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Underwater adventures - Advice

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:04 pm
by Boneguard
I'm in the planning phase for a PF campaign I'd like to pitch to my friends, which would be set in Alluria's Celurean Seas setting.

At first I'll likely focus on the PF and Celurean Seas corebook only and then introduce other elements such as other classes, additional spells, new fests, etc.

Resource-wise, I've identified several good candidates

Paizo: Aquatic Adventures and Blood of the Sea;
Jon Brazer: Advanced Gillman, Advanced Merfolk, and the related stuff from Book of Heroic Class compendium and Occult Intrigue;
Misfit Studios: Bits me! Wereshark;
Paizo Fan United: Wayfinder 8;
Kobold Press: Sunken Empires;
Dreamscarred Press: Psionic rules (Celurean Seas setting uses those rules);
Alluria: Celurean Seas and Submerged Races lines.

Now where I'm a bit stomped and need advices is on resources for adventures. While I can built my own campaign, I like to I slide a few published adventures in the lot, which I can expend on, however there's very little underwater adventures and most assume surface dwellers going underwater.

So, anyone knows of good underwater adventures (PF or any other systems is ok) or adventures (even Adventures Path) easy to confert to a full underwater setting?

Thank you