Lensi Sharmist: Elven druid who, while not living in Lapgoli does make visits from time to time. She was the first along with a circle of gnome druids to form Bloomgarten in hopes to bringing peace, balance, and flowers to the swamp lands. She is kind but sadden at needless death and destruction.

Olorga Garten: Lizardfolk druid who abandoned any tribal name and took a piece of the former gnome village to honor it. Olorga is the head druid of Lapgoli and desperately seeks to regain the former community that has grown up around Emerald Lake.

Boggle Down: A small Rani colony, semi submerged underwater and somewhat ignored by even the Sunspears. Snil Blackdart is colony leader and tries to help keep the peace.

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Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:44 am
by Boddynock
12 - Bernath
Government: Tribal
Population: 400
Exports: Nothing of true note
Imports: Pretty much the same

Village on the shores of Lake Summergale
Allied with the gnomes
Hated by other lizardfolk

Bernath is a pretty boring place as lizardfolk go. The original home of the swamp boar tribe the lizardfolk find comfortable arrangements with both their dolphin tribe aquatic gnomes and even the surface gnomes. The swamp boar tribe equally share the river and in turn sit and listen to the lovely music the renowned mistrals of Summer Haven make upon the waters of Lake Summergale. Combined with the gnomish spectacle of lights the lizardfolk tend to keep to themselves. Not even the Sunspear Crusade has yet to touch either Summer Haven or the lizardfolk of Bernath. The current concern is that of a pack of swamp trolls that hold sway over the hills and swamps around Bernath prompting lizardfolk and gnome to ally and hunt the fel beasts.

Hoder's Gazebo: This blue and yellow gazebo commands an excellent view of Lake Summergale. Built by village elder Hoder Barlow as a neutral meeting ground for the three partner races to communicate and air grievances if any. Its also at the Gazebo where the gnomish festival lights is kicked off with a display of dancing lights and music.

The Troll Bends: Deeper into the swamp lies bands of swamp trolls, the few hold outs who fled from the Great Green Swamp from Sunspear persecution these packs of trolls enjoy gobbling lizardfolk or gnome but are careful not to stay too long for their numbers are few and the other two races gladly slay them.

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Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:33 am
by Boddynock
13 - The Yid'Sel Freehold of Granvin
Government: Theocracy of Te'naptrus, semi-democratic sort
Population: 800
Imports: Same as Gulan
Exports: Same as Gulan

The second in the Yid'Sel Freehold and sister township to Gulan the city of Yid'Sel assists in defending the freeholds from Sunspear incursion. Spear clad and bow armed soldiers move about the swamps hunting monsters, game, and sunspear lizardfolk. Like Gulan the city of Granvin belongs to the Crane tribe who worship strictly the moon serpent Te'naptrus and whose long houses of council decide matters rather then a strong chieftain. For defense purposes the lizardfolk do maintain a warlord who directs actions of the drive. He, Ingvarix Barktail is the counterpart to Isma Shadehunter and is currently her mate. The pair use their special knowledge to protect and keep the tribe in good balance. It is Ingvarix who now trains his warriors in using dwarven crossbow to defend their lands and give them the edge over the larger, more ill equipped, sunspear warriors.

The training grounds: This large semi-cleared field is the training grounds for Crane warriors. They practice spear fighting, archery, and now crossbow shooting under the watchful eye of warlord. This is an important part to Granvin township

Ingvarix Barktail: A burly, proud lizardfolk, Ingvarix cares deeply for his people and hates all that is Sunspear. He is however willing to deal with adventurers, seeing foolish warmbloods as excellent free agents to deal with problems. Like investigating the strange happenings in the northern part of Yid'Sel. Slime trails, strange shadows, and dead sunspear warriors litter the area. Not that Ingvarix cares for the Sunspear, he does care for what kind of menace spreads south.


14. Harlag
Population: 1,000
Government: Chiefdom
Exports: Fish, game, hides, timber
Imports: Metals, weapons, magical items.

The tribe of the Pelican is very well known and very active. The most civilized of lizardfolk, even if they live in the swamp. The tribe of the pelican have mastered the art that most of their in-land cousins still do not possess. The knowledge of sailing. At one time in mere rafts the tribe of the pelican now use their knowledge of timber to create small trade boats between them and their allies the fire gnomes, or perhaps convenient trade partners. This knowledge and savvy makes many gnomes speculate that the Pelican Tribe originated on Kelidran rather then on the shores of gnomish coast or that they are some lost tribe of higher functioning lizardfolk. Still the tribe of the pelican makes a good business of hunting and timbers preserved by the swamp water that makes for fine carpentry. The village is dominated by Chief Tarin Pelicostos who is a shrewd lizardfolk. He maintains economic ties to both Turtle Bay and Brixton Heights but doesn't so much play off the two as just unwilling to not trade with the others. Neither gnome cities are willing to battle the lizardfolk for exclusive rights at this time.

Port Pelican: A primitive port that small ships can dock. Its cumbersome for large gnome vessels to travel in, especially for rare timbers, but the price can be worth it.

Temple of Sobek: Like Lavagos the worship of the Crocodile King is the higher priority over Natali, Te'naptrus, or Apophis. Saltwater crocodiles are fed and gnomes are advised to let the lizardfolk handle them. The temple is built near the waters so the crocodiles have easy access.


That my friends concludes the roughest draft of the Fiori hills write-up. Comments and additions are welcome and hopefully this help give insights.

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Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:20 pm
by Boddynock
So with all the cities given a brief overview I'd like to give an outline for what makes up the Unification War and the Sunspear Crusade. Bear in mind the dynastic Unification War and the Sunspear Crusade take place -133/-130, the Aberrate War. I don't have a mind of how to spread these events, I'm not really great with time lines so I'll leave that to Zomp or Chimp but read below:

- The first moves are made by the fire gnomes of Brixton under the command of General
Esel Proudsteel, a controversial choice as she was a female commander and unlike earth gnomes, fire gnomes tend to be more masculine align. She has been noted as an intelligent commander even by her enemies in the king's court. Her first moves are countering gnoll tribes along the Gnomish Road that is bordered by the gnoll hills. (See large hill formation around entry 10 of the Fiori hills map.) She is successful at cutting down the more local tribes of gnolls but does not tempt fate by attacking the higher ground.

-Talbec Sunspear has been crowned merely two years ago when he deems himself ready to unleash Tal-Bar's strength on the gnome. He empties both Tal-Bar and Gar-Jeet of warriors under the command of Arvanix Mosshide. Their mustered strength nears 10,000 warriors. Most armed with a collection of spears, arrows, javelins, and poison darts and blow guns. This grand army's first goal is to suppress any dissent. They attack Lo'Arvonen, Thangorix the Vine Veil and Hirdanix. The strength is also used to crush bands of swamp trolls and undead. Altogether this force destroys resistance in Lo'Arvonen, captures and puts to spear the dissenters of Thangorix, slays trolls and undead, but yet does not completely destroy Hirdanix. Satisfied Talbec orders his horde to follow the Emerald River.

-Pressure is put on Esel by the fire gnome monarchy to capture earth gnome ports to stem the aid going to Kelidran's enemy, Refuge Point. She splits her forces into two battle groups. Battle Group "Warthog" is assigned by Lt. General Urnst Parham to capture Topaz Bay while Battle Group "Overlord" is assigned to take Turtle Bay. Berkley Fonbur is a junior Commander and is put in charge of Overlord, despite the title he is given significantly less forces then Parham, but intelligence suggests that Turtle Bay would not put up a fight anyway.

-Earth gnome biremes and fire gnome raider ships engage battle near Port Kyna. The naval battle of Kyna Bay puts to test Admiral Goodneighbor for Port Kyna and Admiral Blacktide for Brixton. Both sides deploy new technology that sounded good on paper but proved to be somewhat faulty. For the earth gnomes their tinkers of Farli deployed what they called Great Bombards. The twin bombards prove to be not quite the god send the Farli gnomes were hoping. Great Bombard #1 fired three shots. Two churned up the waters of the bay, the third successfully hit and punched a hole through an enemy ship, unfortunately the ball was so heavy punched through on end and out the other, killing three sailors but not sinking the boat. The fourth shot had a miscalculation of powder and exploded injuring the gun crew.
Great Bombard #2 was more successful. After a few misses it did hit the alchemical fire storage of the Sea Foam, and turned the ship into a burning wreck. The Great Bombard however had to disengage after it ran out of the heavy canisters of red powder.

On the fire gnome side they had decided to unleash their own weapon, alchemist fire ballista. Attached at the end of a ballista bolt, instead of a sharpened point, was a glass canister of volatile alchemist fire, in theory the bolt would send it into the deck or sails of an enemy ship and set it aflame. The bolts themselves were not as aerodynamic and had reduced range (putting the fire gnome ships in close range to earth gnome bombards.) The bolts had a better success rate of catching sails on fire, but as proved on the sea foam, if the stocks of alchemist fire were hit the ship literally became a fire ship. After three hours both navies disengaged with both sides claiming victory.
During this time Topaz Atoll is attacked by fire gnome troops who land ashore. Both sides engage in land and magic battles, the skies of Topaz Atoll turn dark and two water spouts are summoned, fierce and powerful that it sucks up landing ships into the vortex. Fire gnomes are repelled at great cost to both sides.

- Overlord captures Turtle Bay without firing a shot. Gates are opened and while the city council is disbanded and the fire gnomes do declare martial law the soldiers are respectful of property. Topaz Bay is opened up for Kelidran ships to repair and restock. Minimal guard is kept at Topaz Bay due in part to the peoples cooperation. Warthog's ultimatum is rejected by the pirate town. House Otter is also the strongest supporter of Refuge Point and thus, as rulers of the city, are bitterly opposed to Brixton. The fire gnomes attack the walls with ladder and siege engine, crossbow and alchemist fire, but they suffer casualties by pistol, musket, cutlass and cannonade. The city is besieged but is able to stay alive due to Otter supply from Port Kyna.

- Before Talbec heads completely north he makes a gambit of offering the Freeholds of Yid'Sel Moor a chance to join the empire and avoid bloodshed. When both Gulan and Harlag reject this offer the Sunspears attempt to invade. Due to travel distances across open plains (which slows and somewhat weakens the lizardfolk due to dehydration) They are repulsed along the border. Talbec attempts to channel the power of the sun couatl but fails, leading some to question how supportive of the deity is to the Sunspear Crusade. Talbec rebukes those followers, they are the first living sacrifices made to Natali the Sun Couatl.

- The Red Powder Consortium under the influence of House Weasel decides to use what they call, The Red Weapon, increasing the price of Red Powder 200 GP per cask. House Wolverine is alarmed as this puts many of their military units in jeopardy, having long depended on firearms as the backbone of their strategy. In response House Wolverine orders Wheathome to suspend grain shipments to Kamos Landing, Fairmount, and Queensport.

- Overlord is tasked with attacking New Gronzi and is swelled in ranks. The Battle for New Gronzi pits Barni Bricklund and Berkley Fonbur in a pitched battle of steel, gun, bow, and spell. The battle is won due in part to the powerful mage Lini Leskobar and her daughters (one of her daughters was slain by fire gnome occultists.) Overlord is defeated and Berkley is taken prisoner and held for ransom.

-Warthog successfully takes Topaz Bay but has trouble holding the city as there is constant attacks from pirates, house Otter, and even Weasel backed spies, The Sinister, turn on the fire gnome occupation. Lt. General Parham responds harshly by by setting fire to gnomish ships and raiding homes. The entire event strains Warthog, and with Overlord routed, Esel Proudsteel orders units to stand fast in the cities they had taken. Warthog continues counter insurgent operations but in final frustration and anger Parham orders the city decimated. It is the bitterest fighting in the Unification War and blocks of the city are burned but the fire gnomes are turned away and leave some of Topaz City standing.

-For a recoup of their losses Rathmer Bricklund decides it is time for House Wolverine to take over matters. Using the magical sign of Green and Yellow it is a secret order for army units secretly loyal to Wolverine to show their colors. St. Algarita- House Badger's stronghold. Is immediately taken by footmen and bombardiers whose commanders were in turn Wolverine loyalists. Despite the efforts of the Knights of Our Lady Algarita the city falls without a shot to Wolverine control. The same event happens in Gorman's Junction where semi-defunct House Canine under Harvard Mithralfoot is taken as a Wolverine city. Lini Leskobar and her family, Wolverine allies, count themselves. House Wolverine in a matter of a week control 4 of the city-states. Kamos Landing responds by halting any shipment whatsoever to Wolverine and order their spy service, The Sinister, to sabotage the war effort. Stocks of Red Powder in Gorman's Junction explode as The Sinister organizes local thief guilds to perform such acts. Vengeful Wolverine hangs any thief or Sinister member without trial if caught.

-The Sunspear Empire now reach Muln and Bloomgarten and launch and attack. Muln surrenders due to inadequate warriors and Bloomgarten is raised. Arvanix presses the attack across the lake and his army surges at Westmire. The battle is fierce and hectic as the lizardfolk fight aquatic gnomes of the River Dolphin Tribe, Rani from Boggle Down, and Westmire Defenses. Not to mention the blood in the water attracts a number of wildlife into the area to feast. Ultimately the River Dolphin Tribe pull off and the Rani pull back. The delaying battle gives gnome civilians a chance to evacuate to Farli or Kamos Landing. Those who go to Kamos Landing find the gates barred to them while Farli welcomes their fellow gnomes with open arms. The lizardfolk successfully make a beachhead in gnomish territory.

-Magical whispers and messengers scramble with the dire news. In retaliation at such an attack Barni personally leads his forces from Algarita to attack Ur'Dax and Lavagos. Unaware that neither of these tribes are a part of the Sunspear Empire, he is driven by prejudice of all lizardfolk. The raids cause damage and several on both sides are slain but it is more of a symbolic rather then tactical victory.

-Talbec and Arvanix make an immediate heading for Farli but are met by resistance. Captain Corywyn, a Westmire officer, volunteers that he and a company hold the road and resist the lizardfolk. Corywyn's last stand is remembered by bards since as an act of bravery and sacrifice as obviously not a single man who stood left the battlefield, nor had their head recovered. Farli is attacked but the evacuation is mostly complete and a bulk of the gnomes via magic, a few friendly airships, and wagon train are able to elude extermination.

-Port Kyna readies itself and empties its forces for a major counter attack. The Sunspear and Gnomish army meets at Gladstone Fields in what is a two day battle. Talbec Sunspear once more prays to Natali for guidance but feels nothing but the cool breeze of a cloudy day. He is slain and his spear falls to the ground. The lizardfolk are in a complete rout and are left scrambling for the swamps.

-The Houses of Otter, Badger, Wolverine, and Brixton are invited to attend a formal peace summit after the victory. Wolverine having a stranglehold on wheat, the fire gnomes holding Turtle Bay, and Badger very unhappy with being taken over a peace settlement is created. Boar is invited to join the other houses in the Fiori political scene and Badger pays Boar restitution in return for Turtle Bay's return to Badger control. Wolverine pulls out of St. Algarita and Gorman's Junction but insist that the more neutral (but slightly bitter) Harvard Mithralfoot maintain control as he is still relatively neutral. House Weasel resists this invite until the four other houses gather arms and prepare to march up the Red Hills to Kamos Landing. House Weasel 'influences' the RPC to open its stocks up to the other houses. Insiders suggest the RPC was more then willing to sell Red Powder to the other houses, but the The Silence had infiltrated and caused worker unions to stall on shipment of the casks. In turn house Weasel pays Gorman's Junction restitution for damage caused by thieves. Finally Prince Bellamin Jaskar of North Point and House Mole (Mithralfoot's house) are gathered together to form the Charter of Free Gnomes. Port Kyna is selected as site as the High House, where all houses can air grievances without warfare. Several Wolverine officers are recalled to New Gronzi and houses replace those vacant position with their loyalists.

Thus concludes the Unification War and the brief but blood Sunspear Crusade.

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Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:14 pm
by Chimpman
I'm still following Boddy, though my time these days is a little short. I'll try and comment later once I've digested all the material a bit more. (I really need to finish up my heraldry project for you as well).

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Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:23 pm
by Boddynock
I understand completely. It might also be noted that the lizardfolk settlements are a little more vague on items, but I did it a little on purpose. The lands of the lizardfolk should be mysterious with ruins of the Taltinians for adventurers to wander in, explore, defeat whatever evil a DM can create, but thank-you for your comments. Feedback is very helpful in shaping the Hill city-states.

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Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:31 pm
by LoZompatore
I agree with chimpman: it's a HUGE amount of work to read! Terrific work, by the way: I'm really impressed. I'l write down my comments as soon as I'll read your posts ;)

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Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:57 pm
by Boddynock
Well thanks. I think after we sort out a time line I'll begin work on a Fiori Hills gazetteer. But I'll wait till I see the feedback and spend a few days organizing the names and such and clean up what might be contradictions with the older material I've written.

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Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:17 pm
by Boddynock
Alright so lets go back over our NPCs list going over Fire gnomes who are later House Boar

How to Read an Entry
Name: <Insert Name Here of Character>
Class: F (Fighter), MU (Magic User), P (Priest)
Alignment: Suggested Alignment
Notes: Background stuff, what I have so far.

Name: Adolfo V: High King of Svirfneblin, Protector of the Gnomish Realm, House of Brixton. Descendant of Enestedran I.
Class: F 16
Notes: Adolfo V is the current king of Brixton Heights, Downs, and the movables there in. He was the teenage son of Adolfo IV who was killed during the Steel Ogre Occupation and these two descend from Andol the Explorer who lead the Brixton clans away from Cherlos during Blasting Stone's great eruption (Blasting Stone is the mountainous city of Fire Gnomes where they appeared.)
He like his father and grandfather is a fighter type (I recommend, well, Fighter.) He is cold to most people, but privately warm. He is haughty with the earth gnomes but respects their technological accomplishments. He is very close to House Wolverine and hates House Otter. To earth gnomes he is about the rank of count and has control over affairs with Brixton Heights, Downs, and that whole hillside. He of course feels he is High King with just a lot of unruly subject. He has one young son named Hobard whom he is grooming to take his place as possibly Adolfo VI (to carry on this line.) The original Adolfo's I-III are of Cherlos origin and there are hints that they were a distantly related rebel house of Enestedran who ultimately plucked Enestedran's closer descendants from the throne.

Edwina Proudsteel-Brixton
Class: P 8, Church of Freya
Alignment: LG
A Cleric of Freya the goddess of protection, love, healing. She caught the eye of Adolfo V and enchanted him so much with her beauty that he had forgone the tradition of dowry and married her outright. It was a shocking display that stirred some doubt in royal authority, so much the ire that a small group of svirfneblin had attempted to overthrow the king (See below with the Gang of Four.) He recovered with the support of the Proudsteel family but did in fact take an assassination attempt. All this trouble for Edwina has paid off as she has successfully produced a male Heir in Hobard Brixton and carries a second child in her. For her devotion and service her family has made great gains in royal appointment, making them the second most powerful house in the Brixton area.

Esel Proudsteel
Class: F 8, P 2 - Church of Tyr
Alignment: LN
The stern elder sister of Edwina, the first shocker to hit the very conservative svirfneblin society as she was one of the first noble females to engage in smithcraft, flaunting the ordered belief that women should work the loom and produce heirs. Her support during Grim Revolts helped secure the Kings position and has netted her the role of War Councilor. Even the defeats during the Unification War her star did not sink. She currently serves as both War Councilor and with the church of Tyr in helping its Justicars hunt down the traitors behind the Grim Revolt.

Berkley Fonbur:
Class: F 13
Alignment: LN
The Fonbur's are traitors. Pure and simple, no one knows it. But they are. Berkley himself while serving with distinction during the Unification War his honor was slightly dinged when taken prisoner by the earth gnomes and held for ransom to his father Bors. He was released with ransom paid but this blemish is one of many as Berkley this whole time knows that he is the son of a Gang of Four member and that his father is personally plotting to assassinate the Adolfo's and place Berkley upon the throne. As a loyal officer he is bound to uphold the laws (which sort of do note you can't kill kings.) But as a dutiful son he feels bound to follow his father's footsteps into destiny.

The Gang of Four
Class: Mostly Fighters with a few thieves in the mix
Alignment: Evil
Think what you will of the monarchy but really the day to day operations is controlled by the guilds and the crafter's guild is the most powerful of all guilds and in their great hall is a small table for four men. To most fire gnomes these men secretly control the kingdom. To the king these men could be the biggest threat to his authority, and he's quite correct. The Gang of Four have before orchestrated revolts against the king, all attempts have since failed but none has uncovered clear evidence to prove the fours complicity and they are too popular and have too much family to challenge directly. The four include

Algan Gosz: Weapon smith and fighter. The leader of the gang

Bors Fonbur: Armor smith, Algan's best friend and who has groomed his son to be placed as the Four's monarch on the throne.

Lennox Blackstone: Architecture crafting. Is currently in Kelidran organizing mining efforts on behalf of the allied government, is using Kelidran as a staging area where he and like minded svirfneblin can hold out until the signal is given.

Timor Kazrini: Heavy armaments crafting and is making in-roads with military leaders to outstrip Esel Proudsteel of her post.

So far the gang has kept a lower profile since the failure of the Grim Revolt and the defeats at the Unification War. They are however stoking angry sentiment of the people at such setbacks and are preparing for the time to revolt again and remove the weak king from the throne.

Urnst Parham
Class: F 13
Alignment: LN

Urnst Parham is a Lieutenant General under the command of Esel Proudsteel. The svirfneblin commander is harsh, cold, and quick to start fights but he is an able commander and well trusted by the crown. His actions during the Unification War still is controversial and he is hated by earth gnomes to this day, none in Topaz Bay would shed a tear should Urnst be slain.

Deni Guiteau
Class: MU 12
Alignment: N

The head of the Royal Occult Society Deni is the strongest wizard of the pack. He is certainly amateurish compared to sky gnomes or earth gnomes. He also draws much fear from fellow svirfneblin at his insistence of practicing arcane magic. He is one of the few svirfneblin who know of the dark ones who exist in the hills. Again like other wizards in the area the dark ones have made contact with Deni and has offered its secrets and powers for his loyalty. Guiteau has so far not been committal but has entreated the dark one and has kept its presence hidden from King, let him think his ancestor slew such a powerful being.

Admiral Dorr Blacktide:
Class: F 8
Alignment: LN
Admiral of the Royal Navy he is the first to take an interest in alchemist fire technology. He is a childhood friend of the King and is trusted in naval warfare. The Blacktides are a respectable merchant family and are fierce rivals with House Otter.

Re: The Fiori Hills

Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:56 pm
by Boddynock
Alright I'd like to take a minute and talk about a few edits I made. If your still doing up the 2.0 document Loz I can understand this might not making it in or perhaps a few grumbles about changing but I think this makes it flow better.

1. I changed House Canine to House Mole for Harvard Mithralfoot, fits the theme of Mole, Badger, Otter, Weasel, and Wolverine. I think I caught a few of them in the posts but I'll check some more.

2. House Brixton is just that, I decided to take away "House Boar" as I think that steps on earth gnomes toes. Now if Chimp was to ask what Brixton's heraldry would be I'd say is a boar as boar are very respected as sort of tough creatures for young fire gnomes to kill. Might also be noticed that Fire gnomes are basically Deep Gnomes or 'svirfneblin' I figured with the description being black skinned with red hair over white (imagine a short fire giant, like a real short fire giant.) I figured it'd work and change up the svirfneblin from hunted, neutral, underdark race to a more LN militant type who is ready to crush a drow's head with a pick-ax.

3. North Point has a magical prince named Bellamin Jaskar and its House Jaskar that controls the air gnome center city. Also I changed Juggernaut from just a giant flying ship to Astronach a levitating castle that is slowly sinking to the ground. I got my hands on Creature Crucible and the sky gnomes and had to use it! Granted I don't plan to use the gnomish airplanes, but a floating castle? I couldn't pass it up, and with the need for crystals it makes a good adventure seed. Though they are Jaskar their heraldry is that of a Raven, mainly because I think Ravens get a bad rep and need a air gnome house to make them better.

Re: The Fiori Hills

Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:02 pm
by Boddynock
House Otter - Coppernik
City of Power: Port Kyna, Fiori Hills
Influences: Wet travel, fishing, shipping, manufacturing, trade
House Founder: Kyna Coppernik (Deceased)

Background: The second oldest of the five earth gnome houses the Coppernik's hold sway over most ports and any islands in the Gnomish coast area. A family of ship captains, captains of manufacturing industry, and even the occasional pirate has made the family the most influential in the region. The unique feature of Port Kyna and other city-states under the 'protection' of House Otter is the way government works, universal suffrage. People (mostly gnomes) voting members into power rather then a powerful magnate holding all the power in hand. In theory that would allow other members of the rival houses to gain control of Otter ports by gaining majority in Town Council or Port Kyna's parliament. It is also fortunate that while voting takes place so does intimidation, arson, slandering, and the occasional murder can do wonders to curb politicians away from going against an Otter backed candidate. Not that all the candidates are necessarily associated with any house, the family is smart enough to allow neutral candidates to take power in Parliament to preserve the government's integrity, but rival house candidates best beware!

Lazlo Coppernik
Class: F:10
Alignment: LG
Lazlo is a direct descendant of Kyna Coppernik and currently holds sway as the technical head of House Otter. Obviously as the Otter House are the largest proponents of democratic institution over noble rulers the Copperniks have publicly turned their house into a political party. All masks aside the party is controlled by the house and Lazlo, though taking the office of City Magistrate. Makes sure the policy goes favorable to the House, friends of the house. Not that he feels exploitative, he does care for the citizens of Port Kyna and the other Ports under Otter control and believes the policy the house sets are for the good for everyone. He dislikes the other houses but suffers their smokescreen party presence in order to maintain the peace, but he will not tolerate House Weasel and will, much to the chagrin of his alignment, order them crushed by House Otter's friends of the underworld.

Sicily 'Sissy' Spellshield-Coppernik
Class: W:6, T:2
Alignment: NG
Lazlo's wife is the very fair Sicily Spellshield. The daughter of the Spellshield earth gnome family her fair hair and pale skin is said to come from a mixture of earth and air gnome. It is no wonder her trade is that of slightly experience illusionist. With looks like hers it is the more obvious money and power that attracted her to the more grim Lazlo. She is the current Chancellor of Port Kyna (her 2nd term, each term lasts 6 years.) And is a popular administrator who is looked upon as fair minded and tough on corruption. She is popular with the Council of Ten (the city Parliament), even in disagreement of policy few have found fault with her. In her private life Sicily has bore one son with Lazlo (Glimmy Coppernik) and has ordered the deaths of two presumptive candidates with Weasel ties, neither have been traced to her (the murders themselves were committed by human 'thieves' in a robbery gone bad while the candidates toured the countryside.) She doesn't loose much sleep as both were unscrupulous in their business dealings.

Knurl Coppernik
Class: T8
Alignment: CG
Notes: Is the 'elected' party official of Topaz Bay, Knurl is a bit more brazen then Port Kyna. In the rough and tumble city of Topaz Bay elections can and are stolen, candidates duel each other. Fights break out in the streets between candidates and the only captain with enough strong lads in his crew wins the day. All of this chaos is barely controlled by Knurl Coppernik's Otter Party, which not only has to try and keep the city in taxes off of rum, sugar, cigars (again another issue that starts brawls) They had to deflect the Weasel backed 'Gnomeland Party' from taking seats away or the Wolverine's 'Civil Protection' Party. Knurl himself is an aged cousin of Kyna Coppernik and is somewhat coldly embraced by his more uppity Port Kyna family members. Those youngsters who never had to earn their bread! Knurl is a heavy drinking, ready to fight sort of fellow. Even in his middle age he has punched the nose of a few younger fellows. He is also famous (or infamous as people seem to take gnomes less seriously) for beginning research in the dire hamster trade and using them to power his side wheeler. The joint venture did pull House Badger closer as the large beasts seem quite fond of eggplant, which Badger perfected.

Besh Coppernik
Class: T10
Alignment: NG
Socialite pleasure sailor and sometimes pickpocket, Besh was considered a rather 'air minded' member to the Coppernik clan. Dark haired and good looking it was figured that Besh wouldn't do more then marry some minor magnate, do something behind the scenes. During a party in North Point she did happen to meet the man who would become her husband by the name of Kristof Morlow, an air gnome wizard of some strength. Smitten by her good looks and fun personality the pair had decided to move on and with her money and his power settle some part of the Fiori Hills, some private tower to build for the two of them. Needless to say the pair founded Turtle Bay and made a small industry out of jewel crafting and trade. Besh and Kristof make no attempt to hide House Otter behind Party Otter, the town more or less just votes for them and mostly friendly gnomes to town council with the occasional Wolverine or Badger hired to fill out the seats of town council.

Kristof Morlow-Coppernik
Class: W12
Alignment: NG
Is the husband of Besh Coppernik and is the rival to Zarchan Diamondtip in the jewelery business. Kristof himself is an air gnome from North Point where he met Besh Coppernik at a party. The couple have one child together named Kristof (who, as an adult now, has been taking on responsibility on behalf of the gnomish couple.) Other members of the Copperniks and Morlow's live in their compound of towers near the city.

Re: The Fiori Hills

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:29 am
by Boddynock
So I had a new direction for the Fiori Hills. I think one of the problem is originally I had put them as a series of city states that aren't connected, but they are- kind of via charter. Reading back I think the government in its current form is a bit, strange, so I had the idea of a united Fiori Hills as a constitutional monarchy. Harvard Mithralfoot II is a chartered monarch who has a Chancellor and Parliament to deal with. I think this more united government would occur after the Unification War ends with the repelling of the Sunspears and the gathering in Port Kyna to unify the government under a sort of democracy. What are the benefits:

The houses are more akin political parties like before as each city supplies two candidates to Parliament this brings up the intrigue as these nobles turned politicians try to put their senators and council members in power. If we do need nobles we could make Parliament have two separate houses of Commons and Nobles. This sort of brings some unity, even though some of the bigger cities try to slyly subvert royal authority.

Now for the fire gnomes and air gnomes they are somewhat seperate. The Brixtons and the svirfneblin are a principality under Adolfo whom they recognize as king. The air gnomes maintain a protectorate out of North Point and their citadel of Astronach.

I would like to get some opinions and ideas about this one, I think this will make it all fit better.

Re: The Fiori Hills

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:54 pm
by LoZompatore
I started reading your impressive work, Boddynock. A reply with my comments will follow in the next few days, I hope. ;)

Re: The Fiori Hills

Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 5:41 am
by Boddynock
(Okay I think this is the official write up version.)

The Fiori Hills
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Exports: Grain, Fish, Red Powder, Red Powder Weaponry, Iron Ore
Imports: Precious Metals, Timber
Population: Haven't determined official estimates, that's being worked on.
Brief History:
The Fiori Hills are a series of united semi-states with two semi-autonomous city-states linked to it made up of gnomish sub-races. The majority of the population being rock or 'earth gnomes' as they call themselves. Though the hills were first discovered during by svirfneblin 'fire' gnomes in the earlier period only a small minority of the gnomes were willing to stay and settle the insides of one of the hills. This fortification became known as Brixton Heights and formed the basis of the kingdom of Brixton. The majority of the Fiori hills was founded by a series of earth gnome refugees who fled their home plane due the Great House war that divided the land. The one time enemy houses set aside their differences upon seeing the devastation wrought at their hands, their technology, and their magic. To earn their trust a peace agreement was signed and these great houses split in their own directions setting up cities. The houses went as followed

House Mole: Controlled by the Mithralfoot family whose patriarch was the nephew of the original gnomish kings. Harvard Mithralfoot II settled into the interior in a crossroads town called Gorman's Junction (named after his father Gorman Mithralfoot, brother to king Harvard I.) The illusionist baron at the time did not press any claim to the throne of this new land and was willing to work with the other houses.

House Otter: Ruled by the family of Coppernik this house rose to prominence due to its proximity to the ocean, the family lived up to the otter's name by being some of the best sailors. The first batch of land the gnomes founded was Kyna's Port, named after the matriarch of the house Kyna Coppernik. This was set upon by ancient ruins of a past civilization, though was not explored by the top dwelling earth gnomes. Kyna's Port became Port Kyna and the family has held sway of the coast ever since. The family is one of the largest mercantile families and supports shipping and trade industry. The Coppernik's were not necessarily opposed to the restoration of the Harvard line but insisted that houses had a say in how things were run, especially tariffs on their goods.

House Badger: Family Bulbar's ancestral homes were that of the plains. The farming, the plantations, the simple gentleman owners who sat back and watched the fields being worked. Ucariah Bulbar helped set up the first farming communities upon arrival. His love of planting let him revere the maiden of the fields, St. Algarita the Farmer. Naming his headquarters city after her. House Bulbar has prospered at being the bread basket for the Aberrate coast. Supplying wheat all the way to Refuge Point. House Badger were the first to suggest the little need for a king but if should the need arise the family would be happy to volunteer one of their heirs to take the crown.

House Wolverine: To the Bricklunds a life without the military is no life at all. The pounding of the drums, the march in formation, the men in their dress breast plate, pitch helmets, spears, and guns. Its a site to see good man! Artos Bricklund cared for two boys without a wife to help them and he raised them the military way. They did their beds every morning, they stood at attention, they learned to drill before they could even gnaw a crust. In those buy hours of training and drilling he also encouraged their ambition. To Artos, his allies, and his surviving siblings this land was a new opportunity and the Bricklund's would see it through. Artos was the first to offer his son to be the next king and swore that any attempt, even by the Mole faction, to stand in his sons way would be met by cannon fire and pike thrust.

House Weasel: The house of Darley is that of sorcery, roguishness, poison, and murdering. No house is more willing to lie, cheat, steal, and throat cut for power. Setting up in the tallest of the Red Hills the house was made their largest discovery, huge deposits of red powder. The source of firearms energy was monopolized by the Red Powder Consortium a Darley influenced cartel of red powder miners and manufacturers. They like the Copperniks were willing to have a king but insisted that much of the power rested in the legislative branch, that way the Darley's would be able to influence the government in their favor without being so exposed. It was bad enough that every house was wary of them and quick to interpret any attempt to place one of their own as King would be met with quick hostility, so instead they played the background. Using their internal spy program, The Sinister, to conduct the more violent affairs on the agenda, stressing that any action could not reflect back on Weasel. House Weasel also maintains their own security bureau, The Silence.

As these groups expanded they first ran into the fire gnomes and later the only city state of air gnomes known as North Point (and their floating citadel of Astronach.) Though containing the largest population the earth gnomes came in peace and welcomed the other two groups and later accepted even the aquatic gnomes who bore the mark of water to their table of brotherhood. However warfare would again threaten what the gnomes had worked for. The first war of the Aberrate sea was a proxy war where sides aided each others allies. Kelidran was supported by the fire gnomes, earth gnomes supported Refuge Point it wasn't until a few years in that gnomes slew gnomes during the great Unification War when the lizardfolk, long a nuisance but never taken seriously as a threat smashed into the gnomish country in what would be called the Sunspear Crusade. When the dust was cleared and so many gnomes slaughtered the peace agreements vowed not to allow the wars of the old world tear this new one apart. Thus the monarchy was reborn and Harvard lead the way.

Current Sketch:
While Harvard Mithralfoot II sits on the throne he himself relies on the two chambers of Parliament to levy taxes, raise troops, impose conscription, declare war, and approve alliances. The king may veto any proposal he also is allowed to nominate new regional governors and dismiss old ones. The king maintains two divisions known as "King's Guard" who protect the king and his family personally. Each official city maintains an elected mayor who may or may not have a city council (whom he can appoint or be voted by the citizens as well depending on their charter.) What a mayor cannot change is that he has a two year term before he must be elected, he can either judge or hire a judge to an impartial trial, he must hear any grievances that a citizen wishes to impress upon him and he cannot official bar or jail gnomish opponents (non-gnomes cannot run for office but if they hold citizen papers can participate in voting and will not be discriminated against.) Overseeing the mayors are four house controlled regional governors. Weasel, Wolverine, Otter, and Badger. Mole obviously has not governor but a king and Otter's governor is also Prime Minister Sicily Coppernik. Each of these governors report to the King and can be dismissed with little cause (though the case can be appealed to a higher court.) The king or governors can gift friends with baronies inside the territory but these barons do not have the right to chain servants to the land nor do they have the right to raise armies but are allowed a force to protect themselves.
North Point and Brixton Hills are both semi-autonomous protectorates of the Crown. They must pay tribute to Port Kyna but are allowed one ambassador to sit on meetings and within their territory their leaders run the things they wish, though use of the Gnomish Universal Suffrage Charter is encouraged. Aquatic Gnomes are welcomed as allies but since not many gnomes go underwater very often they are overlooked.

Re: The Fiori Hills

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:24 pm
by LoZompatore
Okay I think this is the official write up version.)
Well, actually I'd have a few comments (mostly add-ons to your first class work) but due to lack of spare time I managed to read just half of your last contributions. Excellent material, I must repeat. I would also like to draw some kind of a "political" map of the Fiori Hills, showing the how the various groups of power (including the lizardfolks) shared the land among themselves. Again, the lack of time was a major hindrance, sorry. I'll do my best to end at least the reading of your posts and add a fer contributions on my side as soon as possible. ;)