Character class: Amazon

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Character class: Amazon

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Amazons are female warriors who live in an all-female society arranged as a tribe. The tribal structure does not imply that they are primitive, it is a side effect of their deliberate isolation. Amazons are non-magical and use no magic whatsoever. Amazons reproduce with similar all-male tribes if any are available otherwise they maintain their all-woman culture by adoption. Chaotic Amazon groups keep small numbers of male breeding slaves. Amazon prerequisites are Strength and Constitution.
Amazons advance in experience as Fighters. They save as if Mystics. Another sign of their ferocious dedication to their own fanatical culture is that, like a Mystic they fight unarmoured other than if they wear their cultural items. An Amazon is natural AC 5 due to having extremely tough skin.

Each society, tribe or stronghold of Amazons use a distinctive set of weapons and armour. An Amazon who doesn’t use the set of weapons her particular culture uses loses the saves of a Mystic and reverts to being a normal Fighter in every way until she once again adopts her cultural armour and weapons.

Amazon natural Armour Class remains at the better of 5 or whatever the combined AC might be from her armour and any items she wears.

Table AZ-1: Amazon weapon and armour packages
Type Weapons and Armour

Lawful Amazon
Circular Shield (-1 to AC), Bastard Sword, Plumed Helmet (-1 to AC), Leather Bikini and Loincloth (AC 7) – AC 5 from armour or from class

Neutral Amazon
Horned Shield (no innate AC bonus), Spear (useable 1 handed by Amazon as if Bastard Sword), Leather Headband, sleeveless tunic, Leather Skirt, Leather Thigh Boots (AC 7) – This type of Amazon is AC 5 from class

Chaotic Amazon
Roman Legionary armour (AC 4), Plumed or Horned Helmet (-1 to AC each), Trident, Whip – AC 3 from armour

Virgin Sword
Chainmail Bikini and Loincloth (AC 5), Dagger, Normal Sword


Futzing around with penalising the class for having natural AC 5 from level 1, but then improving XP because of the Mystic type restriction, I ended up thinking - it's a subtype of Fighter simulating a monster, leave it as Fighter XP and Mystic saves, with great level 1 armour class and very restricted weaponry.

The logic behind the restricted weaponry-- it's based on the lead figures from 1972-1978.

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