[Almagra] Ongoing AD&D 2E PbP Game (Recruitment)

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Re: [Almagra] Ongoing AD&D 2E PbP Game (Recruitment)

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Lailoken wrote:hey - this post looks old but are you still going? Have only played a few 2e pbp so keen to get in on more games.
Hi Lailoken. Welcome to The Piazza!

Sorry to hear there isn't a slot for you here in Knightfall's game. He does some interesting stuff. Maybe he might have a free slot at some point in the future.

In the meantime, Sturm is looking for players for his play by post game now: Wanted, Evil wizard Skarda! (And Players for the PbP). Perhaps that would interest you. :)

You might also want to pop over to the Introduce yourself here topic, to say "hi" to the community at large and tell people what sort of games you like to talk about. Talking about D&D isn't quite the same as playing it, but if you like specific 2e settings (or are trying to learn about some of the obscure 2e settings (like I am) you might be able to pick up some useful leads.

You could also (if you wanted to) post a topic in The Magic Mirror. The Magic Mirror is for finding gamers. Players can post, as well as GMs, so if you are hoping to play a 2e play by post game, you could write a list of all the things that you are interested in. Perhaps another 2e fan can help find you the sort of game you like. :)
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