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Dragonian (Least)

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:52 am
by LimeOdyssey
Dragonian (Least)
Type: Enchanted Dragon
Habitat: Any (Rare)
Wandering Group: 1d4 (V)
Lair Group: 1d4 (E)
Move 40’ (Fly: 5’)
Armor Class: 2
Hit Dice: 3*** (14 hp)
Attack Bonus +1
Claw (1d4) &
Bite (1d4)
Or by weapon – usually a mace or club or by weapon feat
vs Death / Poison: 13
vs Wand: 14
vs Paralyze / Petrify: 12
vs Dragon Breath: 16
vs Rod / Staff / Spell: 14
Alignment: Neutral
Intelligence: 10
Morale: 9
XP Value: 200

Dragonians are lesser cousins of true dragons. They are much smaller than true dragons, being only the size of a human, and stand upright.
Unlike their larger cousins, dragonians have no magic use or breath weapon. However, they are immune to all magic spells of 4th level or lower. They can voluntarily drop this immunity by concentrating, for example to receive a cure spell.

Least Dragonians have no ability to change their shape and always exist in their reptilian winged natural form. Least Dragonians can rise to 3rd level as a shaman or 2nd level as a sorcerer although both of these options are extremely rare. Almost all Least Dragonians are simple warriors. They are able to wear and use armor and weapons as if a human fighter but often do not even bother to do since they are truly simple folk in their habits.

Dragonians have little interest in human and demi-human society, but are occasionally found interacting with it either as emissaries of their own communities of Least Dragonians, as emissaries of other more powerful Dragonians or as solitary adventurers. Solitary adventurer Least Dragonians are 50% likely to be Chaotic in alignment rather than Neutral.


I take as inspiration for this the "unpowered" character who was the offsider in the old glowing pond computer game and similar. The shapeshifting of the Dragonians complicates them and sometimes a player will just want a monstrous sidekick with fewer bells and whistles.


I hereby put this post in its entirety into the public domain.

Re: Dragonian (Least)

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:37 pm
by Big Mac
Interesting concept.

I though it said "Draconian" for a moment, but this is different.