Dark(er) Dungeons Kits/Flavours

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Dark(er) Dungeons Kits/Flavours

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Hello, I will post some alternate Class “Flavours” for Dark Dungeons and Darker Dungeons.
The Flavours are not like 2E AD&D Kits (sorry Big Mac), in the sense that the Kits were basically a background choice for the character, giving very little mechanical effects (at least, the non-broken ones :) ), but I am trying to give the classes some choice that has mechanical advantages and disadvantages, in order to make two characters of the same class but with different Flavours having a different role. The main problem is to keep this balanced inside the same class XP progression, I triy to do that by limiting weapon and armour choice, or giving penalities to other fighting styles.
I would love comments on that.
Here we go with the first one:

Fighter Flavours

The swashbuckler is a noisy and boastful fighter that likes to keep lightly armoured, show off, and tease the opponents.

Special skill: If the character is able to speak, and is fighting with creatures having more than animal intelligence, the CHA bonus can be added to the AC and the damage roll, in addition to other bonuses.
Allowed weapons: One handed melee weapons, ranged weapons
Allowed armour: Only light armour, small shield
Suggested Skills: Bluff, Balance, Jump, Intimidate, Etiquette, Performance

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