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House of Darkness, bumper book of supplemental stuff

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EDIT ******alpha review copy (no cover, no original artwork) is available for download HERE


I am working on House of Darkness, which is a book collecting supplemental stuff for Dark Dungeons. Basically, expansions, addons, new monsters, very much like one of those old netbooks from 25 to 20 years ago.

Current contents (will be added to)

Addendum to Chapter 4: Creating a Character
Humanoid Animals

Addendum to Chapter 12: Into the Wider World
Aeroliths (sky islands, floating castles, beanstalks, etc.)
Random Castle Chart

Addendum to Chapter 18: Monsters



Brains from Xyrros are invaders from another Prime plane, in another crystal sphere. They come to the normal home Prime plane of the campaign specifically to raid, enslave, conquer and do evil.
The Brains are literally large faintly glowing brains, roughly 4’ diameter and shaped much like a highly crenellated human brain. They generate a mental field capable of permanently levitating them and their possessions approximately 5’ from the ground or the deck of a ship. Each is encased in a sinister looking container, so that when they levitate they seem more like haunted giant helmets than living beings.
Their home Prime plane, Xyrros, is relatively speaking “local” in the Luminiferous Ether to the campaign world. This means Brains from Xyrros can make the journey relatively easily with little chance of being lost between crystal spheres.
Each Brain wears a Helm of Telepathy which also functions as the equivalent of plate armour for them since they have no normal body.
Brains affect the outside physical world using a mild telekinetic field that functions as if a pair of Strength 18 human arms. However, they rely on slaves and their soldiers to carry out their will, not usually engaging in direct combat. If they do enter physical combat, their ghostly telekinesis will always wield for them the most devastating weapon they can obtain, preferably missile weapons so that they can keep themselves from physical harm.
Due to their alien form and use of telekinesis in addition to any physical weapons or items the Brain uses it can also cast spells. Each male Brain of Xyrros is the equivalent of an 18th level Magic-User. Each female Brain of Xyrros is the equivalent of an 18th level Cleric. Spellcasting for a Brain of Xyrros takes standard actions in a round, but its use of physical attacks are free bonus attacks, however limited to one two handed attack per round or two single handed attacks per round.
Brain slaves are whatever life forms they have managed to capture and enslave. Brain soldiers are humans, monsters and demihumans who surrendered their will to that of a Brain and are now in constant low level telepathic contact with their master or mistress. The Brain demands absolute unquestioning suicidal loyalty from its troops. In return it equips them with the best equipment, potions and weapons it can steal. These soldiers also function as the Brain’s crew on board whatever skyship it operates if it still possesses one.
Xyrros skysailing ships are quite beautiful, resembling spiral seashells with gracefully shaped decks. They are also highly unusual since their keel supports a set of landing skids, heavily armoured struts ending in ski like strips which allow the ship to land without crashing on dry land. These struts halve the damage taken by a ship that would ordinarily crash after losing its flight power, and allow a spellcaster to automatically land safely on land as though landing safely on water with equivalent rolls.
These Xyrros skysailing vessels are configured such that they are considered skiffs for all purposes. Each Brain of Xyrros will have such a Xyrros Skiff, and it is usually close enough to its base of operations that it can quickly flee on board and escape if things go against it.
It is believed that Xyrros is a world that orbits a dying Radiating Body, and is also extremely low in resources such as metals and plant life. The Brains of Xyrros are trying to permanently abandon their homeworld and take over another, ironically in the process they are causing all the same destruction that has doomed Xyrros.

BIRD (Giant Eagle)

BIRD (Parrot)
Parrots are raucously squawking Birds with highly distinctive plumage and very useful claws that function almost like hands or monkey paws. Parrots also have large heavy beaks in a hook-like shape which function as amazingly versatile tools. Given enough time, Parrots patiently open doors, pick away at windows, tear holes in backpacks and even armoured leather sacks and panniers, and are capable of picking up and using simple tools such as a stick or even a lockpick. As a species, the Parrot is a dedicated and curious Thief, and all Parrots have the skills and abilities of a 1st level Thief. Perhaps most amazingly, Parrots can also learn to speak the languages of Humans, humanoids and demihumans. This is true speech and not simple imitation.
At the GM discretion, a Parrot character can be allowed to progress past 1st level Thief in class, up to a maximum of 9th level. If this is allowed the Parrot is treated as a Halfling for all level progression purposes such as XP and extra Hit Dice, but as a Thief in terms of gaining advancement with Thief skills and abilities. Such a Parrot Thief character will never use any weapon other than its claws and beak. If the Parrot Thief is allowed and progresses in level, its saving throws as of 2nd level as a Thief substitute for its Bird saving throws above.

BIRD (Raptor)

BIRD (Songbird)
Songbirds are usually inoffensive, indeed delightful and pleasant. They will never under any circumstances fight unless someone is literally harassing them in their actual nest. However when defending their nest they will fight. Particular Songbirds, such as the Bluebirds of Happiness, Peacocks of Taus, Canaries of Azor and others, are greatly beloved of particular Immortals. Those Immortals traditionally Curse any who slay or hurt their beloved Bird species.

CAT (House Cat)
*A House Cat is considered to be a 2nd level Thief solely for the purposes of using abilities it has in common with a Thief: Climb Walls, Find Traps, Move Silently and Hear Noise.
House Cats speak their own language as well as the language of Sphinxes. If this ability to speak Sphinxtongue has an impact in the game, for example allowing the cry of a House Cat to attract a Sphinx to aid it in combat, then a House Cat should be worth 11 XP for defeat not 6 XP.

“For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroë and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten.”
– H.P. Lovecraft

House Cats are the smallest of all Cat subspecies. They are not fully domesticated and an Animal Trainer is required if a House Cat is to be considered fully trained and a loyal pet or ally. Once an Animal Trainer has successfully trained a House Cat it is considered a (small) party member which will follow loyally next to its master or mistress, or demand to be carried on their person once it gets tired or sleepy.

House Cats are treated with extreme reverence in some nations and city-states, due mainly to the strange interest certain Immortals take in them and the weird weaknesses some very rare forms of evil being have to the cry, spittle, claw, bite or gaze of the House Cat.

Demons are incredibly powerful creatures created by Immortals from the souls of mortals as agents of chaos and destruction. All demons are immune to magic cast by mortals and have anti-magic of 25% against magic cast by Immortals. Demons mate with mortal life forms from time to time, producing new horrors in the process. Some Demons also mate with each other so although the original Demons are all mortal souls transmogrified their offspring are “true born” Demons.

Demon (Cambion aka Crooked Demon or Demonic Changeling) (base on Malleus Maleficarum and Occult Encyclopedia)
Demon (Demodraco) (just weird.)
Demon (Demon Dream) (not a typo. The formulator of the lucid dream concept referred to these mysterious things) includes a Battle of the Wills dream combat rule.

DOG (Domesticated Dog)

DRAGON (Dragondog) (wingless spiky giant doggo for Dragon lairs)
DRAGON (Dragonfish) (bubble breathing giant draconic goldfish)
DRAGON (Flying Dragon) (lame cartoon style somewhat firebreathing Dragon)

FORERUNNERS (alien race of near-Immortals who interfere in mortal affairs)

GIANT (Gawr) Jotun "Hungry One", Immortal level True Giants
GIANT (Elemental Giants)
Giant Type: Sea Star Clay Corpse-Swallower

HUMAN (Taxisian) basically a race of taxi cabbies whose Immortal patron is in the Embodied Form of a Living Constitution.

Addendum to Chapter 19: Treasure
Gifts from the Gods: Crates
Non-random Treasure: Power Gems


I am going to basically keep adding to it from campaign notes and stuff we used until it's as full as it can feasibly be then release it as pay what you want / PD / OGL 1.0a on DriveThru, with a print at cost option at Ka-Blam Digital, which is waaayyyy cheaper for people than Lulu.
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Re: House of Darkness, bumper book of supplemental stuff

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Addendum to Chapter 5: Ability Checks & Skills
The Bard
The Jester
The Acrobat
The Fortune Teller
The Charlatan
The Hermit
The Mummer
The Jongleur

Colleges have an entry requirement that can be anything from 18 charisma to belonging to a specific race, culture or bloodline. They teach grouped sets of skills that provide a character with a certified profession. The listed character types below are professions. A profession is a skill based occupation that can earn a character money.

I chose the fairground / gypsy / optional class ones because having tried all the different permutations of bard, jester, jock and other exotic classes, I have concluded none of them merit a writeup as a class, none of them work as hybridised versions of other classes and all of them work a lot better as skill based with a variety of classes available behind them.

We will see.

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Re: House of Darkness, bumper book of supplemental stuff

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Half-Elves - and two options for them at 9th level, Dragon Rider and Warlord. Warlord is a magic-user who uses a weapon instead of a spellbook and keeps adding points in bonus to it, Dragon Rider is the classic fantasy (not Pern more like Elric) dragon riding type class. Warlord is probably overpowered, Dragon Rider is probably underpowered.

Immortals - renouncing Immortality, character rejects any offer of immortality, continues advancing in levels beyond 36. Also adding some Immortals to the monster chapter, to reflect 1960s Thor comics type stuff. Dark Dungeons says Immortals don't use their Empowered Form on the Prime plane - usually - so treating the original run ofthe 1960s comic as an example, the presence of immortals in New York City in fact DID cause alarm amongst mortals and immortals, and it came to an end after a period, thus it could be seen as a high level adventure or campaign with a beginning, middle and end. To reflect this there will be a brief blurb repeating the Dark Dungeons ruling on immortals on the Prime then in the indvidual descriptions what the likely outcome of one of the Immortals provided blipping up on the prime plane might be.

Castle Generator - still going on this one.

debating whether to add 9th level options for Clerics, at the moment there isn't anything that really leaps out at me because a lot of "Priest" stuff really is flavour text and stuff that can and should be done with roleplaying and skills. Back and forth on whether they should be given options. If Fighters can become Knights, should Clerics be able to turn into Arthurian religious figures, or Bishops or something? Still debating.

I am adding my Corruptor cleric option even though it's chaotic / evil since it allows a very different kind of campaign and that is one of the points of the book.

monsters - adding a Rhinoceros, with variants - Woolly, Carbuncled and Baroque

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Re: House of Darkness, bumper book of supplemental stuff

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I am going to add Amazons both as a monster and as an option for Fighters from 1st level. They were prolific in the OD&D and pre-D&D of 1967 to 1978 and they existed in "Martian Princess" form as well in the contemporary wargames.

Also going to take another look at the random dungeon generator and ten levels of wandering monster by difficulty, and take a final look at Arthurian type knights and accompanying rules.

All the non-rules ideas, flavour text and location descriptions is going in another Dark Dungeons addendum volume "Licorice Bag".
There is still quite a lot of flavour text in House of Darkness, in the monster section and also in the spells section.

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Re: House of Darkness, bumper book of supplemental stuff

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House of Darkness released

currently on Amazon print and kindle, DriveThru once it's approved as a PDF and it will be available as print and download at IndyPlanet but that is weeks away.

Amazon link: ... B074DY7WMT

A book of house rules and addons for Dark Dungeons RPG

Contents Page
Addendum to Chapter 4: Creating a Character 5
Amazon 5
Cleric options 6
The Corruptor 6
Half-Elves 8
Dragon Rider 9
Warlord 12
Humanoid Animals 14
Moreauvian 18
Master Animal 19
Magic-User options 21
Wood Wizard 21
Renouncing Immortality 24

Addendum to Chapter 5: Ability Checks & Skills 25
Colleges 25
Guilds 26
The Bard 30
The Jester 30
The Acrobat 30
The Fortune Teller 31
The Charlatan 31
The Hermit 32
The Mummer 32
The Jongleur 33
Herbal Remedies 34
Herbal Remedy Ingredients 36
Reagents 40
Reagent Recipe Type 42
Snobbery 48

Addendum to Chapter 7: Spells & Spellcasting 55
Ool’s Spallbok 55

Addendum to Chapter 9: Dungeon Delving 60
Dungeon Randomiser 60
Customised Wandering Monsters 77

Addendum to Chapter 12: Into the Wider World 92
Aeroliths 92
Castle Generator 100

Addendum to Chapter 15: Out of This World 112
The Inner Dark 112

Addendum to Chapter 18: Monsters 124
Alphabetical list of monsters 124

Addendum to Chapter 19: Treasure 223
Gifts from the Gods: Crates 223
Non-random Treasure: Power Gems 224

Addendum to Part 5-Additional Material: 238
Flavour Text and Campaign Threads 238

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