Holy Sites in BC 2300

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Holy Sites in BC 2300

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Holy Sites in BC 2300
So Havard’s thread, Holy / Clerical Sites in the Known World, got me thinking about what sites/locations might be considered holy by the populations living on Mystara in BC 2300. Thinking about this is a nice way to get me re-involved with the project, but it might also be a good springboard for developing what these sites might look like in the modern era as well. Here are a few quick ideas (I’ll try to add a set for each nation in BC 2300):

Shimmering Lands
Although fairly secular, there are a few locations in the Shimmering Lands that might be considered “holy sites.”

The Gate of Light - Built as a focal point for siphoning the radiance from a point of time in the past (actually during the Great Rain of Fire), the Gate of Light is revered by all radiomancers and practitioners of the ancient Blackmoorian arts. Followers of “The Dreamer” (aka Rafiel - before he fully consolidates as an Immortal) also make pilgrimages to this place in order to better hear his voice. Shades/spirits (presumably from Blackmoor) cross through the Gate when it opens once each year.

[The Gate of Light was destroyed during the dwarven civil war circa BC 1800 just before Kagyar remade the dwarven race. In modern times this location is sunk beneath the waves somewhere between the mainland and Kaslo Island in Ostland.]

Hrokyrdran - Though not as popular as the Gate of Light, this isolated mountain is still a particular favorite of technomancers and their ilk. It is also the base of operations for the Sentinels of the Dusk Shroud, a group that has strong ties to the Plane of Shadows. Hrokyrdran may also be a nexus for other planar acivity.

[In BC 1700, Hrokyrdran is transformed into the World Mountain as a Land of Black Sands grows steadily around it. Spirits are able to cross the boundaries between worlds here.]

Shrine of Stone - Located deep within the Maghkrys Mountains, north of Raismyr Lake, is the holy site of Kagyar. Here he revealed his plans for the Way of the Stone to Dranwyrf Korrskill, and the secretive cult meets here to induct new members.

[In the modern era, this is a lonely little grotto nestled within the spires of the Denwarf Spur about 24 miles north of Dengar.]
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