[4e Spelljammer]General Thread

A project to create a Spelljammer conversion to 4th edition rules.
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[4e Spelljammer]General Thread

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I thought that since this project magically seemed to have appear out of nowhere, it might be nice to move all of the discussion of the general aspects of the project into its own thread, so that new people coming in might have a better chance of figuring out what's going on, what subparts of the project we're working on, and in general, how much has actually been accomplished.

Cool? Cool.

First up - here's all of the threads that Silverblade started up with the revelation that we should start in on this thing:
(Silverblade, if you don't dig the titles, I'll change 'em. I just got kind of carried away :lol:)

And also of interest, the thread that started this whole shebang, Specialty Priests of Celestian by Dragonhelm! Thanks Dragonhelm!

Updated as threads are, well, updated and created.

Also, we should use this thread for general debate.

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