Between Inn

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Between Inn

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Between Inn

Between Inn is in actuality the outer plane of an Immortal. However it presents itself as an isolated tavern in the Wilds, usually in a region with low lying fog or mist (actually the Ethereal Plane’s ectoplasm and concealing fog generated as a side effect of the outer plane.

The plan is little more than twice the diameter of the Between Inn itself. On two sides of the Between Inn there are steps and flagstones leading in more or less conventional fashion to doors of entry to the tavern. On the other two sides of the building at a short distance there are respectively a large flagstone that functions as a powerful focus for Travel, Gate and Immortal generated transportation effects, and opposite this benign teleport pad is the glistening and sinister Dread Maw of the Black Zoomway.
The Dread Maw is a circle of bloodstained stone, complete with shackled skeleton and protruding gigantic fangs or tusks set into it. This fearsome appearance is akin to a warning sign. Whilst the teleportation pad flagstone is “upbeat” and “normal” for a fantasy realm, the Dread Maw oozes evil and chaos, warning any who utilize it that it functions as an expressway to the darkest places, the most dangerous dimensions and the deepest dungeons where no other means of entry is provided.

The combination of the four external paths to and from the Between Inn emphasizes that, like its futuristic counterpart The Fourth Wall nightclub, the Between Inn is an outer planar pocket dimension, masquerading as a remote patch of the Prime mortal plane, acting as neutral ground and a meeting place for heroes, villains, outsiders, strangers, Immortals in their mortal forms and those who set the tasks and quests for adventurers of every level.

The host Immortal takes the form of the innkeeper, and he and his permanent staff are archetypical in their human fantasy realm appearance and behaviour. Even though some dark corner of the common room might have a star spawn of Cthulhu hulking over it or a party of undead and necromancers examining the loot from their most recent conquest, the rest of the place will almost always be filled with every conceivable type of fantasy hero or antihero, from every conceivable kind of world or setting.

The mysterious gnome-like Adventuremaster is frequently to be encountered within the Inn, speaking in riddles and sending good hearted adventurers off on his beloved wild goose chases across the realms.

It would be vaguely possible for someone from a metal-poor or other unusual world to game the system to an extent, gradually earning the more generic local copper pennies, silver florins and gold sovereigns to take back to their own world where they would fetch a relatively inflated price. However, usually through some strange eventuality or another, they will end up with little that would unbalance their native Prime plane when they finally depart.

The Between Inn is most often used, by unsuspecting high fantasy adventurers, as a place to visit when getting their first quest and subsequently when they end their adventures. There is nothing during most visits as exotic or obviously extremely powerful as the Star Spawn example that would tip anyone off that it is anything other than a remote tavern and outpost where characters of every level rub shoulders.

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