Kings Road style powerups instead of / with XP?

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Kings Road style powerups instead of / with XP?

Post by LimeOdyssey »

A lot of online games dump crates on players as powerups, even though the same games also use XP to go up levels. Some of the crates even contain XP, illogically enough (or not).

In a game with Immortals, this is actually an entirely possible thing to happen.

>Immortals reward worshippers / adventuring party
>Don't want to appear in person and thus trigger some major happening
>Crates harmlessly magically appear / gently fall out of the sky

I think crates as rewards is very artificial and destroys the Tolkien / Vance / Moorcock vibe that Dark Dungeons provides. However, one could equally say that in some campaigns crates are a perfect mechanism - they are as fantastical as many other features.

Maybe incorporating online gaming stuff into Dark Dungeons is really against the spirit of the game? Or maybe taking this inspiration from "modern" fantasy is no different from the inspirations Wesley and Arneson took?

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Re: Kings Road style powerups instead of / with XP?

Post by Big Mac »

What is this "Kings Road powerup" that you are trying to emulate?
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