Announcement: Mystara 2300 BC Campaign Setting!

Rebuilding the world in the wake of the Great Rain of Fire.

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Re: Announcement: Mystara 2300 BC Campaign Setting!

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Scaevola wrote:Unfortunately I don't have so much time to follow all the threads and stuff. It's become too difficult to try to harmonize my ideas and my campaign with the other fans' production. So I generally just ignore most of it, and I have withdrawn more or less from the community, as you have seen. In the last five or six years I have played in Mystara three or four times a year with my old group, mostly for old times' sake, when we meet for Christmas or Easter as we get back to our families from the various places we're ended up living around Europe.
I know exactly what you mean. When I first started the BC 2300 project it stalled for about 2 years because I was intent on making it mesh with as much other fan material as possible. I finally decided that if I was going to work on a project, it was going to be something that I liked doing... so I stopped worrying about making it mesh with everything.

That's not to say I don't pull other fan work into BC 2300... a lot of it does mesh, and it's quite fun to throw ideas back and forth amongst the community. But if other people's ideas are preventing me from sharing my own... then something is wrong. If you ever decide to become more active again just take things in the direction you want to go. There's plenty of room on Mystara for different ideas. And when things do mesh - that's a plus :)
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