Magic-User option - WOOD WIZARD

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Magic-User option - WOOD WIZARD

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Wood Wizard

Dedicated to the memory of Peter Gaylord

When a Magic-User reaches 5th level, if he or she is moved to revere the natural world and live away from civilisation, they may elect to follow a specialized path that renounces civilized learning in favour of a Druidic lifestyle.

The Magic-User retreats into the wilderness, disappearing for a period of 5+1d8 months. At the end of that time they have become a Sorcerer, and no longer need a spellbook. However, they are also limited to the Sorcerer spell list.

Because of their close connection to nature and their dedication to living in the wilds helping the creatures who live there, animals creatures and monsters are attracted to the Wood Wizard and come to serve him or her as friends and allies. For each new level attained after 5th, the Wood Wizard has a percentage chance of attracting a new living ally equal to their unmodified Charisma score. For example a Charisma of 13 is a 13% chance per level. Each time a living ally is attracted, roll on the chart below to see what sort of creature has come to join the Wood Wizard’s adventures:

Table MU-1: Living Allies

1d100 roll Living Ally
01-05 Animal (Herd) useable as a steed by the Wood Wizard if large enough
06 1d4 Ant (Giant) they form their own little nest with the Wood Wizard
07 Ape (Chimp) as docile as a cat with the Wood Wizard
08 Ape (Gorilla)
09 Ape (Rock Baboon) as docile as a cat with the Wood Wizard
10 Bat
11 Bat (Giant) useable as a flying steed by the Wood Wizard
12 Bear (Black)
13 Bear (Grizzly)
14 2d6 Bee (Giant) they form their own little hive with the Wood Wizard
15 Beetle (Giant Fire)
16 Bird (Giant Eagle)
17 Bird (Parrot)
18 Bird (Raptor)
19 Bird (Songbird)
20 Blink Dog
21 Boar
22-23 Cat (House)
24 Cat (Lion)
25 Cat (Mountain Lion)
26-27 Cat (Panther)
28 Cat (Sabre-Tooth Tiger)
29 Cat (Tiger)
30-34 Dog (Domesticated)
35-39 Donkey
40-43 Dryad
44-49 Faerie
50-51 Ferret (Giant)
52-54 Griffon
55 Hippogriff
56-58 Horse (Pony)
59 Humanoid Animal
60 Mule
61-63 Neanderthal
64 Owlbear
65-70 Pixie
71 Pterosaur (Small) too small to ride
72-77 Rat
78-79 Rat (Giant)
80 Roc (Small) too small to ride
81-83 Sasquatch
84 Snake (Racer)
85 Snake (Rattler)
86 Snake (Rock Python)
87 Spider (Phase)
88-90 Sprite
91 Toad (Giant)
92-93 Treant
94 Unicorn
95 White Hart
96-98 Wolf
98-99 Wolf (Dire)
00 Wyvern

A Wood Wizard can have multiples of the same type of living ally if that is what is rolled.

The gentle and calming nature of the Wood Wizard quiets the creatures’ hearts so even if they feel hostility to each other they do not act on it, instead working as a loyal team of nonhuman adventurers, effectively an adventuring party at the Wood Wizard’s disposal.

Any time one of the Wood Wizard’s living allies dies due to anything other than accident or natural causes, for example in battle, on an adventure or assassination or hunting, the Wood Wizard suffers an immediate Energy Drain of one level due to grief. This occurs mystically as soon as his living ally dies and in fact may be how the Wood Wizard first learns of a death.

Because a Wood Wizard gains spells as a sorcerer there are severe limits to the spell totals and levels received.

Wood Wizards grow to abhor civilization. Whenever they remain in any settlement even as small as a village for longer than a full day they suffer a -4 penalty on all saves and checks until they leave the settled area. Visiting isolated taverns, trade outposts and keeps makes them uncomfortable but doesn’t cause the penalty. Remaining inside a castle or stronghold of a Dominion ruler for longer than a week causes the same penalty as if they have spent a day in settled lands. If the castle is in the middle of any sort of larger settlement the -4 penalty applies after one day.

Certain deep woods and ancient forests enhance the spellcasting ability of a Wood Wizard. When they are in such a location their spells do maximum damage or have maximum possible beneficial effect. Likewise in Barren, Settled or other areas hostile to their wild nature, their spells do minimum damage and have minimum possible beneficial effect. For example spellcasting even in a village or inside a castle has this penalty.

If the living allies can retrieve the dead body of a Wood Wizard, they can take it into the depths of the Wild Wood. There, after a week has passed, the power of nature will restore the Wood Wizard to life as though a Raise Dead Fully spell has been cast on them. This special ability is usable an unlimited number of times.

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