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What is The Al-Qadim Netbook?

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:27 am
by Big Mac
I was looking up some stuff on RPG Geek and found an entry for something called The Al-Qadim Netbook. It was published in 2003 and the writers were:
Aleksej Andrievskij, Teresa Angelucci, Jonathan E. Bauder, Lyndon Baugh, Pelle Boström, Samuel P. Cattle, Michael Cotignola III, Michael Croft (II), Bernard Delhausse, Jeremy Hagens, Andreas Hollstein, Yean Wei Ong, Druann Pagliassotti, Andreas Ricardo Plath, Martin Rheaume, Alex Roberts, Stacy Stroud andR. L. Vieira.

Here is the front cover blurb:
The Al-Qadim Netbook wrote:Welcome, dear reader!
Fate has given me the honor to collect various topics of interests. Some things are based on stories overheard at the bazaar, some mysteries were discovered in my early days of adventuring, even other were found in ancient tomes. Fate was in my heart, and the mighty Paladin Huram the Just was on my side. Now I am proud to present you some of the collected knowledge I found. As in any good tomes, when possible, sources are given.

If you have any interesting information for me, please do visit me at the University of Hudid. I'd be happy for any intellectual conferences or contact. As all sages may know, nothing has so few information as forewords, so I try to keep me as short as I can. If you find any errors, please drop me a line. For typo's, well, even the best scribes sometimes make mistakes. Nonetheless, I wish you a good time while reading this book. May you enjoy the greatest enjoyment of all, knowledge. Fate will guide thy way through this collection of all kind of things.

Hassan Smoothfeather
Great Sage, Scholar of the University of Hudid
I have never heard of this netbook. Does anyone know any of those Al-Qadim fans, or where this netbook was (or is) hosted?

Re: What is The Al-Qadim Netbook?

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:44 am
by TBeholder
Big Mac wrote: or where this netbook was (or is) hosted?
Uh, search-engine-of-choice? It was linked on this very forum. Also here (never mind the site is German - documents are English). Or here, in pdf.
All 6.48 - as to any other versions, no idea.

Re: What is The Al-Qadim Netbook?

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:49 am
by BlackBat242
Editor's Note: Hassan can also be reached
German e-mail address.
Quite possibly a lot of European AQ fans.