[Gnomish Embassy]: Dark Dungeons Material

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[Gnomish Embassy]: Dark Dungeons Material

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3 Saves for '89!

I'm sort of torn on my love for Dark Dungeons. There are some things that go either way for me. For instances, while I like Ascending over Descending, I nowadays don't have quite the urge like I had at one time to convert everything to Ascending. On the other hand, I really like either 1 Save (ala Swords and Wizardry) or very broad categories (ala Stars Without Number which boils stuff down to Physical Saves, Mental Saves, Evasion, Tech Saves, & Luck). So, in that sort of spirit I did some pairing of Saves for Dark Dungeons over at the Embassy.

You can read the original post right here!

And if you want to jump to the pdf I made you can download it here.

Any other Dark Dungeons material I post up on the Embassy can be found in this thread.
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