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Demi-human relics

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:43 pm
by Artikid
I think Demi-human Relics could be reimagined as Artifacts created by Immortals, The Anvil of Power for Dwarves, The Hearthstone of the Eternal Flame for Halflings, The Tree of Life for Elves. These could have slightly different powers, and a couple of new ones.
One of the new powers could be the ability to reproduce, and the other one the ability to reduce the cost of creating some magic items, or straight out the power to create magic items.
More coming in a few days.

Re: Demi-human relics

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:25 pm
by BotWizo
When you reimagine them, are they unique or will every clan have a copy of the artifact?

Re: Demi-human relics

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:52 pm
by Artikid
BotWizo wrote:
Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:25 pm
When you reimagine them, are they unique or will every clan have a copy of the artifact?
As stated above I'll probably give them the power to "reproduce" at great cost. Also I plan to have them die if the parent copy is destroyed.

Re: Demi-human relics

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:39 am
by Artikid
In ages past, Immortals whose mortal life had been spent as Demihumans decided to help out their native races. Compared to humanity's flexibility and the humanoid's ever growing numbers, the demihumans looked feeble and quickly on the fade.
So those Immortals pooled their efforts and created three great and unique artifacs to help their protegees: The Anvil of Power, the Hearthstone of everlasting flame and the Great Tree.
All of those artifacts had a unique power: they could create offsprings, but this power came at great cost as destroying one of thse artifacts killed its offsprings.

Today not all demihuman clans have one of these Great Artifacts, those who do guard it jealously and demihumans tend to flock to clans that have such a powerful relic in their keeping.
A Great Artifact is protected by a special guard of 2d6 4th level characters, half of which are constantly on duty.
All interactions with the artefact are handled by the Clan Master (lvl 9th or higher), it has to be noted that the Clan Master does not control the Great Artifact.
Should a Demihuman clan discover that a character of another race is in possession of its species' Great Artifacts, it will try first to buy the Artifact for (1d6+4)x10,000 GP. Nearby clans will lend the money if the clan making the offer hasn't enough gold, gems or items worth that much. If the offer is refused, the next step will be violence, starting with assassins and ending with full-scale war if need be.
Most clans will simply wait for the character to be transformed into the proper race.

The Great Artifacts are Intelligent, but immune to mind-affecting spells like Charm, Geas, Phantasmal Force, Sleep.
The Great Artifacts have the power of Trueseeing always on. The Great Artifacts can be moved but while on the move each day of travel costs 20 PP and Power Points can't be recovered. The Great artifacts can move 4 miles per day (20 feet per round). The Great Tree can move by itself, while the Anvil and the Hearthstone have to be carried (the Anvil must be carried in a carriage while the Hearthstone can be carried by a person).
Once a Great Artifact stops, it takes 48 hours before it can start recovering Power Points.

250 Power Points (AC -20, HP 250, immune to spells of 5th or lower level, immune to weapons less than +5, save as 36th level Fighter)
If one of these Artifacts is destroyed, all its offsprings die within a week losing 30 PP/HP per day.
If (by chance) the first ever of these was destroyed, it would cause a domino effect that would end with the death of all the Great Artifacts of the same type.

Defense Powers:
cure blindness 20
cure disease 20
neutralize poison 30
cure serious wounds 25

Attack Powers:
Turn Undead as 24th level cleric 70

Transform Powers:
Rulership 50
Victory 75

Miscellaneous Powers:
Reproduction 250*
The Great Artifact creates an offspring, the offspring starts with 10 PP/HP and grows at the speed of 10 PP/HP per month. The new Great Artifact can not be moved before it reaches 120 PP/HP nor use any power before it reaches 250 PP/HP, any attempt at moving it before time will destroy it. Once the new Great Artifact has reached 250 PP it can use its powers, but it necessarily has to be moved away from its parent or it won't work. This usually causes the birth of a new clan and a massive demihuman migration. A Great Artifact can be "grounded" only if at least 48 miles from its parent artifact.

Craft Magic Item (type) 250*
The Great Artifact allows the Clan Master to create some specific kinds of magic items with the following benefits: no roll is required for success, the Great Artifact acts as replacement for the rare ingredient required, the time required is reduced by 25%.
The Great Tree can be used to craft rods, staffs and wands, boots and cloaks of elvenkind, bows, spears
The Anvil of power can be used to create all kinds of metal weapons and armors or those that include "machinery" (shields, plate mail, swords, crossbows...) and magical rings.
The Hearthstone of the Eternal Flame can be used to craft Potions and Wondrous items except those allowed to Spell casters only.

Handicaps: (60 days)
Transform into Demihuman: As soon as a character of any race but the one associated to the item comes in possession of the artifact, it slowly starts transforming to the appropriate race. At the end of 60 days the transformation will be complete and the character will spontaneously bring the Artifact to the nearest available clan of the proper race unless a successful ST vs Spells is rolled. This ST has to be rolled weekly.
Operating cost: To attune to the Great Artifact a new user must spend 20,000 gp and one week of study.

Energy Drain: When the Reproduction power is activated the Clan Master loses 1 level with no save.
Aging: When the Reproduction power is activated the Clan Master ages 1d20 years with no save.
Aging: When the Craft Magic Item power is activated the Clan Master ages 1d8 years with no save.