A sample quarter of Refuge Point

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A sample quarter of Refuge Point

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Here is a topic detailing a specific area of Refuge Point centered on the Blue Goblin Inn (the adventurer's default meeting tavern: a short description of it can be found here). The map below shows the tavern and the surrounding district (which I called the "Dwarvish Quarter", even though at present most of its population is made of humans and other races). I hope this map may represent an inspiration for low-level urban adventures and the like:

The bitmap version of this map can be downloaded
[url=http://sites.google.com/site/lozomparch ... ter_01.zip]here[url].

The map details an area just south of the northen caravanserai of Refuge Point. It is mostly a trading district, with warehouses and infrastructures for caravans' logistics. Nevertheless there are about 300 buildings in the map, for an estimate population of 1000-1500 people living in the area - actually, a small town in the city. I added a few, basical landmarks, such as a temple, a school of magic, a waeponsmith, a sage and a small prison. Three entrances to the Underhalls are also shown, two of them sealed. There is a "spices square" where rare plants and ingredients could likely be found, and some merchants' facilities which could be useful both as a way of employment or to lure less well-meaning characters.

Many more "service" buildings could be added (other taverns/inns, foodstuff shops, stables, horse sellers, a thieves guild, an armourer, an urban monastery, a school of martial arts, the house of a renowned skirmisher, a local library and so on...), feel free to suggest or add your own description as you like. You could use the grid on the map in order to pick the building you would like to describe (e.g. the building in M 13/14 is the one with the internal grey courtyard).
i suppose that you could add even a few major landmarks that could be used as plot devices for adventures mostly set in this quarter. I think there are endless possibilities. ;)

A final note about the name I chose for this district: I called it "the Dwarvish Quarter" mostly to justify the fact that the Blue Goblin Inn is owned by a family of dwarves. From other hints about Refuge Point and surrounding it seems that once dwarves were numerous and powerful in this area, so I supposed that this quarter was many centuries ago the favourite place to live for these demi-humans. Following dwarvish generations mostly moved elsewhere and now the area has just a slightly larger number of dwarves than the average level that can be found in the other city districts. Nevertheless, the name of this quarter was kept for historical and sentimental reasons. ;)

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