Nerathspace as a backdrop for the 4e conversion

A project to create a Spelljammer conversion to 4th edition rules.
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Nerathspace as a backdrop for the 4e conversion

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I just wrote a topic, called "Greyspace-lite" as a background for the 3e conversion in the Spelljammer 3E Conversion Project forum, and it got me thinking that, those of you who were calling for a 4th Edition Spelljammer conversion might wish to do something similar.

However, as the core-setting of 4th Edition D&D is the "Points of Light" world, or Nentir Vale, I'm thinking that (for the same reasons I suggested in my other topic) a Nerathspace tie-in would allow you to find all the Spelljammer/space references in the 4th Edition core product line and use them as inspiration for fan material.

Essentially, you could create a conversion document that would work directly with the 4e rulebooks, and that would use the same background for space. (And that might make a SJ4e netbook useful for 2e Spelljammer fans who are interested in the Nerathspace crystal sphere that would get fleshed out in the netbook.)

You might want to have a look at the Nerathspace topics on The Piazza (possibly outside the remit of the "Spelljammer 4E Conversion Project") to see how many of the concepts of 4th Edition could be used to create a new Spelljammer crystal sphere, that fits in with the Points of Light themes.

I'm going to be working on the 3rd Edition conversion, but if any 4e fans have an interest in Nerathspace, I'll be very happy to discuss this with you.
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